How the world sees you and how it wants to see you are two sides of the same coin. Creative works exploring this premise are getting lesser by the day, as I always keep pointing out. If I had to put it in rough statistical terms, such shows are one in seven on Netflix.

An Italian drama, Everything Calls for Salvation, had released on the streaming giant recently. It is a seven-episode long series with a duration of approximately five and a half hours. I have tried to analyze its performance in my Everything Calls for Salvation review. Please, keep reading to find out more.

Everything Calls for Salvation Review Summary

The depth and vibrations Everything Calls for Salvation creates eventually turn out to be inspiring. You will love the bitter-sweet reflections on life this Italian drama is able to bring forth.

Everything Calls for Salvation Synopsis

When Danielle wakes up in a Neuropsychiatry facility, he has no clue about what happened the day before. He is further shocked to know about his compulsory stay at the place for one week. Everything Calls for Salvation explores and depicts Danielle’s mandatory seven-day treatment at the Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment Ward.

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How he manages in there, reflects on life, talks to the other inmates, learns the art of acceptance, and eventually brings about change in his life are among the factors the show covers in totality.

Directed by Francesco Bruni, Everything Calls for Salvation stars Federico Cesari (Danielle), Fotini Peluso (Nina), Andrea Pennacchi (Mario), Vincenzo Crea (Gianluca), Ricky Memphis (Pino), Filippo Nigro (Mancino), Vincenzo Nemolato (Madonnina), Lorenzo Renzi (Giorgio), and Alessandro Pacioni (Alessandro) among others.

Furthermore, Everything Calls for Salvation is based on Daniele Mencarelli’s novel of the same name. Upon release, the book won the 2020 Youth Strega Prize.

What Works for Everything Calls for Salvation?

Concept and Execution

Though the series is based on an already published book, it is necessary to point out the idea of turbulences in the general context. Somebody not behaving according to our expectations shouldn’t be outcasted. Conversations, the readiness to listen, and eventually, offering help without sounding sympathetic is the way to go.

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How Everything Calls for Salvation creates the setup while not dramatically patronizing the concept of mental health deserves applause. Moreover, the makers have aced the execution by keeping things simple and subtle for the major part of the series.

Depth in Writing

I think many dialogues were taken directly from the novel; therefore, they were able to resonate deeply. Also, when a book is adapted, especially in the context of mental health, writing is bound to be sovereign. Everything Calls for Salvation doesn’t simply touch a topic and leave it in the backyard; the show uses intimate conversations to reflect assiduously on the same, especially pain.


Imagine a bunch of people, judged as madmen by society at large, talking about their experiences, sufferings, pain, and sharing the little joys of life without the fear of prejudice. It stuns you as a viewer and puts you in a dilemma of whether you should smile or feel pity about the shrunk mindsets.

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Everything Calls for Salvation manages to stuff the conversations with the requisite emotional force. The lively talks actually revitalize you, and the personal ones make you think. That’s what cinema is all about. It should give the audience a chance to introspect and leave the question of change to them.

The Equanimous Ambiance

Tranquility is at the core of Everything Calls for Salvation. The show never screams for attention and only makes subtle advances through situational arrangements. Moreover, there’s no mystical aura surrounding the scenes to give an emotional thrust. Everything is kept as natural and authentic as possible. You will love the serene vibes and indulge in the talks as if they are part of reality.


Federico Cesari is the lead player in the series. He portrays Danielle, a young adult who is careless yet sensitive, calm yet intense, and commanding yet uncontrollable. Cesari carries an affable rhythm in Everything Calls for Salvation that doesn’t let him drown in the eyes of the audience. His improvisations, screen authenticity, and verbal intonations are meritorious.

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Fotini Peluso, as Nina, is the fire Everything Calls for Salvation needed. She changes the game on its head with her arrival in the series. Her fierceness, temperamental issues, and hidden longing for love keep her connected to the viewer.

Andrea Pennacchi plays an experienced Mario in this Italian series. The composure he brings despite portraying a complex character is remarkable. His vocal depths add a touch of intelligence, elevated by heaps of lifelong experience. Andrea is a pivotal part of Everything Calls for Salvation and one of the reasons why you will like the series.

Vincenzo Crea, as Gianluca, is full of life even though life has been unfair to his character. A show with a decent amount of sorrow suddenly changes its color when Vincenzo takes matters into his hands. In one way, the actor ensures a complete set of energy arising out of Everything Calls for Salvation.

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Ricky Memphis guards the show as Pino. He doesn’t have a very significant role from a technical point of view; however, the actor does make an impact. Vincenzo Nemolato plays Madonnina and successfully demonstrates one of the most demanding roles in Everything Calls for Salvation.

Lorenzo Renzi as Giorgio is my special mention from Everything Calls for Salvation. He outshines everyone in the series, even the most adept performers. Lorenzo is simply outstanding with a multifaceted comportment. His body language and onscreen management cannot be missed at any cost.

What Doesn’t Work for Everything Calls for Salvation?

All the departments are covered well by the makers. However, the speed of narration is a bit slow in the middle, but that was bound to happen, given the subject of the series.

Final Word

Everything Calls for Salvation is a deep affair. I won’t strictly suggest it to everybody, especially those who don’t have a taste for realistic fiction. However, it will only do you good if you watch this Italian drama.

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