Do you crave love stories? I sure do. We have had some good ones recently, like That’s Amor, Laal Singh Chaddha, Under the Amalfi Sun, Doom of Love, and Jaadugar, among others.

In my opinion, the best part about romantic tales is the emotional impact they leave on the audience. You start the film with personal issues in the back of your mind, but by the time it ends, you are carrying many relatable emotions.

Love in the Villa is a new American film streaming on Netflix. Moreover, it is a romantic comedy that promises to be swoon-worthy, charming, and feel-good.

Here’s my Love in the Villa movie review, where I present before you the things that work and those that don’t for the film.

Love in the Villa Review Summary

The whole runtime of Love in the Villa contains mostly half-hearted attempts at making their way into the audience’s hearts. It lacks some essential ingredients to make a love story work.

Love in the Villa Synopsis

Image Credits: Netflix

Julie’s lifelong dream of visiting Verona, Italy, is finally about to be fulfilled. However, the moment she reaches her accommodation in the new city, Julie faces the wrath of double booking.

She must share her villa with an obnoxious individual if she has to save her trip from spoiling.

Written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, Love in the Villa stars Kat Graham (Julie), Tom Hopper (Charles), Raymond Ablack (Robert), and Laura Hopper (Cassie) in lead roles.

What Works for Love in the Villa?


If there’s one thing other than acting that is good in Love in the Villa, it is the conversational bonhomie. The dialogues are well-written and plotted at the right time in the story.

Since the film’s premise is based on Romeo and Juliette, you can expect the lead pair to have multiple deep conversations. Though they are not emotionally heavy, you would still find them decently stimulating.


Kat Graham plays Julie in Love in the Villa. She has all sorts of weapons in her acting arsenal. From emotional moments to sarcastic ventures, Graham aces everything. She never appears to be trying too hard and remains aptly committed to the persona of Julie’s character.

Image Credits: Netflix

Tom Hopper as Charles wins you over with his British accent. Yes, that’s the trait he uses to perfection in the film. Moreover, his spontaneity gets high on the audience. Unlike Kat Graham, Hopper seems just a tad aggressive in trying to hone Charles.

Raymond Ablack and Laura Hopper appear in a restricted role or rather a cameo in Love in the Villa. While Laura portrays an ostentatious Cassie, Ablack plays a constrained Robert. Both of them honestly follow the commands of the director.

What Doesn’t Work for Love in the Villa?

Conventional Storyline

I didn’t find Love in the Villa suitable for contemporary times. The story has no novel ingredients to hook you. Even the recently released That’s Amor left a better impact than the Kat Graham starrer.

Image Credits: Netflix

Love in the Villa has a traditional love story setup. The heroine meets the hero, and they try to get rid of each other before falling in love. Maybe, the makers needed to create a distinct profile of characters to first let them slay the audience. From there, they could have brewed a romance between the lead pair.

Instead, the creators try to smite you with the most orthodox storyline.

Dull Screenplay

There are moments in the movie that make you yawn. The pace is mostly good, but the screenplay doesn’t offer much. When a character goes on to fulfill her lifelong wish, it should be a high-scale event. However, Love in the Villa fails to invigorate you sumptuously.

The makers needed to focus more on the inner satisfaction of Julie. Also, the movie is a little stretched when it could have been 15 minutes short.

Emotionally Disconnected

Remember when I mentioned in the beginning how romantic films can emotionally inspire you? Love in the Villa cannot do that profusely. It doesn’t have enough steam to generate a significant impact. You would feel disconnected from the romance between the lead pair.

Image Credits: Netflix

Furthermore, the comedy in the movie is on the lower side. There are not many laughable punches and jokes to help steer you through the runtime. Fun and emotions are the two highly crucial elements Love in the Villa lacks.


Though the lead pair of Graham and Hopper manages well, I expected them to be much better. Their chemistry took a backseat when the two needed to be shining bright.

Final Word

Love in the Villa is a film that fails to evoke the intended emotions. You can treat yourself with good performances and hearty conversations, but that’s all it has.

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