Sequels are trending these days in the Indian Film Industry. Gadar 2 and OMG 2 wreaked havoc at the box office a fortnight ago.

And this Friday has brought Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl 2 to the theaters. Its predecessor became an instant hit with moviegoers for its offbeat concept.

Seeing the massive love, the makers chose to turn the movie into a franchise, whose second installment is finally here.

The film is a little over two hours and retains some of the previous characters. Prominently, the leading lady is now Ananya Panday instead of Nushrratt Bharuccha.

Let’s hop into my Dream Girl 2 movie review.

What is the Story of Dream Girl 2?

Pari and Karam are lovers, willing to marry each other. However, when Pari sends her Dad to meet Karam’s family, he is left shocked by their financial condition.

Consequently, Pari’s father gives an ultimatum to Karam if he seriously wants to marry Pari. Karam decides to become Pooja and goes to great lengths for his soulmate.

Dream Girl 2 is directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa and contains an ensemble cast, including Ayushmann Khurrana (Karam/Pooja), Annu Kapoor (Jagjit), Paresh Rawal (Abu Salem), Vijay Raaz (Sona Bhai), Seema Pahwa, Manjot Singh (Smiley), Manoj Joshi, Rajpal Yadav, Abhishek Banerjee (Shahrukh), Ananya Panday (Pari), among others.

Dream Girl 2: Positives

The concept of Dream Girl 2 is tried and tested. It worked astonishingly well last time and connected with almost all types of audiences.

I had a passing thought a few days ago regarding what if the movie feels repetitive? What if people watch it and say, “oh! It’s the same old same old.”

But all such thoughts vanished once I got into the movie hall. In part, it was due to the makers not continuing the story from where the first part left off.

They have the leeway to reuse the same idea differently with new characters and situations. The whole plot is turned around without any ado.

Therefore, though we see it for the second time, the idea still sounds and looks fresh out of the oven to a very large extent.

Moreover, the entertainment quotient is very high this time. I don’t remember how much I laughed watching Dream Girl 1 but here, I went bonkers at times.

The jokes, the situational comedy, the witty facial expressions, all come together. Imagine the best jokes coming from seasoned actors like Rajpal Yadav, Annu Kapoor, Vijay Raaz, Paresh Rawal, and Seema Pahwa, among others.

Thankfully, the script doesn’t disappoint them or their caliber. It has no traces of boredom and blandness goes for a toss, a rare sight.

The first half is really high on fun while the second doesn’t disappoint either. Almost every minute has the potential to make you laugh.

Punches like “tu toh Sri Lanka ka Loan bhi maaf karwa sakta hai,” and “Main wo note bhi nikalwa lungi jo ye notebandi mein bhi nahi nikalwa paaye” tickle you when seen alongside the context.

Dream Girl 2’s colorfully sparkling screenplay is another positive takeaway. Throughout the two-hour duration, the vibrancy never leaves the screen.

The characters and the background score keep it alive. Also, no overdose of drama helps a lot, especially in the first half.

Emotional undertones are kept to a minimum with the larger focus on entertainment. It is safe to say that Dream Girl 2 is among the best comedy films of 2023 thus far.

It could well be the best if you allow for some leniency.

How are the Performances?

They are supreme, and I am not exaggerating.

Ayushmann Khurrana should get bragging rights for playing Pooja with utmost perfection. His performance is layered, ideal, and on the money.

People outside of India, who haven’t watched any of his films, and step directly to a footage of Pooja brandishing her hair might not be able to differentiate.

He takes care of everything from his expressions and body language to his vocal intonations. Ayushmann’s simplistic approach to a complex assignment adds more flourish to the film.

As a result, his abilities make a challenging role look effortless. And that’s just one aspect. If you look at his comic timing, and the number of times Khurrana throws laughable punches, you will spend more time praising the actor.

Annu Kapoor is a mighty showrunner in Dream Girl 2. As Jagjit, he unfurls all the comedy he has in him. His photogenic expressions are way too effective to tickle your funny bones.

The hold both Kapoor and Khurrana have on the dialect of the region elevates things further for the movie.

Vijay Raaz and Rajpal Yadav are in supreme form. They take the audience by storm. Both actors have a viewership of their own.

In Dream Girl 2, they are sure to entertain every bit of their fan following. After a long, long time, I critically enjoyed Rajpal Yadav’s comic timing.

Raaz, on the other hand, has a knack for serious-looking comedy. The dialogue complements his expressions in more ways than we know.

Paresh Rawal is astounding yet again. He and Manoj Joshi draw a balancing line with subtle one-liners. 

Seema Pahwa makes her presence felt in several ways, starting with her facial artistry. Her arrival on the scene is apt and worth every penny. 

Manjot Singh plays Smiley and captures your attention from the first frame. In yet another comic role, Singh gloriously succeeds.

Abhishek Banerjee is honestly restrained in Dream Girl 2. His shades of methodical acting are well utilized. 

Ananya Panday only has a limited role as Pari. She doesn’t add any significance to the story. Maybe, it is because, in one way, Ayushmann is both the male and female lead in the movie.

Dream Girl 2: Downsides

Not much to talk about here. I just have minor criticism to offer. First, the storyline is not as stealthy but given the genre, they have done well to maintain consistency.

What I definitely didn’t like was Dream Girl 2’s music. Barring a few tones, most are way too off for an engaging outing.

Additionally, the second half might seem formulaic to some people. It goes in a direction that has become cliché over the past few years.

Should You Watch Dream Girl 2?

Absolutely. It is a riot, primarily due to the brilliant performances and writing. And yes, it is a family movie, depending on your open-mindedness.

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