Amazon Mini TV, an India-only ad-supported video streaming service by Amazon, has released Hunter, its latest web series.

It marks Suniel Shetty’s OTT debut in the role of a cop. Also, this is the first time I have streamed something on the platform, riddled with ads.

Hunter has a tagline Tootega Nahi, Todega, and comes with eight episodes, running for a little under four hours.

The show is only streaming in Hindi at the moment. Here are some rudimentary details about it.

What is the Story of Hunter (2023)?

ACP Vikram’s side job of finding missing people for money lands him into trouble when a murder video reaches the police.

Conspiracies envelop him from every corner as Vikram launches a hunt to prove his innocence.

Image Credits: Amazon Mini TV

Directed by Prince Dhiman and Alok Batra, Hunter stars Suniel Shetty (Vikram), Rahul Dev (Hooda), Esha Deol (Divya), Barkha Bisht (Swati), and Karanvir Sharma (Javed) in pivotal roles.

Hunter is based on Saurbh Katyal’s novel, The Invisible Woman. All episodes of the series are named after iconic Hindi songs.

What Works for Hunter?

It has a brisk and spicey storyline. There are shady characters, powering the dark screenplay. The overall premise of a cop pitted against his own den does give Hunter an edge.

Moreover, the makers choose to go with the traditional idea of an imperfect protagonist in Suniel Shetty. He gets to fight villains, a heartbreaking memory from the past, and betrayals; a typical Indian action drama.

Furthermore, iconic Hindi songs are recreated to complement the action sequences in Hunter. It was a tricky move, in my opinion, but I liked it.

A feature no one can take away from the Amazon Mini TV series is its camerawork. The diagonal angles, pan movements, and flowing shots are the life of Hunter.

They add a touch of finesse to action scenes.

Let’s Talk About Performances

Suniel Shetty is ferocious in Hunter. The man has not changed a bit from decades ago. He transports the same energy to the screen every minute he occupies.

The fanciest part of Shetty has always been his dialogue delivery and it still is heavy and hard-wearing.

A seasoned performer, Suniel ensures the show never becomes bland or perfunctory. 

Rahul Dev’s accent is the hook of his personality in Hunter. Playing a shady police officer, he holds on to his forte. 

Image Credits: Amazon Mini TV

I still remember watching him play a horrifying villain in Champion. His fiery mien has not aged a bit. Dev holds himself up and runs the plot at his own pace.

Esha Deol does a decent job in Hunter. I expected more from her. Nevertheless, the character is well-delivered by Esha. A little more effort on the emotional front might have further sharpened her presentation.

What Doesn’t Work for Hunter?

Hunter comes with a defunct plot. Its story can be enjoyed but there’s nothing out of the box. We have seen hundreds of such ideas already, even shaped in the same manner.

Furthermore, the plot lacks conviction. While trying to produce a pacey narration, several things get lost in the process. Emotions don’t seem believable, specifically coming from Esha Deol’s character.

The dialogues, at times, simply don’t go along the tale they are trying to bring forth. It might have to do with the writing or, perhaps, the adaptation. I haven’t read the book; so, I cannot judge it.

Also, Hunter has easy twists, making the show predictable.

Should You Stream or Skip Hunter (Tootega Nahi, Todega)?

Since Amazon Mini TV doesn’t cost anything, you might want to watch the show for Suniel Shetty.

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