No introductions this time, I will directly cut to the chase. Killer Book Club is a new Spanish film, streaming on Netflix.

It is purported to be a horror movie, which is chilling and scary.

Just ninety minutes long, Killer Book Club mainly has a cast of youngsters.

Here is my review.

Killer Book Club Synopsis

A Book Club group of Eight friends come under the radar of a clown who knows their most horrifying secret, on the pretext of which he slashes them off one by one.

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Carlos Alonso-Ojea, Killer Book Club stars Veki Velilla (Angela), Alvaro Mel (Sebas), Priscilla Delgado (Virginia), Ivan Pellicer (Nando), Hamza Zaidi (Koldo), Maria Cerezuela (Eva), Ane Rot (Sara), and Carlos Alcaide (Rai) in lead roles.

It is based on a book.

What Works for Killer Book Club?

The premise is undeniably intriguing. A relentless killer methodically hunting down eight friends, dedicating a chapter in his novel to each grisly murder.

This concept keeps you on the edge of your seat, eager to uncover the next gruesome twist.

The creators masterfully establish a haunting ambiance, an absolute necessity for any horror tale worth its salt.

Even the school settings are perpetually shrouded in darkness, adding an extra layer of foreboding.

It’s this commitment to a sinister atmosphere that makes the film a decent attempt at the horror genre.

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Killer Book Club doesn’t dawdle. Its narrative is fast-paced and refuses to let you catch your breath.

This breakneck speed maintains the tension and keeps you thoroughly engaged, leaving no room for boredom.

In a world where lengthy horror films often drag, Killer Book Club is a refreshing exception. At just ninety minutes, it doesn’t overstay its welcome.

This brevity is a significant asset, ensuring that the film remains a sharp and exhilarating experience.

How are the Performances?

The entire cast has done a wonderful job of keeping up with the movie’s idea.

Veki Velilla plays Angela, one of the ill-fated members of the book club.

Velilla masterfully portrays the fear, vulnerability, and sheer panic that Angela experiences as she becomes entangled in the nightmarish web spun by the malevolent clown.

Her performance is a rollercoaster of emotions, from initial innocence to the harrowing realization that she’s being hunted.

Image Credits: Netflix

Alvaro Mel’s portrayal of Sebas, another member of the club, is a testament to his acting prowess.

He brings a compelling mix of bravado and vulnerability to the character.

Sebas is initially portrayed as a confident and charismatic individual, but as the horrors unfold, Mel skillfully peels back the layers to reveal the character’s inner turmoil.

What Doesn’t Work for Killer Book Club?

While Killer Book Club excels in delivering an adrenaline rush and boasts well-executed gore scenes, it falls short in the realm of true horror.

The film might make your heart race, but it fails to evoke that bone-chilling fear that distinguishes exceptional horror movies.

It relies heavily on shock value and gore rather than building a sustained atmosphere of dread, ultimately leaving the audience wanting more genuine scares.

Image Credits: Netflix

Another glaring issue with Killer Book Club is its lack of attention to intricacies within the narrative.

The film neglects to establish or explain certain crucial elements as the plot unfolds.

This omission of key details hampers the overall substance of the storyline, leaving viewers with unanswered questions and a sense of incompleteness.

A more comprehensive exploration of these intricacies could have added depth and complexity to the narrative.

Would that have increased the runtime? Maybe, yes or they could have swapped them for something else.

But definitely, the overall connect with the audience would have improved.

Stream or Skip?

Well, I would say you watch it as a murder mystery or thriller and not as a horror movie.

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