Sequels are getting rarer by the day. And when we have them, most of them are not worth watching.

When Murder Mystery was released back in 2019, many didn’t give it a chance for another part. However, the open ending ensured there was always some hope.

Its lead characters, Nick and Audrey, made space for themselves among the masses.

Almost four years later, we have Murder Mystery 2 on our plates. The American action & adventure film is now streaming on Netflix.

Does it maintain the goofy, suspenseful, and exciting tempo of the first part? Wait for my Murder Mystery 2 review to unfold.

Murder Mystery 2 Synopsis

The quirky yet diligent investigators, Nick and Audrey Spitz, are back with another swashbuckling case up their sleeves.

Well, this time, it isn’t about a murder, but the kidnapping of their billionaire friend right in the middle of his royal wedding.

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Jeremy Garelick, Murder Mystery 2 stars Jennifer Aniston (Audrey), Adam Sandler (Nick), Adeel Akhtar (The Maharajah), Mark Strong (Miller), Melanie Laurent (Claudette), John Kani (Colonel Ulanga), and others in lead roles.

Positive Aspects of Murder Mystery 2

The film doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the ambiance. I am always skeptical about sequels. But Murder Mystery 2 nicely steps up its game.

You never feel disconnected from the first part. It might have a lot to do with how the story has been pitched.

The start is funny, then there’s entertainment, followed by enjoyment in the form of an Indian wedding.

Hindi songs light up the surroundings when seen together with the typical Indian wedding arrangement.

Moving forward, I won’t call Murder Mystery 2’s story tightly packed. Still, it has enough to produce edge-of-the-seat excitement, if not suspense.

Image Credits: Netflix

Also, this time, there’s more thrill than in the first part, which was high on suspense. You will remain engaged throughout, not realizing when the movie actually reaches the finishing line.

Murder Mystery 2 is equally humorous when compared to its predecessor. The one-liners work, the jokes keep you afloat (Flamingos wearing diapers), and the situational comedy manages to entertain.

What adds the most to the tickling bones are the frank conversations.

Furthermore, Murder Mystery 2 has a fast-paced narration that aggrandizes the ritzy screenplay. It might have been sloppy had the film been void of even one of these features.

And since the movie runs for a mere ninety minutes, containing all that an action film should, I think this must be counted as a plus point.

How do the Lead Actors Perform?

Jennifer Aniston as Audrey is at her best yet again. Her vocal intonations, expressions, on-screen charm, and bold maneuvering make you vouch for Murder Mystery 2.

She is the sassy savior who keeps the spark alive in the narration. The magnificent actor never coerces and still grasps your complete attention.

Adam Sandler’s impromptu dialogue making infuses packs of laughter into Murder Mystery 2. He is swift, carefree, and reckless.

Image Credits: Netflix

The actor enhances the film several notches with his freakish moves.

Together, Sandler and Aniston are a force to reckon with. Their wild team is a blessing for the action-adventure genre.

Their conversational bonhomie is aptly frank. When combined, the duo makes each exchange look like an enjoyable monologue.

The Downsides of Murder Mystery 2

Sometimes, the jokes become too cheesy to endure. They can be enjoyed on a lighter note but only up to a certain point.

I also feel Murder Mystery 2 lacks a proper chase sequence. The makers might have added one to stimulate the viewers.

Does the story become monotonous or predictable? Yes, it does. Many times, in Murder Mystery 2, you would stare at a familiar chain of events.

You have been there, witnessed it, and can clearly realize it is all a part of a blueprint.

And since I mentioned above that Murder Mystery 2 has more thrill, I must admit it has lesser mystery than the first part.

Should You Watch or Avoid Murder Mystery 2?

I give it a thumbs-up from my end. You can stream Murder Mystery 2 without regrets.

The following section contains mild spoilers.


Murder Mystery 2 ending explained.

The movie ends on a cliffhanger, though not a highly intriguing one. But it might raise curiosity as to who was the pilot and whether Nick and Audrey survive in Murder Mystery 2.

The answer is simple. The pilot became greedy since he was the one who delivered the money to the couple. Therefore, he hatched a plan and boarded the helicopter with a parachute.

Seeing the right moment, the pilot asked for the bag filled with money at gunpoint and jumped out of the chopper.

That’s where Murder Mystery 2 ended. Now, since we have seen the couple act like fools, we also know they are smart.

So, in my opinion, one of them must have had a hunch about the pilot’s intentions. They might have swapped bags and also carried parachutes along.

Another theory regarding the Murder Mystery 2 ending is that the chopper is piloted by the duo and they somehow manage to land it in a survivable condition.

The money is gone but the place where they land might lead them to their third case in Murder Mystery 3.

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