“You like being alone,” “not always.” Out of all the amusement thrown by Glamorous, now streaming on Netflix, my favorite conversation came in the ninth episode.

Well, Glamorous is a new American Comedy Show which premiered recently on the streaming giant. The quirky series is directed at people looking for enjoyment on the weekend (even on weekdays).

With ten episodes in its armory, Glamorous runs for a little under seven hours.

What is the story of Glamorous?

Marco works at a Makeup store in the mall and tries to build his online presence through YouTube and Instagram.

Obviously, he fails… until Marco randomly meets a beauty icon and finds himself working in a dream setup.

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Glamorous primarily takes place in the office environment of a famous makeup brand.

It is created by Jordan Nardino and stars Kim Cattrall (Madolyn), Miss Benny (Marco), Jade Payton (Venetia), Zane Phillips (Chad), Michael Hsu Rosen (Ben), Ayesha Harris (Britt), and Graham Parkhurst (Park), among others.

What Works for Glamorous?

The idea is refreshing. In the past five years, I don’t remember watching a show where the setup is created around a makeup company, where gender is not an issue, and where the idea of love is not simply binary.

Glamorous embraces and puts the spotlight on the LGBTQIA+ community without making a fuss about it, creating a positive and inclusive environment for its characters.

A cheerful storyline is another positive aspect of Glamorous. The well-executed office banters, imperfect relationships, and the focus on gay characters make the series engaging.

What sets this show apart is how it normalizes certain aspects of life, treating them as everyday occurrences rather than dramatic plot devices.

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The emotions are handled with care, striking a balance between light-heartedness and depth. The non-dramatic twists keep the viewers invested in the story without resorting to unnecessary melodrama.

Moreover, entertainment is at the core of Glamorous, and the series excels in delivering it. The funny scenes are smartly written, allowing the audience to understand and enjoy the jokes without dwelling on them for too long.

The humor keeps flowing, maintaining a consistent level of laughter throughout the episodes. It’s a testament to the writers’ skill that the comedy remains fresh and doesn’t become repetitive or stale.

Also, the pacing of the narration in Glamorous is commendable. The plot flows smoothly, keeping the audience glued and eager to see what happens next.

The story unfolds at a satisfying pace, providing enough room for character development and exploration while maintaining an overall sense of momentum.

The well-executed speed of narration ensures that the viewers are never bored or overwhelmed, resulting in an enjoyable and binge-worthy experience.

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I almost watched the entire series in one go except for some unavoidable work breaks.

One notable aspect of Glamorous is its micro-writing. Instead of solely glorifying the lead character, the series puts equal focus on the other characters as well.

Marco is not given a magic wand to solve every problem; rather, he is placed in a world that allows the other characters around him to shine.

The subplots of the individuals surrounding him are not solely centered around Marco, which adds a refreshing dynamic to the storytelling.

This approach adds depth and complexity to the narrative, making the series more realistic and relatable.

How are the Performances?

Kim Cattrall, known for her iconic role as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, delivers a class act as Madolyn.

With her undeniable charisma and magnetic persona, Cattrall brings captivating energy to the screen, effortlessly stealing every scene she’s in.

Her portrayal of Madolyn is a testament to her versatility as an actress, reminding viewers why she is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Miss Benny takes on the role of Marco, the leader of the pack in Glamorous. Benny’s performance is a standout, showcasing their incredible talent and ability to command the screen.

The impeccable comedic timing and natural charm of Benny bring an infectious energy to the character, making Marco instantly likable and relatable.

Benny shines as the heart and soul of the series.

Jade Payton portrays Venetia, and her performance is nothing short of brilliant. Payton brings depth and authenticity to her character, capturing the nuances and complexities of Venetia’s journey.

Image Credits: Netflix

She adroitly lays her remarkable acting range, and effortlessly conveys Venetia’s emotions, making her a compelling and memorable character.

Zane Phillips delivers an energetic and impromptu depiction of Chad. Phillips infuses the character with vibrant energy, bringing him to life on the screen.

Surrounding him is a charismatic presence and infectious enthusiasm, which allow Phillips to leave a lasting impact with his portrayal, adding a dynamic element to the series.

His performance as Chad is filled with liveliness, making him a delightful and memorable character.

Michael Hsu Rosen fully immerses himself in the role of Ben, delivering a fragile and heartfelt performance.

Rosen carefully gets into the skin of the character, bringing vulnerability and authenticity to Ben’s journey. His portrayal is sensitive and nuanced, capturing the essence of Ben’s struggles and emotions.

What Doesn’t Work for Glamorous?

Everything is how it should be. I didn’t find a specific fault in the show. Yes, the final episode could have been better to pack the last punch.

Should You Stream or Skip Glamorous?

I think it can be watched for the vibes it is able to transfer.

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