Fukrey 3, the latest installment in the beloved Fukrey franchise, has hit the silver screen, and we’re about to dive deep into its storyline, complete with all the juicy spoilers.

So, if you haven’t watched the film yet, consider this your last warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Fukra 3 Full Story Explanation

Our favorite quartet of Choocha, Laali, Honey, and Panditji finds themselves teetering on the brink of financial disaster once again.

As the movie unfolds, we are treated to a quirky opening song that recaps the zany adventures from the first two films.

Remember that electronics shop the Fukras acquired at the end of part 2? Well, it’s now a shadow of its former self, thanks to their complacency.

Desperate for a new moneymaking scheme, they receive an unexpected call from the notorious Bholi Punjaban.

She requests their help in gathering a crowd for her election rally, but when they ask about compensation, she brushes them aside.

Here’s where the plot takes an intriguing turn. Choocha has a ‘Deja Choo’ moment, a glimpse of Bholi cleaning a public toilet.

Inspired by this vision, Honey convinces her to inaugurate a public restroom instead of the usual political rally.

The plan goes off without a hitch, drawing media attention and crowds. Bholi Punjaban cuts the ribbon and even takes it upon herself to clean the toilets to win over voters.

However, it’s Choocha who unexpectedly steals the limelight when he selflessly helps a child who struggles with his personal hygiene.

This compassionate act shifts the entire media focus to Choocha, leaving Bholi Punjaban flustered.

In another public rally, Punjaban delivers a fiery speech against the Water Mafia and makes ambitious promises.

She also brings up the concept of ‘Day Zero’ and highlights countries facing severe water scarcity.

But, once again, Choocha manages to divert the spotlight by asking playful yet challenging questions in front of the audience.

These unexpected disruptions prompt Honey to come up with a brilliant idea: why not have Choocha run in the upcoming elections against Bholi Punjaban?

This strategic move aims to prevent someone as cunning as her from becoming an MLA.

The story takes a twist as we delve into the world of the Water Mafia, Dhingra, who invites Punjaban to his hideout amidst the bustling water tankers.

He expresses his frustration over her public statements and reveals that he has been funding her entire election campaign, hoping she’ll become the next water minister.

Bholi promises to be more discreet with her words in public, unaware of Honey’s master plan.

Meanwhile, the Fukras plot behind the scenes, keeping Choocha’s candidacy a secret.

However, Choocha, in one of his trademark blunders, spills the beans to Bholi Punjaban.

On the other hand, Panditji, Honey, and Laali begin budgeting for Choocha’s election campaign.

They attempt to persuade Laali to seek financial help from his father. Despite his initial reluctance, the allure of their shared dreams eventually convinces him to support the campaign.

As the Fukras strategize, a surprise visit from Bholi’s menacing bodyguards threatens to expose Choocha’s antics in front of her.

The plot takes an unexpected twist when Bholi Punjaban’s bodyguards express their frustration with her authoritarian ways.

They offer to help Choocha win the elections in exchange for something significant.

The Fukras are baffled, wondering what this mysterious “something” could be. In a surprising turn of events, they ask for a Deja Choo from Choocha.

It turns out that back in Africa, the bodyguards’ family has been struggling to locate diamonds despite extensive excavations.

They want Choocha to tap into his unique gift and guide them to the exact diamond-rich spot. In return, they promise to fund his entire political campaign.

To seal the deal, they offer an advance payment of Rs. 5 lakhs to the Fukras, and after some discussion, all parties agree with handshakes all around.

The Fukras embark on a journey to Africa to honor their promise to Bholi’s bodyguards.

Their journey is not without its share of humorous incidents, including a scene on the flight where an air hostess educates Choocha about the curious process of converting human excreta into ice cubes and disposing of it from the airplane’s restroom.

Upon arriving in Africa, they encounter Mombasa, a cousin of the bodyguards who accompanies their parents as uncle and aunt.

Mombasa falls head over heels for Choocha at first sight, though Choocha doesn’t seem particularly interested in her.

The Fukras remain focused on their primary mission: finding diamonds. They toil day and night at excavation sites, eagerly awaiting Choocha’s Deja Choo.

To avoid arousing suspicion from Bholi Punjaban, the bodyguards return to India, leaving the Fukras behind in Africa.

However, weeks pass, and Deja Choo remains elusive.

Honey begins to connect the dots and realizes that this whole excursion might have been a ploy by Bholi Punjaban to remove Choocha from the political landscape, giving her a better shot at securing victory.

It turns out to be true. Bholi had planned it all.

Just when hope seems lost, Choocha experiences a Deja Choo, providing him with flashes of the precise location of the diamond.

Neither Honey or Panditji nor Laali trusts him.

Hence, Choocha sneaks out late at night to find the diamond by himself. However, soon, the rest of the Fukras find him and they discover the diamond together.

They celebrate their triumph but are startled by Mombasa’s unexpected arrival. Feared that she’d take the precious metal, Choocha swallows the diamond to hide it from her.

Mombasa raises a commotion, gathering everyone around, but by then, the Fukras have managed to escape.

They traverse the hills in search of a safe refuge while Mombasa’s family pursues them relentlessly.

On their journey, Laali suggests that Choocha should hand over the diamond to Panditji since his pocket is less fragile.

Honey agrees, but they remain unaware of what Choocha has done with the diamond.

However, Choocha eventually confesses that he has swallowed it, shocking the rest of the Fukras, as they are well aware of the dangers a diamond could pose inside a person’s stomach.

Having lost the most valuable asset from their African adventure, they find themselves wandering aimlessly.

