Disney+ Hotstar is back with its final Hindi release of March 2023. The platform has been reeling under pressure after losing out to Jio Cinema for IPL rights.

Plus, HBO shows have moved out of the platform, making the situation dimmer.

It is time for Hotstar to spring into action and cover the lost ground using some worth-watching films and series from India.

Will it achieve the goal? I hope it does.

For the time being, my focus is on Gaslight, a thriller film with traces of psyche and horror. Read on to find my Gaslight review.

What is the Story of Gaslight?

Meesha returns to her home after years only to find his estranged father missing. She starts having spooky visions, forcing her to walk on the trail of truth.

However, people around her begin questioning her sanity as the visions become intense by the day. Whether or not Meesha uncovers the enigma surrounding her father’s disappearance makes up for the premise of Gaslight.

Directed by Pavan Kirpalani, Gaslight stars Chitrangda Singh (Rukmani), Sara Ali Khan (Meesha), and Vikrant Massey (Kapil) in lead roles. Also, names like Rahul Dev and Akshay Oberoi play a part.

What Works for Gaslight?

The film sets up in dark surroundings. It serves all the ingredients for a potential thriller. The location is well-suited, the characters align perfectly, and the gloomy environment indicates impending doom.

Since I am short on positive points, on a deep thought, Gaslight’s first half is decent. Why? Because there are no revelations.

The film is fine till the point it doesn’t uncover the mysteries. 

How are the Performances?

Chitrangda Singh has acted in a film after a decent gap. She plays Rukmani and gives everything you’d need to admire her.

Singh’s phenomenal screen presence still remains uptight. Her pauses, reflections, and nuanced expressions offer respite amid the tanking screenplay of Gaslight.

Sara Ali Khan is a little sloppy initially as Meesha. However, with time, her acting gets better. It looked as if she needed some space to adjust to the character’s contours.

Once Sara settles herself, she impresses with her adroitness.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

Vikrant Massey is, to a large extent, the best thing that could have happened to Gaslight. He is quiet, restrained, and furtive. When intensity meets these features, the outcome is relishable.

Specifically, toward the end, Massey becomes your go-to man. Once the camera focuses on him, you have a sturdy element to hold on to.

What Doesn’t Work for Gaslight?

It is slow, to begin with. The intention is to pitch a grand revelation. However, it turns out to be a bleak one.

Honestly, I never thought Gaslight would be laggy. I was even ready to accept the flaws of the first half, thinking the latter half would be astonishing. It never happened.

Furthermore, the film is highly predictable, which has a lot to do with the underutilization of characters. Rahul Dev is carelessly wasted by the makers.

The absence of a well-packed storyline makes things worse for Gaslight. Every step of the way can be predicted. Had they gone deeper while sketching even the lead characters, they might have had different realms to explore.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

And since the tale falls flat after the first half, it gives rise to a foible narration. Putting pace aside, the backstories, flashbacks, and the perception battle, nothing really works tenaciously.

Gaslight puts a huge emphasis on emotions at certain points. Typically, it relies on father-daughter affection. But it fails to stand above surface level.

The makers had to ace either the suspense or the drama. Sadly, they master none. Things simply begin to fall apart in the second half when you realize the story was nothing more than a kindergarten fable.

If you are a movie buff, I am sure you could guess the suspense at least an hour before it was unraveled.

Should You Stream or Skip Gaslight?

I never want to do this, but I won’t recommend Gaslight. It is an old wine, which is not even packed in a new bottle.


Is Gaslight a horror movie?

Not entirely, but yes, the first half of Gaslight has some spooky scenes.

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