Silicone bras on stick-on bras, as they are popularly known, came as a welcome relief for those who were struggling to find the right bra for deep neck and backless dresses. Silicone bras (bra pasties) come with a simple covering on their adhesive side, and the person wearing them has to gently peel off the covering and place it on their bosom. If you wish to buy silicone bras for yourself or want to learn more about the manufacturing process, you can visit silicone bra manufacturers near you.

Strap-On Bras And How To Get Hold Of The Best Ones

Strap-on bras can be of several types; some of them come with extended wings that give greater comfort and a better fit to the person wearing them. Strap-on bras can be in the form of pasties, which are circular in shape, and they do not come with any extensions. So, if you are wearing strap-on bras for the first time, you may be confused, and you may end up making the wrong choice. 

So, it is always a good idea to do your research work before you actually make any purchase and this blog post will help you with some useful information.

Choose Something That Is Breathable

Silicon bras, unlike cloth-based bras, may seem uncomfortable or give a plastic-like feel. So, it is vital that the silicon strap-on bra that you choose must be breathable. Most manufacturers punch holes at regular intervals on the surface of the silicone bra so that the bra becomes breathable. 

Choose Bras That Are Reusable

Most people mistakenly believe that buying an adhesive bra is a bad idea as the adhesive will become less effective after every round of use. However, this belief is completely wrong as the adhesiveness of the stick-on bra does not come from a physical glue that is attached to the inner side of the bra. Instead, the adhesiveness of stickiness comes due to a suction force. So, when one wears the stick on the bra, the silicone gets sucked into the body surface. 

As the bra sticks on the body surface via a suction force the only that one must ensure is that the body is clean and free of sweat while putting on the bra. Reusable bras save money, and since there is no glue involved, it is always a good idea to purchase reusable stick-on bras.

If you are buying a silicon reusable bra you must dry the bra after removing it. If you maintain the bra well, it can last for more than three months.

Final Words

Stick-on bras are a boon for those who wish to dress up in backless dresses or tops that have a deep cleavage. However, most people fear that these may be uncomfortable or that there might be an adhesive surface that may harm the skin. However, silicone stick-on bras are absolutely safe and sound as they work on the basis of suction. Also, if one is buying adhesive bras, it is best to go for reusable ones as they work well and make the purchase more affordable.

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