Riteish Deshmukh has joined hands with Tamannaah Bhatia for a Netflix comedy. You must be aware of how mixed Indian comedies can be. While some films are great, others end up eating your time.

Plan A Plan B promises to be a quirky and feel-good movie but does it deliver on the major fronts? Read my review to find out.

Plan A Plan B Review Summary

The movie relies heavily on its capable and proven lead cast. It is a film that you can watch while frittering away the time.

Plan A Plan B Synopsis

Kosty is a Family Lawyer, breaking marriages through divorces, and Nirali is a Matchmaker, making marriages happen. They represent two sides of the same coin, and their polarizing professional commitments come at loggerheads when Nirali takes over her new office adjacent to Kosty’s workplace.

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If you are wondering why the title is Plan A and Plan B, I have got you covered. Plan A refers to ‘Marriage,’ while Plan B indicates ‘Divorce.’

Directed by Shashanka Ghosh, Plan A Plan B stars Riteish Deshmukh (Kosty), Tamannaah Bhatia (Nirali), and Poonam Dhillon (Kiran) in lead roles.

What Works for Plan A Plan B?


Plan A Plan B doesn’t have a dreary length. You won’t need to invest a lot of time in watching the movie. Therefore, the question of boredom doesn’t arise. The storyline might be below average and the concept might be outdated; however, Plan A Plan B succeeds in appearing as a film that’s not lifeless.


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If you want reasonable feel-good vibes from the latest Hindi film, Plan A Plan B can be your answer. The movie generates smile and a fast-paced narration, thanks to some of the punches and worthy performances from the lead pair.

Decent Entertainment

The Netflix film is a mixed affair when it comes to the humor quotient. However, since we are talking about the positives, Plan A Plan B does have several moments where it makes you laugh. Though sustainability is questionable, there are scenes offering decent entertainment.


Riteish Deshmukh as Kosty brings his usual fun side to the audience. He starts well and remains consistent for the entire duration. The actor, generally known for comedy roles, adds several personal touches to the character. However, sometimes, it felt Deshmukh was just trying to do too much to save the poor storyline of Plan A Plan B.

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Tamannaah Bhatia as Nirali rises to the occasion to become the best part of the movie. You will like her demeanor, dialogue delivery, and expressional intricacy. Bhatia’s deep voice gives weight to Nirali’s character, allowing her to blossom endlessly.

After a long time, Poonam Dhillon makes an appearance in films. She plays Kiran in Plan A Plan B and fulfils everything the makers ask from her. The actress thrives in a sweet and charming role, though her screen presence is quite limited in this Netflix movie.

Most of the other actors like Kusha Kapilla, Bidita Bag, and Raghav Aggarwal dutifully complete their parts in Plan A Plan B.

What Doesn’t Work for Plan A Plan B?

Slapstick Comedy

Firstly, Slapstick comedy is an art. Secondly, not everyone can ace it. The problem with Plan A Plan B is not that it fails, it is that the movie attempts it in a disastrous manner. Riteish tries a lot but he is rather careless about the expressions at times. Moreover, the story disappoints him a lot by not offering enough moments of elevation.

Old and Futile Concept

Boy meets girl and they hate each other initially. The duo is always at loggerheads. However, one fine day, the tables turn and they fall for one another. How many times have we seen this idea in Hindi cinema?

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Plan A Plan B is simply a repetition of the innumerable repetitions in the market. Newness finds no home in this Netflix comedy.

Average Writing

A little more time in writing the comic part of Plan A Plan B would have helped it significantly. Currently, the movie is simple and straightforward with very few high points.

Delayed Climax

There was no need to delay the climax of Plan A Plan B. The makers try to stretch it further to enhance the factor of unpredictability. However, delaying only adds to the woes of the viewer. The pinnacle of a film should never feel deliberate but that of Plan A Plan B does.

Final Word

You won’t get bored of Plan A Plan B but you won’t get anything out of it either. I suggest you watch it during leisure or while doing the chores.

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