Even if you don’t realize we are into the last month of 2022, Netflix is ready with all guns blazing to offer reminders.

How? At least two to three creations release on the platform every week surrounding the theme of Christmas. I have watched four of them, with many still pending.

I Hate Christmas is the latest one on the list. It is an Italian romantic comedy series containing six episodes. The total duration of the show is approximately three hours.

Image Credits: Netflix

Moreover, I Hate Christmas is based on a Norwegian show called Home for Christmas, which I found out after I was halfway through the series. Otherwise, I might have considered skipping it altogether.

Nevertheless, now that I Hate Christmas has been streamed by yours truly, here’s the review to guide you through it.

What is the synopsis of I Hate Christmas?

At 30, Gianna is under consistent pressure from her family to find a boyfriend and get settled. On Advent night, she announces at the dinner table of having a boyfriend who she will bring to the Christmas dinner.

The catch is she doesn’t have a boyfriend. There are 24 days to Christmas, and Gianna must find a boyfriend to keep her word.

I Hate Christmas is created by CRIC and stars Pilar Fogliati (Giana), Beatrice Arnera (Didi), and Andrea Di Stefano (Crisanti), among others.

Image Credits: Netflix

Here are the positive things about the Italian series.

(Since the idea isn’t original, I will not highlight it.)

I Hate Christmas has a quirky narration that feels weird yet fulfilling. It takes the story forward and gives it the required pace to settle things in perspective.

The impromptu confidence of the lead actress while telling the tale invigorates the viewer. Moreover, it takes away blandness from a predictable concept.

Fun and humor are essential parts of I Hate Christmas. The show creates a cheerful ambiance and gives you enough reasons to exhale chuckles. It allows you to go with the flow in anticipation of more parables told in a lighter vein.

Is the storyline any good?

My initial impression was not positive, to be honest. However, it changed once the circumstances settled in. The quest for love, the tangled idea of traditional relationships, and the bonhomie among the girl gang were some factors that changed my mind.

I Hate Christmas has affability and warmth at its core, two things that propel it further into your heart. And since the duration is on the lower side, the show never becomes too much to consume.

How are the performances?

The series is led by Pilar Fogliati, who plays Gianna. Her spontaneous narration, natural acting, and charming expressions highlight her might as an actress.

Image Credits: Netflix

She effervescently uplifts I Hate Christmas to a higher level and makes it more appealing. Thanks to Pilar, the series can meander into funny zones without repetition.

All other actors are dazzling in their own way. But since their presence is restricted and rather intermittent, I would stop at Pilar Fogliati when talking about performances in I Hate Christmas.

What is off about the show?

I am not a huge fan of series remakes. It is fine for a film to be remade, but why would you create an entire show based on one already there?

If original ideas are appreciated, unoriginal ones should be called out. And what about the first-mover advantage?

Should I Hate Christmas be watched?

Indeed, it can be watched. The pacy show brings smiles to your faces. You can gather your girl gang and stream it in one go while sharing waves of laughter.

However, let me tell you that Home for Christmas, the show I Hate Christmas is based on, is also available on Netflix.

The choice is entirely yours. I am not sure if I am being too harsh on I Hate Christmas.

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