Ever since I began my regular binge-watching spree, I haven’t come across a convoluted romantic or comedy series. Only thrillers or suspenseful shows have had that privilege.

As a result, I had ceased to expect something of that sort. However, a new Polish show on Netflix, Family Secrets, promises to be the curtain raiser. It is a romantic drama that aims to be emotionally invigorating.

Here’s my Family Secrets review, from which you can take the right cues and decide whether to stream the show or not.

Family Secrets Review Summary

Having a convoluted storyline, Family Secrets is a crazy show that demands your immediate attention. Keep reading to know how it fares in various aspects.

Family Secrets Synopsis

On the verge of getting married, Kaska recalls how it all began. In the process, some of the most eccentric truths about her family and her lover are revealed.

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Directed by Lukasz Ostalski, Family Secrets stars Eliza Rycembel (Kaska), Izabela Kuna (Malgorzata), Malgorzata Mikolajczak (Alicja), Piotr Pacek (Pawel), Bartosz Gelner (Jan), Edyta Olszowka (Dorota), Pawel Delag (Emil), Marek Kalita (Marek), Adrian Zaremba (Robert), Agnieszka Suchora (Teresa), Marcin Korcz (Dawid), and Alma Asuai (Anka), among others.

What Works for Family Secrets?


The idea behind Family Secrets is not entirely new. However, it is the presentation that makes the difference. You must have seen a hundred times secrets in a family unraveling on the screen. Also, love stories with a tricky base are common in today’s times.

What Family Secrets does is it goes on to blend the plot and sub-plots together. In the process, the show derives startling confusion, enriching humor, and mixed emotions from the story.


For a romantic drama, Family Secrets’ narration is way above the rest. The show takes a different route when it could have simply embarked on a straightforward depiction. Family Secrets ensures you are never lazy or dreary while watching.

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You would be hooked to the screen like you are streaming a suspense drama instead of a rom-com. Moreover, the different perspectives from which the makers have narrated the story are commendable.


The screenplay of Family Secrets is stunning. Initially, I found it hard to catch up, simply because I wasn’t expecting the show to be twisting. However, gradually I found comfort in the zigzag of this Polish drama on Netflix.

Then came a time when I was utterly smitten by its crazy screenplay. Family Secrets grows on you on the back of a scintillating plot and fresh narration. Add the stimulating background music to the list too.


You cannot have an enthralling show without an intelligent story. The tale of Family Secrets effortlessly forces you to feel for the characters. It creates a mess, cleans it, and then creates another mess. A lot is there to admire in the eight-episode-long Polish series.

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The creators have managed to find the right spots in the story to cut and release the flashback scenes. Nothing feels superficial, and you will mostly relate to the events onscreen. In fact, I would call the story ‘quirky’ and ‘off-beat’ solely because of its screenplay-led storyline.


If the pace is not up to the mark, even a good story has the potential to fail. For example, the recently released Under Her Control. It had a novel concept but was let down by a slow speed. Thankfully, Family Secrets maintains a brisk pace consistently.

The quick narration helps it to be the apple of your eye.


Eliza Rycembel, as Kaska, braces you with a powerful act in Family Secrets. A young actress, Eliza takes complete control of the narration and allows the story to revolve around her. Her nuanced skills make way for a thumping experience for the viewers. Moreover, I loved how she reacted to the vulnerabilities of the character.

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Izabela Cuna plays Malgorzata (Malgosia) in the Polish series. It is all about drama when she is on the screen. Cuna makes everything funny and laughable. Sometimes, we focus so much on serious characters in the film that the ones bringing fun are sidelined. In Family Secrets, Izabela Cuna’s impromptu expressions keep the joy alive. 

Malgorzata Mikolajczak as Alicja makes amends with the surroundings. Though she is primarily run-of-the-mill, I cannot forget her intensely emotional scenes. Her handling of the script is a thing to appreciate.

Piotr Pacek as Pawel brings affability to the table. The honest endeavors of his character stay with you for a while after the show ends. His infectious smile and broad expressions elevate things further for Family Secrets.

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I will remember Bartosz Gelner for his body language as Jan. Everything he does in Family Secrets is dubious. Still, you can never get enough of him. The agitated version of Gelner is more endearing than the normal one. 

Edyta Olszowka as Dorota conceals herself initially, but when the time comes, there’s no stopping her. She twists the plot with grace and ensures you are never bored.

Pawel Delag, as Emil, is another swashbuckling performer. He falls in the complete gray zone showcasing the true version of most males in the world. You won’t like his character, but his acting proficiency cannot be questioned.

Adrian Zaremba, as Robert, doesn’t get too much time on the screen. However, his significance in the plot is very high. The actor brings style and delivers a calculated performance.

What Doesn’t Work for Family Secrets?

Confusing Timelines

As I have mentioned earlier, it was tough to follow the timelines in Family Secrets. What is it? A time travel show? That’s how I would react initially. The past is at the epicenter of the story. Only a minuscule proportion of the runtime is allotted to the present.

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However, what is complex is that the flashbacks don’t leap backward evenly. It goes back eight months, then seven months, then again eight, then five, and so on. You would find it too much to handle.

But the magical thing is you would never be bored. Therefore, I would suggest you to not focus much on the timeline and simply enjoy what’s happening in the story. That’s what I did.

Final Word

Family Secrets is a must-watch show. I would strongly suggest you stream it right away. The biggest pro of the series is the novel narration.

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