It occurred to me while watching Do Not Disturb, a new Netflix film, that Turkish stories have waned a bit in number this month when compared to August.

Do you have similar thoughts?

Well, as for Do Not Disturb, it is a goofy comedy drama. Goofy to the extent that the film has dark features to it.

With a reasonable runtime, this Turkish comedy film could be a worthwhile choice for your weekend entertainment. 

In my review, I delve into both its strengths and weaknesses, offering a comprehensive assessment of the movie.

Do Not Disturb Synopsis

A middle-aged man, coming out of pandemic-ridden unemployment, grabs a job at a hotel as the night manager.

Image Credits: Netflix

What he wishes to be a stable outing turns wild with some eccentric guests, a quiet coworker, and a pharmacist.

Featuring Cem Yilmaz (Ayzek), Ahsen Eroglu (Suhal), Celal Kadri Kinoglu (Bahtiar), Ozge Ozberk (Saniye), and Bulent Sakrak (Davut), among others, Do Not Disturb is directed by Cem Yilmaz.

What Works for Do Not Disturb?

Though it takes time to hit, the concept is definitely striking. A man so influenced by a social media personality forgets to think on his own.

All his actions or reactions are either based on the influencer’s advice or drawn from her lifestyle.

The trust becomes blind and after a while, he becomes indifferent to his surroundings. Sounds familiar?

I know I have made it look more serious than it actually is in Do Not Disturb.

But you would observe the film carrying a dark ambiance, resulting in a blurry viewer response.

Image Credits: Netflix

Sometimes, it is quite unsettling. Just to see it happen in a setting you are not used to is the opposite of what one might expect from Do Not Disturb.

The protagonist stands out with his distinct characteristics. Placing your trust in his inherent virtue might not be the safest bet, as his actions could surprise you. 

In some ways, Do Not Disturb shares similarities with Oh Belinda, another Turkish film that premiered earlier this year.

However, it does well on the comedy front. The writing is specifically good in this regard, making you laugh without even mentioning it.

Additionally, the film has a decent background score that evokes the right emotions. It furthers the vision of the movie.

The use of the Covid-19 pandemic for strengthening the narrative doesn’t come out as insensitive.

Image Credits: Netflix

I am saying this because we have had several examples in the past doing the exact opposite.

To sum up this part, I would emphasize the fact that Do Not Disturb plays out differently than similar films.

Hence, its upsides and demerits can be contrasting.

How are the Performances?

Cem Yilmaz, who not only stars as the lead but also directs Do Not Disturb, takes on the role of Ayzek, the central character. 

His nuanced portrayal stands as the cornerstone of the entire movie. 

From his facial expressions to his character’s behavioral intricacies, Cem Yilmaz produces a well-crafted and cohesive depiction.

When it comes to conveying the fragile aspects of the character, the actor demonstrates remarkable skill and authenticity, delivering a truly compelling performance.

All the other cast members give convincing outings. 

It is because of their support the movie brings the best out of its bunch of interesting moments.

What Doesn’t Work for Do Not Disturb?

One noticeable drawback of Do Not Disturb is its lack of a tightly woven narrative. 

Upon completing the film, some viewers might find themselves questioning the precise storyline of the movie. 

While it does hold a worthwhile concept, it struggles to construct an engaging and cohesive narrative around it.

Image Credits: Netflix

Eventually, by the time you start getting hold of the film’s crux, you may feel like being in familiar territory.

Also, the supporting characters, unfortunately, appear somewhat underdeveloped, lacking the depth and substance necessary to fully engage the audience.

I wonder if Do Not Disturb could have been a little simpler, without the dark undertones.

Stream or Skip?

It is a tough decision to make but you can watch this Turkish film. Though its presentation of Mental Health issues is nothing we haven’t seen before, the movie makes up for it with intelligent jokes.

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