I don’t actually like reviewing OTT shows that are only available to stream in a specific country. But Amazon Mini TV has, for the second time, forced me to do so.

As you know, the ad-supported platform is exclusive to viewers in India. It promotes small-scale ideas while offering content at zero cost (materialistically).

After the recently released Hunter, a new series, Gutar Gu, has premiered on Amazon Mini Tv. It revolves around the theme of teenage romance.

With six episodes up its sleeves, Gutar Gu runs for two and a half hours in totality. Yes, you can stream it for free; still, here’s my review, considering time is more important.

Gutar Gu Series Synopsis

In the simpleminded surroundings of tuition classes, two teenagers meet and instantly connect with each other. An innocent love story unfolds with every component of first love blossoming in the air.

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Created by Saqib Pandor, Gutar Gu stars Ashlesha Thakur (Ritu), Vishesh Bansal (Anuj), Satish Ray (Amit), Tushar Shahi (Adi), and Shubham Kumar (Umair) in significant roles.

What Works for Gutar Gu?

The show’s USP is its charmingly heartfelt storyline. There’s rawness, quietude, fun, humor, and several other essentially ‘Indian’ things that make Gutar Gu special.

I never expected it to be this good. And I am happy to have been proven wrong. Gutar Gu is outlined perfectly by the writers.

The serene naivety they have brought to the screen feels more adorable than it looks. And mind you, this is a show predominantly for teenagers.

Still, Gutar Gu works like a rejuvenating pill for any age group.

Whether it is the scenes of brewing romance, where the fear of expressing love verbally eats you, or the nervousness of your first kiss, the makers have crafted all the sentiments to perfection.

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Though Gutar Gu replicates any usual love story going on in an Indian neighborhood, it manages to make it look too real to be fictional.

When you are into the halfway stage, the tale appears to be getting bigger by the second. The jokes might not be many in number but the situational comedy is brilliantly laid to tape.

Gutar Gu’s humor is never oppressive. It is rather natural. And what better than teenage romance to induce laughter? That’s the age when all the weird things come around.

Credit must be given to the director for executing each sequence. 8 out of 10 times ideas like this fail to sustain the viewer energetically.

Furthermore, Gutar Gu has been plotted calmly. It doesn’t rely on flashbacks or the growing fashion of ostentatious emotions.

The storyline is graciously lined to work for the viewer.

Also, the tranquil background score of Gutar Gu goes beautifully with the onscreen action.

How are the Performances?

Ashlesha Thakur (known for The Family Man) plays Ritu in Gutar Gu. She restfully goes ahead with the character and effortlessly blends a youthful aura with maturity.

Her sweet demeanor ensures affability as you get to witness the smart end of things from her side. Ashlesha doesn’t overdo emotions, remains grounded, and yet propels Gutar Gu brilliantly.

Her growth as an actress has been phenomenal.

Image Credits: Amazon Mini TV

Vishesh Bansal as Anuj is honest. His tight grip on the character is visible throughout the series. From being a rookie to getting into the skin of a seasoned lover, Bansal brings subtle layers to his act.

It is the restricted expression-less face that gives him a unique touch to play with.

Satish Ray’s comic timing in Gutar Gu is top-notch. He plays an obscure individual who is always ready with love advices despite not ever being in a relationship.

Ray utilizes his special style of delivering dialogues to throw laughter into his scenes.

Everybody else is wonderful in this Amazon Mini TV series.

What Doesn’t Work for Gutar Gu?

After a long time, we have a Hindi series that does nothing wrong. I couldn’t find a specific negative point to criticize Gutar Gu.

Should you watch Gutar Gu?

Definitely. It’s fun, emotional, and raw. You will love the show.


Is Gutar Gu on Amazon Mini TV a family show?

Yes, you can watch Gutar Gu with your family. Though there are no love-making scenes or cuss language, just keep in mind that the series revolves around teenage romance.

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