Animation movies live in the hearts of a major population of the world. Honestly, I fall in the minority, with very little personal interest in Anime. But that rigidness has gone for a tossing ever since I began writing movie reviews.

Consequently, I keep looking for new shows and films to satisfy my writing urge and give you an honest analysis. A new Netflix ‘special’ movie was released the last week. Called Entergalactic, it is an anime with a one-and-a-half-hour-long duration.

Furthermore, the movie aims to be mind-bending, offbeat, and romantic. Here’s my Entergalactic review to let you know how many boxes does the film actually tick.

Entergalactic Review Summary

Presentation is the star of Entergalactic. You will love the visual aesthetic the movie brings and how it blends the love story with authentic emotions and enjoyable music.

Image Credits: Netflix

Keep reading my review to learn more about Entergalactic.

Entergalactic Synopsis

Jabari is a gifted artist who is unsure and doubtful about his love life. In that state of mind, he moves into his new apartment and, one fine night, barges into his charismatic neighbor. Entergalactic revolves around the love story of Jabari and Meadow.

Directed by Fletcher Moules, Entergalactic is created by Scott Mescudi and Kenya Barris. Moreover, the Anime is written by Ian Edelman and Maurice Williams. Artists giving the voiceovers include Scott Mescudi (Jabari), Jessica Williams (Meadow), Laura Harrier (Carmen), and Ty Dolla $ign (KY), among others.

What Works for Entergalactic?


While serving a dish, the presentation can be a game-changer, and the makers of Entergalactic know how to be grand and subtle at the same time. They combine their vision with a startling atmosphere and spin a web of picturesque visuals. It gives the right pleasure to the eyes.


Image Credits: Netflix

Considering its anime theme, I feel Entergalactic has a mature storyline, where the characters face real-life problems and deal with complex situations. There’s no easy way out for them, which is quintessential to maintaining the factor of relatability. Thankfully, the makers don’t paint a rosy picture of the tale and, instead, go after what’s the best.


Every micro-second of Entergalactic is edited with flair. Never will you find a loophole in the animation. Some will say this shouldn’t be emphasized, considering the theme is animation, and they had to be at their best. However, finesse can never come to those who take it for granted.

The makers of Entergalactic ensure perfect body movements, lip-syncing, expressional agility, and, most importantly, they are able to create a grand setup. The aesthetics will win you over, and the flashbacks, combined with transitions, will add much-needed stimulation.


Entergalactic is as much a musical movie as it’s a romance animation. Paul N.J. Ottosson is the sound designer and re-recording mixer of the film, and he has done a fantabulous job. However, the star of the soundtrack remains to be Kid Cudi.

Image Credits: Netflix

From the theme of Entergalactic to Angel, a romantic composition, everything is mellifluous to the ears and exciting to the heart. The film has over a dozen songs, and they never feel outwardly.


Entergalactic brings a compact presentation to the table with just a one-and-a-half-hour-long duration. The short length gives an added cover of not allotting too much time to the movie. However, by the time it ends, you are already craving for more.


No love story can do without romance. I recently watched Plan A Plan B, which was a rom-com. However, the chemistry between the lead pair was tacky. In Entergalactic, that doesn’t happen.

Every intimate scene is given due diligence and, after a point, you start feeling for the lead pair. You might even forget it is an anime once the story begins to grip you. Love at first sight, the moments of separation, and the fear of losing your companion are some of the notable segments of Entergalactic.

What Doesn’t Work for Entergalactic?

I didn’t find anything going south for this anime entertainer. Had the music not been there, maybe a few points of criticism were plausible. But in its present form, Entergalactic achieves its goals and appears as an enjoyable short-time entertainer.

Final Word

For anime lovers, Entergalactic is a must-watch. And for those just stepping into the zone, you better start with this one.


What is Punam in Entergalactic?

Punam is used as a reference to the pussy in Entergalactic.

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