So, I have finally skipped a Christmas-themed film on purpose. They were making me restless for the festival. Instead, I gave myself the pleasure of streaming The Big 4, an Indonesian movie.

It is a crime-thriller, action-packed film, my first from the Southeast Asian country. According to its Netflix description, The Big 4 is offbeat, exciting, and adventurous.

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That’s too much to ask for from one film, but since it flaunts a lot, does it deliver on the promises? Here’s my The Big 4 review, where I will discuss the film’s prospects.

Directed by Timo Tjahjanto, the film’s cast includes Abimana Aryasatya (Topan), Putri Marino (Dina), Arie Kriting (Jenggo), Lutesha (Alpha), Kristo Immanuel (Pelor), and Marthino Lio (Antonio), among others.

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What is the story of The Big 4?

Four well-trained assassins decide to retire after their chief is murdered. However, a determined cop’s quest for the killer brings them back together.

Now, let’s discuss the positive things about the movie, followed by the drawbacks.

I would agree that The Big 4’s storyline is not perfect. However, it is still palatable for an action flick. In my opinion, an actioner depends thirty percent on the story and seventy percent on action scenes and their finesse.

Acing that thirty percent part is a strenuous job. The majority of action films these days fail to produce a compelling tale. But The Big 4 won’t disappoint you.

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It has a well-stitched storyline that sticks to the plot and stays within limits. No extraterrestrial twists are introduced to attract you, the film doesn’t rely on flashy dialogues, and, most importantly, it is not perfunctory or half-hearted.

Furthermore, The Big 4 has a decent amount of humor to keep you entertained. Though some of it might seem cringe, most puns and jokes bring a smile to your face.

The biggest strength of The Big 4 is its action. All the fight scenes look professional and intricately captured. They are facilitated by splendid shots of violence and gore, thanks to some supreme video effects.

From one-to-one fights and arsenal attacks to group brawls and relay struggles, The Big 4 aces the action incredibly well.

In fact, it is among the best OTT action flicks I have watched in recent times. If you are thinking, how does it fare in terms of pace, it is decent.

The second half is particularly fast-paced, while the first seems fine.

How do the lead actors perform in The Big 4?

Abimana Aryasatya, as Topan, leads the film with radiance. Initially, you will find him serious, focused, and rough, more like a goal-oriented man.

However, his second appearance in The Big 4 has several contrasts, which are brilliantly mastered by Abimana. He adjusts himself to the plot and leaves you in awe.

Putri Marino plays Dina in the movie. As a cop, she effervescently carries a stiff mien and comes good in all aspects.

Her expressions are the biggest strength of Putri. Be it emotional scenes or a challenging fight, you see the actress shining on each occasion.

Image Credits: Netflix

Humor in The Big 4 is headed by Arie Kriting, who portrays Jenggo in the movie. With his dialogues and comic timing, the actor is sure to tickle your bones.

Some of his improvisations are too good; however, they sometimes feel a little over-the-top. Overall, Kriting has worked really well.

Lutesha as Alpha is my best performer from The Big 4. She brings unique vibes to the table, especially during her second appearance.

The style, charm, and innate ability to mesmerize the screen make Lutesha’s act marvelous. She is lively and enjoys all the scenes to the core, which reflects in her composure.

Kristo Immanuel does an honest job in a restricted role. He plays Pelor and ensures that naiveness never leaves the plot of The Big 4.

Marthino Lio, in a gray character, demands your attention from the word go. He is unapologetic and somewhat fiery, making up for a satisfactory villain.

What doesn’t work well for The Big 4?

It is predictable. Halfway through the film, you’d be able to guess where it would lead to in the end. However, the presentation makes up for it.

Should you watch The Big 4?

Yes, you can stream it. The film won’t disappoint.

The following section contains spoilers.

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The Big 4 movie ending explained.

As you must have seen, the four assassins manage to escape Dina’s plan of police custody without getting hurt.

One question you might have is who is behind all the ruckus created in The Big 4? Well, though the movie has left it to the second part to disclose the answer, I feel the lady shown alongside Hassan, in the end, has to do with an old rivalry with Petrus.

The second part of The Big 4 might throw some light on their past and how they came across each other in the first place. Moreover, since the task of the assassins was to kill those who deserved to die, they must have made many enemies on the way.

Will there be another part of The Big 4?

Yes, going by the end of The Big 4, it is sure to have a sequel. No date has been announced yet.

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