Last of the previous week’s releases, Pop Kaun is a web series from India, streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.

The show is a little under three hours in duration, with six episodes aimed at complete entertainment. Some of India’s established actor-comedians are part of Pop Kaun’s cast.

It is available to watch in over five Indian languages in Hotstar’s attempt to attract a vast audience for Hindi shows.

But that only depends on the quality of the series. So, is Pop Kaun your watch for weekends to come? Keep reading to know the answer.

What is the synopsis of Pop Kaun?

Sahil is in love with Pihu but her dad won’t accept their union unless he knows who is Sahil’s real father. With that premise, Pop Kaun takes you on Sahil’s journey to finding his dad.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

Directed by Farhad Samji, Pop Kaun stars Kunal Kemmu (Sahil), Johny Lever (Brij Kishore), Rajpal Yadav (Sultan), Saurabh Shukla (KBC), Satish Kaushik (Kartar Singh), Farhad Samji (Balwan), Nupur Sanon (Pihu), Zakir Hussain (Malik), Chunkey Panday (Anthony), and Zuber Shaikh (4G), among others.

Positive Aspects of Pop Kaun

The series is powered by an uncanny concept, which could have been implemented a lot better. It has the hook to capture the masses initially.

Furthermore, while the show promises fun in barrages, it is only intermittently amusing. I am actually short of points in favor of Pop Kaun. Maybe, this is enough to be written as a plus.

On a deep level, I think the comedy the makers have filled the show with can be liked if you have a taste for it.

Such presentations used to be the flavor of the town during the 2000s. But back then, they were new and fresh. However, today, these ideas have moved to YouTube.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

Mainstream OTT platforms are not meant for stuff like Pop Kaun. They need to elevate their content.

Another positive aspect of Pop Kaun is its message of unity against dividing forces. India is a country consistently under religious turmoil.

Fringe elements use our impeccable diversity against us and we need to come out of it. Pop Kaun tries to cover up the fallacies of its content with the concluding message.

How are the Performances?

Kunal Kemmu’s versatility in Pop Kaun is at an all-time high. The moment he arrives on the screen, you are assured of a dexterous outing in a frail plot.

He drives ahead with the dialogue delivery, quick-witted punches, and unforced jokes. Whether or not you find Pop Kaun entertaining, you will applaud Kemmu for his skillful navigation.

The legend of Indian comedy, Johny Lever, perfects his animated countenance once again. How he facilitates his expressions with the dialogue is still a mystery.

There is a lot of intensity in his actions and, somehow, Lever makes everything look effortless. He is a wizard of comedy and I wish we respected him more.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

Saurabh Shukla redefines the contours of his reach. The personality traits he is supplied with in Pop Kaun are fully imbibed by the actor.

His ever-so-endearing personality, regardless of the shade he is playing, is something you can look forward to.

The late actor Satish Kaushik’s last on-screen appearance is remarkable in Pop Kaun. His comic timing reminds you of the good old times when Kaushik used to rule the TV screens.

I have always liked him for the variations he could bring in his vocal intonations. Playing a Punjabi doctor, Satish is prolifically subtle.

Rajpal Yadav is flawless. Even a bland dialogue looks funny coming out of his mouth. A master of situational comedy, Yadav meanders into his zone to bring about a startling overview.

Pop Kaun is all about performances. There’s no substance in the plot. All you have is a bunch of brilliant actors saving you the time to understand the script.

Negative Aspects of Pop Kaun

It is full of cliches as if we were living in the 1990s. The plot is too feeble to endure the heavy pressure of idiosyncratic humor.

From the screenplay to the cinematography, nothing really sticks together. You are bombarded with irritating wordplay and banal sarcasm.

Moreover, who on earth puts specific music sequences in a web series? What I think is Pop Kaun was supposed to be a film. It might have been transformed into a series considering the poor state of affairs.

Another worth mentioning downside is the monotonous storyline of Pop Kaun. The protagonist sets out on his path to find his father and he keeps doing it for six straight episodes.

There is no vision in how the tale pans out.

Should you watch Pop Kaun?

Pop Kaun is a simple series without any stimulations. It is nothing more than a pastime entertainer. If you don’t stream Pop Kaun, you are not going to miss anything.

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