Monica, O My Darling Movie Review Netflix: A Dark Comedy Well Executed

A new Indian film, Monica, O My Darling, has made its way to the streaming giant, Netflix. It has an alluring cast, including names like Huma Qureshi and Rajkummar Rao. Moreover, the movie falls in the Dark Comedy genre.

Rao’s last film was HIT: The First Case, while Huma starred in Double XL alongside Sonakshi Sinha. Monica, O My Darling has made quite a buzz on social media, thanks to its well-received trailer and the popularity of the movie’s cast among the masses.

However, the movie must deliver to sustain itself in the long run and remain the talk of the town. Here’s my Monica, O My Darling review, where I discuss its ups and downs.

Monica, O My Darling Review Summary

Acing the black comedy genre, Monica, O My Darling keeps you hooked after a slightly below-par start. The film never feels dull, with the likes of Huma Qureshi, Rajkummar Rao, and Radhika Apte spearheading it effortlessly.

Monica, O My Darling Synopsis

When Jayant’s affair with Monica turns ugly, he plans to murder her with two of his colleagues. However, a massive twist in the tale brings a string of murders and an evolving mystery to the fore.

Image Credits: Netflix

Monica, O My Darling is directed by Vasan Bala and stars Rajkummar Rao (Jayant), Huma Qureshi (Monica), Radhika Apte (ACP Naidu), and Sikander Kher (Nishi), among others, in lead roles.

What Works for Monica, O My Darling?

Dark Humor

Many attempts have been made in the past in Indian cinema to build a black comedy narrative. However, only a few have succeeded in the pursuit, and Vasan Bala’s Monica, O My Darling can count itself on the list. It offers many laughable moments in combination with morbidity. Moreover, the film never feels overstuffed with any element.

Intriguing Setup

Monica, O My Darling hooks you via a gloomy ambiance. From thereon, the exciting script has only positive things to offer. From fun to thrill and suspense, it has each ingredient in ample quantity.


Image Credits: Netflix

While several significant scenes indicate the plot’s predictability, twists and turns never let the suspense die. The only thing Monica, O My Darling lacks is an emotional appeal, which is probably the only thing it should have lacked.


For Indians, Monica, O My Darling is a memorable phrase from a popular song. People remember it even after five decades after its release. In this context, the makers wanted to give a funky musical touch to the Netflix film, and they succeeded.

Every song in the movie stimulates you greatly and makes for an entertaining watch.


Huma Qureshi, as Monica, is the show stealer in Monica, O My Darling. Many might argue Rajkummar Rao is a step ahead, but I found Huma to be the true leader of the pack. She gives you what you would seek in a dark comedy; in other words, Qureshi presents an ideal Monica on the screen. Huma’s portrayal fits perfectly with the vision of Vasan Bala.

Image Credits: Netflix

The ever-so-dynamic Rajkummar Rao wins with his natural instinct. He never lets the character grow big on him while maintaining the garb of an ordinary man. Some of Rao’s scenes are lit with situational sarcasm, propelled effervescently by the actor.

Radhika Apte, the showrunner of Netflix India, as fans call her, mesmerizes viewers with her extraordinary introductory scene. Afterward, she never loses the grip. Her demeanor is startling and somewhat exciting, grabbing your attention. Furthermore, Apte’s dialogue delivery goes a notch higher in Monica O My Darling.

Image Credits: Netflix

Sikander Kher presents himself as a voluminous personality in Monica O My Darling. He has a short and crisp screen time, but the impact the actor makes is something you would want to experience endlessly.

Bagavathi Perumal and Sukant Goel shine in their respective roles. While the former aces fear and cowardice, the latter mixes psychic attitude with ego to bring the best to the screen.

What Doesn’t Work for Monica, O My Darling?


The screenplay could have been better in Monica, O My Darling. The makers missed a trick initially by going with a formulaic approach. They needed to tweak the presentation to suit the unique narration they had in store. It just made things a little clumsy in the beginning until the twists started to unfold.

Final Word

You can watch Monica, O My Darling for the fun and suspense it contains. Moreover, rest assured of entertainment.

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