A new Hindi show premiered on Zee5 last week. Called United Kacche, the series has eight episodes, each averaging around thirty minutes.

Zee5, as a platform, is yet to find customers on a mass scale. The last show I streamed there was Taj: Divided by Blood.

United Kacche is a comedy show and as unreal as its name might sound, the series is actually for real.

I mistook it for a hoax initially but seeing the posters made me believe in the show’s authenticity. Though I am late, here’s my United Kacche review.

What is the Story of United Kacche?

Tango, a typical Punjabi, travels to London to fulfill his dad’s longstanding dream. In a new country, he forms relationships with the unlikeliest people and finds the love of his life.

However, after his visa expires, Tango becomes an illegal immigrant and he must avoid getting caught by the police at any cost.

United Kacche is directed by Manav Shah and stars Sunil Grover (Tango), Nikhil Vijay (Double Role), Sapna Pabbi (Daisy), Manu Rishi Chaddha (Sajjad), and Nayani Dixit (Zareen) in lead roles.

Positive Aspects of United Kacche

Well-intentioned and directed at the general family audiences, United Kacche evokes fun in parts. It mostly relies on the flow of the story instead of the story itself.

If I didn’t have to review the series, I might not have finished it. But for a specific belt of Hindi viewers, United Kacche can sustain for a long time.

Those who don’t have a liking for serious dramas can find solace, thanks to the light-hearted vibes the show offers.

Some jokes are funny while others feel funny coming from some splendid actors having amazing comic timing.

Overall, it is the warm and heartfelt ambiance United Kacche creates that helps it sail through.

How are the Performances?

All the actors are supreme, delivering honestly quirky performances. Together, they make the show binge-worthy.

Sunil Grover, a famous Indian comedian, plays the lead role of Tango. He ensures to slay the screen in every possible manner.

Over the years, Grover’s versatility has increased to tremendous heights. Earlier, he only looked comfortable in comic roles.

However, Bharat and Sunflower brought new dimensions to his acting. Who looked like no more than a stand-up comedian now perfectly fits in any big screen adventure.

Manu Rishi Chaddha is Sajjad in United Kacche and just because I have mentioned him after Sunil Grover doesn’t mean he is any less of a charm.

The actor hilariously uses his comic timing and blends it with his well-known vocal intonations to propel the series.

Chaddha doesn’t put a foot wrong, whether it is the emotionally weird scenes or the outwardly funny moments.

On top of it all, he is affable. The character assigned to Mani brings natural humor entwined with situational satire. Every dialogue sounds superb coming from Chaddha.

Sapna Pabbi’s sweet demeanor works wonders for United Kacche. After so long, she gets to be the center of attraction on the screen.

The actress wonderfully uses the opportunity to present a satiable outing. Her adorable expressions are at the heart of United Kacche.

Nayani Dixit was a surprise package for me. She is witty, cool, and sincere in the series. I don’t remember the last time I saw her in a long humorous role.

Nikhil Vijay’s frolic act adds more of what was desperately needed. He entirely relies on his expressions to appear funny.

And how can you miss Nikhil’s accent? I found out he is from Maharashtra and still aces the Bengali accent with perfection.

Downsides of United Kacche

The idea is very thin. It gives the protagonist a hurdle and moves him around it for eight episodes. Comedy shows in India are usually like that, which is, obviously, not the right way to go.

United Kacche would have been a lot better with more layers. In its current form, the plot is too weak to hold you.

Furthermore, the comedy seems cliched on many occasions. The jokes simply don’t pay off, trying to force their way in.

A little more mindfulness in the writing department was needed.

Also, the storyline is too straightforward and childish. United Kacche lacks depth when it should have thrusted its way into a strong climax.

Another interestingly bizarre thing in the Zee5 original show is the very little emphasis on technicalities.

Sunil Grover’s old self is seen with his wife at a Gurudwara in the opening scene of United Kacche. After that, the show takes a leap forward.

Now, the couple’s children are almost in their late twenties and early thirties. But their mother doesn’t age a bit. She is the same. Her face is dazzling and her hair is still black.

Several things like these make the show look infantile. Some of the green screenshots can also be noticed with ease.

Should you Stream or Skip United Kacche?

Well, it is better than Pop Kaun, I would say. But it can be missed unless you want to see the magic of Sunil Grover and Manu Rishi Chaddha.


What is United Kacche?

Kacche is an informal Punjabi term for people living in the UK without proof of permanent residency. Therefore, United Kacche stands for, “the union of illegal immigrants.”

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