Faadu Series Review SonyLiv: A Poetic Love Story of Passionate Ambitions you Shouldn’t Miss

Have you noticed how love stories are now presented as romantic comedies in films and shows? The eternal pleasure of watching a couple deeply lost in love is hardly attained through rom-coms.

Love sagas are risky for both producers and creators, for not everyone can ace them. Wait, why am I talking about love stories suddenly?

A new Indian series, Faadu, has started streaming on SonyLiv. It is a love story with eleven episodes and a runtime of over eight hours.

In English, Faadu means something spectacular. So, does Faadu live up to its name?

Here is my review to answer the question.

What is the plot of Faadu?

A poverty-stricken Abhay from the slums of Mumbai meets a literature enthusiast Manjari from Konkan, and a poetic love story begins. Faadu is a tale of love colliding with passion and aspirations.

Directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, Faadu stars Pavail Gulati (Abhay), Saiyami Kher (Manjari), Abhilash Thapliyal (Roxy), Deepak Sampat (Tukaram), Daya Shankar Pandey (Brijendra), Girish Oak (Bhaalu Kaka), and Gunjan Joshi (Ratan Kinkabwala) in lead roles.

So, what works for Faadu?

The storyline is its biggest strength. Faadu has a neatly woven plot that never goes astray. Unlike the popular type of romance, this SonyLiv original doesn’t have fluffy dialogues, massy action scenes, or the quest to die for love.

You won’t see the protagonists fighting for each other. The makers have kept the story as close to reality as possible.

Abhay’s background is given attention to highlight contrasts, and Manjari’s origins are kept humble to fill resultant apertures.

The emotional language never goes over the top. Faadu gives you an enjoyable love story for the long run. It is not something that will lose its color after maturing.

Moreover, the narration is paced well. However, the fastened playback is noticeable.

But how does Faadu hook you?

The show has stimulations and a whole lot of them. Credit for the same should go to Faadu’s intricate writing. How the setup is created, characters are outlined, and twists are stitched make the series worthy of your time.

Furthermore, the dialogues are exciting. They help the show make a comeback if it ever begins to go down. Particularly, some of the poems used in Faadu are fantabulous.

Another interesting thing about the series is the narration. The makers don’t rely on one dimension. Instead, they have chosen to use different perspectives, even though the strategy might not impress some viewers.

How is the Love story in Faadu?

As I mentioned above, Faadu’s love story or romance is unconventional for the modern screen. However, ask a commoner, and they might give it full marks.

Abhay and Manjiri’s romance is a bit like the one we saw in CityLights, starring Rajkumar Rao and Patralekha. What’s noteworthy is the extent of the amalgamation of innocence and brutality in Faadu.

Additionally, the onscreen chemistry of the lead pair is phenomenal right from the word go. Gulati and Saiyami look like a charm together.

Faadu’s screenplay should be another talking point as it further ameliorates all other aspects. When combined with the show’s light music, things become all the more endearing.

Are the performances good?

If you have read my previous reviews of Pavail Gulati’s films, you must have noticed my desire to see his other acting shades.

The actor finally gets the freedom to open his wings in Faadu. Living a tattered life, his character never holds back from dreaming of the sky. And when Gulati brings him to the screen, he adds soul to the written sketch.

His demeanor glues you, his style attracts, and Pavail’s intensity is somewhat infectious. He has put his last drop of sweat into the character, which is visible in the effortless execution he is able to achieve in Faadu.

Saiyami Kher plays Manjari, and she has nailed it as a devout performer. The impulsive viewer in you might find her character restrained. However, that’s only the half-truth.

She is as intense as Gulati. The difference is while Pavail’s ferocity shows in the actions, Saiyami’s shows in the ambiance. Her calm inferences can make a storm look small.

Portraying Roxy in the show, Abhilash Thapliyal delivers a great performance. The agonizing rawness he brings to the table in Faadu is intoxicating.

My only point of criticism of Thapliyal is his lack of vocal intonations. I wish he tried different pitches for the drunken and sober states.

If there’s one character still with me from Faadu, after the lead pair, it is Ratan Kinkabwala, played by Gunjan Joshi. He only appears in two episodes but wins you over with a unique persona.

Joshi’s dialogue delivery and how he fits himself into a don’s shoes are phenomenal. I wish he gets more work, and we see him often on the screen.

Daya Shankar Pandey and Girish Oak play fathers to the adorable couple. Their matured performance guides Faadu and blends into it the restraint no one else could.

Deepak Sampat, as Tukaram, does justice to an honest cop. He is someone who should be given prominent roles consistently. The kind of image we have for supportive actors makes us ignorant of their hard work unless they get centerstage.

Is there anything I didn’t like about Faadu?

The show’s concept is not new. We have seen such stories unfold several times, but Faadu’s execution is superlative.

Another drawback for me was the Background score. It is awkward and doesn’t match up to the screenplay on many occasions. The makers could have honed the sound better.

Should Faadu be streamed?

Yes, I recommend you stream Faadu. It has all the ingredients to keep you hooked.

The following section contains spoilers.


Will there be Faadu season 2?

Going by the ending of Faadu season 1, the show will definitely come back for the second round. However, nothing is official yet.

How is Faadu’s pace?

The speed of narration in the series is good to go. It never feels slow or dreary.

Faadu ending explained.

After Abhay is arrested, he gives Mishra a letter for Anant Udeshi, the content of which is not disclosed by the makers. But through Abhay’s voiceover, we are informed that he will return to take some kind of revenge on the Udeshis.

Furthermore, Abhay’s jail term will last no longer than two years. So, a second season is on the cards for Faadu. Till then, Manjari will probably live with her parents, along with Roxy.

I don’t think there’s another way to explain Faadu’s ending.

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