Some shows make an entry and some announce themselves globally. Furies, the latest French series on Netflix, has bombarded the charts.

It was released a week ago and ever since, I have been seeing it on the Top 10 List every day.

Expectedly, my curiosity began to grow and I couldn’t wait to finish the action and adventure crime drama.

After eight episodes and six hours, I am finally here with my review.

Furies Synopsis

Lyna’s father is shot dead at their house and she begins a hunt to nab the culprits. But the path of vengeance is filled with uncomfortable truths and eye-opening revelations.

Image Credits: Netflix

Created by Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave, the series stars Lina El Arabi (Lyna), Marina Fois (Selma), Steve Tientcheu (The Fixer), Jeremy Nadeau (Elie), Sandor Funtek (Orso), Eye Haidara (Keita), Mathieu Kassovitz (Driss), and several others.

What Works for Furies?

Crime among criminals is a largely overworked idea. But its deeper advancements have remained limited in number. 

Furies explores this tiny fault and serves a fresh take on the flashy premise. 

The show’s conceptual foundation is strongly built. It creates an entity called ‘The Fury,’ and builds a world around it. 

When a crime is committed among the criminals, the onus of finding a resolution or delivering justice falls on the ‘Furies.’ A fierce queen of the underworld, whoever sees the Fury in the outer world meets death. Her existence among cops is nothing more than a fantasy theory. But the murder of Lyna’s father changes everything as the young woman vows to take revenge. 

Furies‘ storyline is meticulously detailed. The characters make sense, the drama is kept under check, and the plot twists are logical. 

Gripping mystery further enables the series to produce a scintillating tale. 

The enchanting background score powers the suspenseful narrative and allows Furies to scale beyond imagination. 

Every time you think the peak has come, a new element enters the plot and changes the dynamics.

Image Credits: Netflix

Some of the scenes leave you surprised by their sheer imaginative visualization. Moreover, the action sequences are pulsating. 

You will feel the adrenaline rush and the enthusiastic curiosity about what will happen next. 

The show delivers captivation in bulk, thanks to the consistent dark ambiance. All the buildups are worth the hype.

Furies keeps its word of honor. If it promises action, it delivers. If it commits emotions, it delivers. 

And if it swears extreme stimulation through a barbaric setup of somber proportions, it delivers the very spirit of the phrase. 

The French series is marvelous because it blends unhinged action with supreme storytelling. 

Once you begin to understand the idea, you are driven by the fast-paced, thunderous screenplay into an evil world. 

Compelling writing is rarely found in action shows. However, Furies defies this unwanted norm by putting substance over ostentatiousness. 

It backs the starry features with an equally engaging writing setup. The thrilling second half is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

How are the Performances?

Lina El Arabi advances with the plot and transforms into an intense individual. While doing so, she keeps the inherent characteristics the same. 

Her depiction of Lyna has a core filled with honesty. Everything else revolves around this particular feature. 

Arabi’s action aptitude is spectacular and she just blows your mind at times with her combat sequences.

The emotional intricacies in her mien make her outing a complete package of acting brilliance.

Marina Fois plays Selma in the French show. The ultimate Fury, she brings intensity and mixes it with a fierce outlook to surprise the audience.

Image Credits: Netflix

Her deadpan facial maneuvers are crisp. She emotes effortlessly without making it obvious. However, it is Marina’s exceptional martial finesse that stands apart.

Jeremy Nadeau is Elie in Furies. You will see him as the only innocent face in the whole length of eight episodes.

An affable demeanor stays with Nadeau and allows him to be the silent charmer. He efficiently sails through a plot occupied by high-end dominating and loud attributes.

Sandor Funtek portrays Orso in Furies. Besides carrying a stylish and appealing personality, he also puts his screen movement to work.

He navigates the narrative with superb agility, quick reflexes, and sincere characterization.

Mathieu Kassovitz once again delivers a laudable performance. Playing Driss, he makes full use of an enigmatically written sketch to fly high.

What Doesn’t Work for Furies?

There aren’t any brutal issues with the French series but it isn’t perfect either. I think the first couple of episodes could have been better managed.

Moreover, the sentimental atmosphere during some crunch moments is also a bit smoggy. 

Stream or Skip?

Furies on Netflix is a definite watch. 

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