Everyone relies on shelter as a basic need of life. Many governments at various levels recognise these needs, and Adelaide is one among them. The city is renowned for its commitment to inclusivity and assistance for persons living with disabilities. A crucial step in this direction has been offering opportunities through Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) housing.

Understanding this vital component of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is crucial as it funds housing solutions. So, here’s all you need to know about SDA housing in Adelaide.

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation?

These residences are designed to provide the necessary physical environment for people with significant disabilities to receive the support they need. They often include features like customised bedrooms, assistive technologies, and areas for onsite carers. This design isn’t just about accessibility; it’s about creating homes where independence, dignity, and community integration are achievable goals.

In Adelaide, the state government linked up with private providers to ensure that different SDA options are available for various disabilities and care needs. This collaboration means you can get homes in suburban and metropolitan locations – whatever matches your way of life and liking.

The Importance of SDA Housing

It is very difficult to overemphasise how valuable appropriate housing for people living with disabilities is. It can significantly impact personal welfare, self-sufficiency and involvement in community life. With the correct SDA housing, you could reside near your family members, educational establishments, employment possibilities, and health services, which are often crucial for a complete and enhanced existence.

Furthermore, SDA housing is designed with long-term sustainability in mind. These homes’ construction adapts to your changing needs, providing a stable environment that can accommodate life’s different stages.

Differentiating between supported independent living (SIL) and SDA

Though both SDA and SIL play pivotal roles within the NDIS framework, they address different needs. The latter provides support services that assist individuals with everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care, promoting independence in daily life.

On the other hand, SDA focuses primarily on the physical aspects of accommodation, ensuring that the living environment is specifically tailored to meet the intricate requirements of individuals living with substantial disabilities. This program aims to develop a setting that enhances independence, mobility, and accessibility.

The SDA Housing Options

There are five categories separating properties within the Specialist Disability Accommodation framework. This division is based on the degrees of support and customisation they provide. They are

  • Basic: These properties offer a fundamental level of support and are intended for those who do not require assistance related to significant functional impairments or high support needs.
  • Improved Liveability: These homes have design elements that enhance your overall living experience.
  • Fully Accessible: This type prioritises accessibility, ensuring they are suitable for individuals facing mobility challenges.
  • Robust: Crafted with individuals who exhibit behaviours of concern in mind, these properties are built sturdy and include additional safety features.
  • High Physical Support: These accommodations are specifically designed for residents with intricate support needs, incorporating cutting-edge assistive technologies and tailored modifications.

Finding the Right Fit

Incorporating SDA into your NDIS plan requires conversing about your housing needs with your NDIS planner. They will evaluate whether you’re eligible by examining the extent of your disability and your unique support needs. Should you qualify, your planner will collaborate with you to determine the appropriate SDA category that aligns with your needs and facilitate its inclusion in your plan.


In Adelaide, Specialist Disability Accommodation is a crucial part of the city’s dedication to ensuring everyone can live a good life, including people living with disabilities. This emphasis means more hope for people looking for not just any place to live but an actual home.

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