Another day another Christmas movie on Netflix. I Believe in Santa joins films like Delivery by Christmas, A Christmas Full of Grace, and I Hate Christmas, among others, in 2022’s festive releases.

It is an American romantic comedy promising to be charming and feel-good. Furthermore, I Believe in Santa has a ninety-minute runtime to its name.

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The movie is directed by Alex Ranarivelo and stars John Ducey (Tom), Christina Moore (Lisa), Violet Mcgraw (Ella), Lateefah Holder (Sharon), and Sachin Bhatt (Assan).

So, does I Believe in Santa achieve what it aims for? Here’s my review of the movie. But before that, let’s look at the film’s synopsis.

What is the story of I Believe in Santa?

Lisa, a single mother, meets Tom after her breakup. They fall in love and have a happy life together until Christmas arrives. While Tom loves celebrating each day to the buildup of Christmas, Lisa hates the festival to the core.

Tom believes in Santa, but Lisa doesn’t. Will their love survive the test of Christmas?

What are the positive things about I Believe in Santa?

The film comes with a tranquil storyline ushering in the festive vibes in style. Unlike the recently released Christmas Full of Grace, it is not loud in approach.

You would like the plot, given that you believe in the idea. Moreover, the movie has adorable characters. From Tom to Ella, all the sketches are soothing.

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I Believe in Santa has decent enjoyment to offer to Christmas lovers. The jingles, decorations, and sled race are some of the elements used in the movie to good effect.

Furthermore, with a short duration of one and a half hours, it could become your quick watch for the night.

How are the performances in I Believe in Santa?

John Ducey as Tom is the sweetest part of the movie. He calmly presents himself as the subject and doesn’t go overboard while doing so. I think we can categorize his expressions and call them cute.

Additionally, the actor never fails to carry forward the mien he dons from the beginning. His charming screen presence helps you sail through the runtime of I Believe in Santa.

Christina Moore plays Lisa in the movie and has done an excellent job. Her natural acting brings authenticity to the table, while Moore’s impromptu conversations enhance the film further.

Together, John and Christina ensure that nothing goes off from their end. The duo’s chemistry is fine, and their ensuing romance feels genuine.

Image Credits: Netflix

Everyone else, including Violet Mcgraw, Lateefah Holder, and Sachin Bhatt, are honest in their presentations.

Those were the positive features of I Believe in Santa. Now, let’s move to some of its drawbacks.

It has a feeble and delicate concept, which might only work for some of the viewers. The makers draw a popular analogy of believers versus non-believers to take the idea forward.

The existence of Santa Claus is questioned by one character, while the other sticks to his belief. It makes the entire film more like a TV soap than a modern movie.

Moreover, the lack of emotional depth is a glaring concern for the film. At no point did I feel close to any character. If the concept was dicey, its execution is nothing less than that.

The most significant setback for I Believe in Santa is the lack of comedy in the film. Laughter is a rare commodity when it comes to its impact on the viewer.

I get that jokes and puns were tough to integrate; still, situational comedy could have been used to great effect, which doesn’t happen.

Should you watch I Believe in Santa?

If you have time, then you can watch it. Otherwise, it can be skipped for the reasons mentioned in my review.

Delivery by Christmas still remains the best festive choice in my books for the time being.

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