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The pandemic-induced lockdown taught us many things. But most importantly, it taught us how to take care of our health without going to a gym or fitness center.

Since most gyms and fitness centers were closed throughout the world last year, many people turned to bodyweight exercises, small exercise equipment for home, running, yoga, and other forms of exercise that require little to no equipment to keep themselves healthy and reach their fitness goals. 

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The chances are you may have realized how setting up a small home gym can help you reach your fitness goal, even if the equipment and accessories are kept to a bare minimum.

But your budget may have prevented you from taking a step forward. That said, setting up a home gym doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars on a functional trainer machine or high-tech treadmill.

You can build a decent gym at home with equipment that allows you to perform various body movements and isn’t heavy on your pocket. 

Wait a bit. Before we get to the equipment part, let’s consider what an affordable home gym requires.

What does an Affordable Home Gym Requires?


Obviously, you need to have grit, determination, focus, and other motivational aspects. Materialistically speaking, you would first need some space. However, since it is a home gym, the spacious needs wouldn’t be much.

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The area you’d need depends on the number of people exercising at a given time. In case of just one person, you can use your study room or a part of your bedroom.

Also, you can cover up your balcony with stuff like rollable curtains and convert it into a workout space. However, keep in mind that the area should be expansive enough to allow your body to move freely. And this is after you have put equipment in place.

You should be able to stretch, move, jog on the spot, and do any other exercise with zero worries. Also, there should be enough headspace for jumps and dumbbell raises.

Furthermore, many people love seeing themselves exercise. That’s a trend started by Gyms and Fitness Centers. Therefore, you might also need to install a mirror. Personally, I don’t like the idea of seeing myself workout.

Giving good thought to spaciousness is the first step in creating an affordable and comfortable home gym.

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Make a Blueprint

Once you answer “where”, the next thing to consider is “how”. You need to have a clear blueprint from the budget to the placement and maintenance of equipment.

Always put aside a bunch of minutes to clean your home gym. Never leave cleanliness to someone else.

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Once, I asked the maid to clean my sweet little gym. By the time she finished the job, I realized her unknowingly throwing away some nuts and bolts necessary for putting equipment to work.

Not everyone understands the nitty-gritty of workout tools. Therefore, I suggest it’s best to do the cleaning yourself.

Moving forward, I would suggest you have a dedicated area for rods because not always would they carry plates. Moreover, never stuff your bench with plates or other tools. Because over time, the softness of the cushion wanes if not taken care of properly.

Now, let’s have a look at some essential yet affordable gym equipment that are necessary for a basic home gym.

Some Affordable Home Gym Equipment

Squat Rack

Considered the best squat support equipment for home, it allows you to perform several variations of the squat, engaging and hitting different leg muscles simultaneously.

And since leg exercises are critical to any fitness program, investing in a Squat Rack can be your best buying decision for your home gym. 

Pull-up Bar

Moving to the upper body, pull-up exercises are amongst the best workouts to include in your fitness routine. Not only do they engage latissimus dorsi, or the back muscles, they also improve core strength and muscle stability.

A pull-up bar will enable you to perform pull-up exercises at home and gain strengthen your muscles. The best part is that this bar is quite affordable and doesn’t require additional space, as it is hooked or fitted inside a doorway. 

Abs Roller

A home workout is incomplete without abs training. While you can perform crunches and lying leg raises to target your upper and lower abdominal muscles, there is a limit to how much resistance your body weight can offer.

To add resistance to your abs training, an Abs Roller is the perfect equipment to consider. This small exercise equipment for home is a multipurpose tool that enables even beginners to perform ab rolls and a range of other exercises that focus on abs and many different muscles. 

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Dumbbells and kettlebells are as important to a home gym as ice cream to an ice-cream parlor. These pieces of equipment are so versatile that they can be used for any exercise — dumbbell press, shrugs, curls, rows, you name it.

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So, make sure you slowly add dumbbells and kettlebells of varying weights to your home gym. While the list of affordable, small exercise equipment for home is long, the aforementioned equipment can build a good foundation for a home gym.

Weight Plates

Weight plates are an essential part of any home gym. Rubber-coated plates or iron plates are also available. Iron plates are less expensive, but they create a lot of noise and may not even be suitable for moves like the deadlift on your sort of floor.

If you’re looking for iron plates, you can get weight plates at an affordable price. On the other hand, there are hard rubber or vinyl plates available for a little extra charge. However, the rubber plates would be easier to handle and use considering your house floor. 

Skipping Rope

You possibly haven’t used a skipping rope since your elementary school days. Boxers train with skipping ropes for a purpose. It’s an excellent way to get some exercise and improve your coordination.

When skipping, your abs help balance your body as your legs (calf muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps) and upper body (forearms, deltoids) work together to spin the rope.

In addition to being cost-effective, they are easy to store and transport. However, they have the potential to significantly alter your workout regimen.

Get a sturdy rope if you’re just starting out. If you want to improve speed or strength, switch to a lighter wire rope or a weighted rope.


A mat is quintessential if you really want to work out at home. A yoga mat and a jump mat are both suggested by experts.

The latter is preferred for more strenuous activities like plyometrics and core training. If you want a bit of additional padding, you may use it as a yoga mat.

Resistance bands

This is again something that every home gym should have. They take up minimal space, are incredibly adaptable, and are cost-effective, making them a necessary feature of any apartment gym.

A range of weight and resistance levels make it possible for you to choose the right amount of difficulty.

Benefits of home gym

Now you know what kind of equipment you need to set up your affordable home gym, there must be some motivating reason behind it.

Here, I am sharing some of the most significant benefits of having a home-based from my personal experience.

Comfort zone

At the fitness club, you might have come across some people who try to occupy someone else’s space. Their presence can develop an anti-social element in the workout rooms.

Besides confronting annoying people, you also don’t want to show some movement while being watched by queer eyes under one roof. Whether it is your physical appearance or your ability to do a task, you don’t feel okay with the exposure.

The only solution to these shortcomings is setting up your gym at home. No matter which type of equipment you are using, no stranger will judge you while doing your task at home.

You grunt or yell with freedom without embarrassment when you pick up a heavy object.

No traveling

The worst thing you have experienced in your daily life is the traffic jam in rush hours. If you have an occupation for living, you have to make a short time for a workout session.

This means you have to adopt effective time management, which is not easy. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to reach the gym if you are stuck in a jam.

When you finally arrive, you are already late for a good session. That is why building a home gym is a good option for people who have a tight schedule.

Working out at home can save the day by avoiding unnecessary travel.

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Family time

When you have a proper gym facility at home, you can organize workout sessions for all your family members.

You can make the workout better for the desired result if your dear ones work out alongside you. It creates an environment where everyone can work together to achieve the fitness goal. Such a practice can also improve bonding between family members.

I hope you find this article helpful and continue your fitness regime using affordable gym equipment at your home.

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