The world needs stories now more than ever and Belgium is ready to serve one. High Tides is the latest Belgian show to hit the Netflix catalog.

With ten episodes in the pipeline, the series is spread across roughly six hours. It is a romantic drama that is intimate and suspenseful.

In my review, let’s discuss the pros and cons of High Tides, starting with a crisp summary of its plot.

High Tides Synopsis

When a new guy enters a rich friend circle, several scandals in the lives of Belgium’s coastal elite are waiting to explode, led by love, lust, deceit, and much more.

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Created by Anthony Van Biervliet, the series stars Pommelien Thijs (Louise), Willem De Schryver (Alexandre), Eliyha Altena (Daan), Manouk Pluis (Anouk), Ruth Becquart (Eleonore), and Geert Van Rampelbergh (Patrick), among others.

What Works for High Tides?

At the helm of the show is a brilliant storyline that promises less than it delivers. Yes, mostly it is the opposite.

In High Tides, a group of rich youngsters party and get wasted regularly. One of them is Alex, who is in a relationship with Louise.

Money for them is not an issue. Problems arise when Daan, a new guy, enters the city with her mother. He is not wealthy, but his simplicity attracts Louise and hence begins a love triangle.

Gradually, the real intentions of Daan and his mother’s arrival are revealed, making the show step into a multi-layered narrative.

As I said earlier, the synopsis might not do justice to what is in store for you. High Tides has a strong writing setup to propel its story.

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The elements of love, envy, and friendship meet their purposeful fate in a nuanced manner.

From the luxurious lifestyle to the downsides of living in a cash bubble, High Tides presents both sides of the coin.

What starts as a vibrant tale of youth chilling around gets enriched by mysterious features through a tempting screenplay.

It adds palpable tension quite effortlessly as and when needed. You might end up amazed by the enthralling ambiance that High Tides serves around half-time onwards.

The idea of romance finds a plot device in bipolar disorder, which comes out really well for the show. Shades of polyamory reflect the unhinged desires of the heart.

Furthermore, mystery and suspense blend with romance and take over the screen to keep you emotionally invested.

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This is, by far, the most alluring aspect of High Tides. Calling it the trump card won’t be wrong. When you see it unfold briskly, everything seems to fall into place.

The makers use twists pretty well to gauge the viewer’s interest. They garnish the narration with efficient flashbacks, specifically keeping in mind their placement, frequency, and length.

Also, the characterization of the main protagonists is interesting. They are given enough substance to play with.

Moreover, the music, including the background score, is enjoyable, making the show vibrant in nature.

How are the Performances?

Pommelien Thijs makes Louise look elegant and natural even with the flaws given to her on paper. She uses her acting brilliance to depict multiple shades without much ado.

Interestingly, it is her eye-rolls that charm you the most, followed by expressions and an untacky countenance. There are also tones of delightfulness that merge with the bubbly side of High Tides.

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Willem De Schryver as Alex brings fire in every scene. His emotional expulsions appear intense and he never looks scarce on the screen.

How he displays internal jitters during stressful scenes using volatile expressions will surely impress you to the roll. The actor further aces the attitude of a rich brat and presents it with style.

Eliyha Altena portrays Daan in High Tides. He is calm and utterly composed throughout his stay, which fulfills the character sketch.

There is an inherent ability in Altena that makes him appear captivating without ever becoming seemingly flashy.

What Doesn’t Work for High Tides?

Mostly, the show lands the desired punch. I feel a few characters like Margaux could have had more prominence. The entire focus of High Tides is restricted to Alex and Daan’s family, and Louise.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with this approach since it helps the story remain free of clutter. However, giving the rest of the individuals their own base would have amplified the depth in High Tides.

I don’t think anything else deserves criticism.

Stream or Skip?

You should watch it. Highly recommended from my side.

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