Finally, they stumble upon a decrepit place, where they decide to spend the night, their uncertain future looming over them.

As the night wears on, a sudden short-circuit in their makeshift shelter results in an exposed wire falling onto Choocha.

He screams in agony and instinctively throws his hand at Honey, who is sleeping beside him.

Both of them are electrocuted, and the commotion wakes Panditji and Laali.

In a desperate scramble, they manage to clear the dangerous wire.

It takes a considerable amount of time for the young men to regain their senses after the shock. Dehydrated from the ordeal, their first plea upon recovery is for water.

Unfortunately, there is no potable or running water nearby. Left with no other option, Laali fetches water from the washroom to quench their thirst.

After being rehydrated, Choocha urgently needs to relieve himself, and Honey is drenched in sweat.

Laali improvises, providing them with a pot to collect their respective bodily fluids.

Once the tension settles, Panditji lights a cigarette. A casually thrown matchstick falls into the container holding the collected fluids, and it unexpectedly catches fire.

The sight leaves everyone stunned. Honey, now fully awake, and even Choocha express intrigue.

After much deliberation, they arrive at a surprising conclusion: Choocha’s urine and Honey’s sweat, when combined, have somehow created a flammable substance, akin to petrol.

This is where the penultimate crux of the Fukrey franchise starts. If you remember, it rests on ‘jugaad,’ and creating fuel becomes their jugaad for the third part.

Upon their return to India, they strike a deal with a local taxi driver, offering petrol at less than half the market price in exchange for his assurance that the local community will vote for Choocha in the upcoming elections.

Their election campaign takes off, fueled by the proceeds from their petrol venture.

Honey takes charge of Choocha’s phone to ensure he doesn’t inadvertently reveal their petrol ‘jugaad’ to Bholi Punjaban.

As Choocha’s popularity soars, Dhingra, growing increasingly anxious about his chances against Bholi, issues her a stern ultimatum, warning her to take action or face the consequences.

In one of the heated election rallies, the Fukra gang and Punjaban have a face-off.

She manages to sneak a note to Choocha, requesting a secret meeting at a specific location.

When Choocha arrives at the designated spot, he is shocked to find out that Bholi Punjaban is getting married to one of her bodyguards.

His heart sinks, and he desperately attempts to dissuade her from going through with it.

Frustrated with his failed efforts, he proposes a deal: if she marries him instead of her bodyguard, he will reveal their closely guarded secret plan.

Bholi, who had orchestrated the fake marriage for this very reason, agrees to the arrangement.

Choocha excitedly shares the details of how they’ve been making money through their petrol innovation.

She bursts into joy, dancing and fulfilling her part of the bargain by marrying him, even though it’s a sham union.

Naive as ever, Choocha believes the marriage to be genuine.

Laali, Honey, and Panditji become increasingly concerned for their friend when they find him missing.

However, Choocha manages to make a call to them to share his happiness and whereabouts.

But just as he’s about to reveal his location, two mysterious men abduct him, leaving his friends in utter shock.

The trio decides to visit Bholi Punjaban’s house the following day to inquire about Choocha.

She asks them for a share in the Petrol business and assures them she’d walk out of the election race if they agree to it. However, she has no idea of where Choocha is.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Dhingra, seeking to thwart Choocha’s candidacy, has orchestrated Choocha’s kidnapping.

Bholi gives it a thought and calls Dhingra. She proposes a deal to secure Choocha’s release.

Dhingra summons the Fukrey gang to his den, which happens to be a waterpark.

He tasks them with producing more petrol, and to create scarcity, he recalls all his water tankers, causing a massive water shortage in the city.

The citizens, enraged by the situation, burn effigies of Choocha and Bholi Punjaban.

In a tragic incident, a teenager is struck by one of the trucks, sustaining life-threatening injuries.

The Fukras watch the horrifying scene on television and realize that their actions have had dire consequences for the people.

Honey, feeling responsible, decides it’s time to take a stand.

When Dhingra confronts them, the quartet defies his orders.

In retribution, he suspends Laali and Panditji just above a water pool containing a crocodile, while Choocha and Honey are coerced into sweating and urinating, respectively.

Even Bholi Punjaban is not spared as she’s slapped and tied up alongside her bodyguards.

After enduring torture, a massive crowd of people, armed with buckets and drums, storms Dhingra’s den to collect water. But how did they find out about it?

The screenplay travels back to reveal that the Fukras had recorded a video message in which Choocha passionately urged the people to reclaim what rightfully belongs to them.

This powerful message mobilizes a large rally of people, ultimately leading to the release of the Fukras and Bholi Punjaban, culminating in a happy ending.

Fukrey 3 Ending Explained

In the final stages of the film, Choocha wins the election and Bholi Punjaban officially travels to his house for marriage.

The Delhi CM takes the Fukra gang to Bangalore to see if they can really create petrol.

However, they fail to do so.

Hence, the Fukras are forced to travel back to the base via a flight.

Now, on the flight, Choocha goes to the washroom, and his shit is frozen to be dropped as waste from the plane. After this, we see Ali Fazal aka Zafar Bhai sitting on the beach.

Choocha’s frozen shit drops behind him and he checks it to find a diamond inside.

Yes, it is the same diamond that he had swallowed in Africa.

Fukrey 3’s ending sheds light on Zafar’s comeback in the next installment, where he might play a pivotal role in the narrative.

So, this was Fukrey 3 Story and ending explained in depth.

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What is Deja Choo?

Deja Choo is Choocha’s unique ability to foresee a particular event in the future.

After he gets a puzzling visual, Honey helps organize it into a more concrete event.

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