The French show Furies, now topping the charts on Netflix, surprised everyone with its skillful execution.

Action fuelled its scale and a dramatic storyline powered its core.

In this blog, I discuss some plot markers of Furies, including crucial information that may have come out vague in the show.

Please read ahead only if you have watched Furies. The article is full of SPOILERS.

What is the History of the Furies? Who Was Daria Arago?

Before The Olympus of the Six, there were seven crime families in Paris.

All families were at war.

Selma belonged to the feared and respected Arago family.

However, when Selma’s great-grandmother, Daria Arago, was pregnant, the other godfathers became jealous of the Aragos.

They didn’t want the Aragos to have another heir. Their happiness gave way to jealousy and became a pain for them.

Image Credits: Netflix

Therefore, the Godfathers planned a bomb blast to wipe off the entire Arago clan.

The bomb was supplied inside the covered cake cabinet during a family party.

Everybody in the party died except for Daria Arago. Her husband sacrificed his life for his unborn child and wife.

The injured, blood-soaked, and full of vengeance Daria Arago forced the godfathers to unite and The Olympus was born with six families excluding the Arago family.

What Happened to the Aragos then?

Since Daria Arago was the sole survivor of the massacre, she had the right to vengeance. However, she renounced her claim to retaliation and her place in The Olympus.

Meaning, that the Aragos were no longer part of The Olympus.

Instead, she chose to become the first Fury whose task was to maintain a balance.

She was the perfect choice as Daria was independent and was capable of upholding some form of justice.

Ever since, the job was passed down from mother to daughter across generations.

This is how Selma became a Fury after her mother.

What is the Bible of the Six?

The most powerful weapon of The Olympus, The Bible of the Six is a well-documented record of the people who have benefitted from the services of the Godfathers.

It contains the names of important people from prominent positions who have gotten their dirty jobs done using the criminal abilities of the six families in The Olympus.

The Bible of the Six is only opened when they are all together, which happens once a year during the Scripture Ceremony.

For The Olympus, the Bible is a shield that protects them.

Suppose, if someone in the government ever launched an operation to finish the underworld, The Olympus can blackmail them with The Bible of the Six.

This is because if the Bible came out, the whole system would collapse.

Why Driss Wanted to Steal the Bible of the Six?

Whoever has the Bible has the power to dictate terms. Driss knew this. He wanted to finish the Godfathers by stealing their shield.

He would have used the same Bible to protect himself and run things around according to his whims and fancies without the fear of getting caught.

Who are the Damocles?

Damocles are the most brutal humans, even more than international mercenaries. They kill on demand, no matter who the target is.

From presidents to judges and Furies, they just show up and kill. Their stature and services come at a huge price, which is why The Olympus never called them for little things.

Image Credits: Netflix

Though the Damocles don’t ask for anything upfront, they may ask for anything in return for their duties, even the lives of their loved ones, at a later stage.

At the end of Furies, The Olympus choose Damocles as their new master or protector.

Who Were Lyna’s Real Parents?

Driss and Kahina were Lyna’s real parents. Both were a part of the underworld but it was tough to be a ‘son’ in the Arago Family.

A male heir never found a place in the underworld. The Fury’s son inherited nothing. He had no role and zero responsibilities.

Driss was the son of a Fury. He had to make his own life. So, he started doing all sorts of criminal activities.

He schemed against The Olympus and the godfathers put a price on his head.

They gave Selma the job to finish him. But she didn’t kill him out of brotherly affection.

Instead, she put him in prison without letting anyone know about it.

Who Was Kahina? Who Killed Her Family?

Kahina, Lyna’s mother, was a part of the underworld. However, in reality, she was an undercover cop from the N’Soumer family of cops.

Selma discovered her secret but before she could catch her, Kahina disappeared.

But Selma managed to track her family and massacred them in their own house at the dining table.

To free herself of blame, shame, and punishment, she put the responsibility for the whole incident on Driss.

If The Olympus had found out about an undercover cop infiltrating the underworld and marrying her brother, it would have been the end of The Fury.

Did Kahina Die in Furies?

No, Kahina’s whereabouts are not known. She might well be alive and become the torchbearer of a potential Furies season 2.

Who Killed Darius?

Driss killed Darius because he was going to reveal everything, including Driss’ sinister plan, to Selma.

He would have told her about embezzling The Olympus’ money and going after their Bible on Driss’ instructions.

Hence, Driss, Lyna’s real father, killed Darius, her adopted father.

Moreover, Selma wanted to make Lyna a Fury since she didn’t have any heir of her own. Both Driss and Darius were against this.

But Darius had to choose between his life and Lyna’s. He chose the former. This was also one of the reasons why Driss killed him.

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