A story that covers the pain of a being is worth telling a hundred times. I am not exactly sure when this thought hit my mind, before writing Hanging on the Ground, my upcoming eBook, while writing it, or after its completion. 

Though I grew up with the idea of equality and equity and considered discrimination a sin, thinking of penning a story around such a theme was a far-fetched equation. 

India is a land of diverse ethnicities. People from various backgrounds live in close proximity with fervor. But there lies a thick line of separation as well.

We may pretend to gel with each other on most aspects; our personal decisions are sometimes driven by social prejudices. There are many thin lines, created ages ago, that act as separators and are imbibed within us as we grow up. Obviously, nobody wants their children to learn bad things, but what would you do when the definition of good and bad for the parents is somewhat shady?

Ask an ordinary citizen randomly, and 8 out of 10 times they would agree with the stark class disparities in the overall spectrum of the Indian populace.

In this context, when I first mooted the idea of creating something along these lines in 2020, I felt I wasn’t capable and worthy enough to give it effect. That’s probably the only reason it took me a gap of two years to bring my vision in the form of Hanging on the Ground, which will be available to purchase exclusively on the Word Street Journal for seven days starting 11th November.

Hanging on the Ground Synopsis

By now, you already have a good idea about the story’s premise. It is based on caste discrimination or caste prejudices in India. Basically, Hanging on the Ground is a summarized version of how I would want my children to understand the termite of casteism.

Such a concept can be explored in many ways. You can be ostentatious and preach to the audience about equality. We are all equal. We have been created by the same god. External factors should not take precedence over someone’s inner purity. A conspicuous narration would use these teachings as emotional stimulators.

Another point of view is to use casteism as part of the story and not the story itself. It allows the writer to be more subtle in operation.

Propelling the narration with suspense, mystery, and thrill can also be used to cater to a mass audience.  

But I had a different take. Specifically when there are already plenty of fictional and non-fictional tales available to consume. I didn’t want to teach the reader. I wanted them to feel how it is to be in the shoes of the oppressed. That’s when I thought of creating situations allowing me to write in the first person’s voice. Because that would also make the reader read in the first person’s voice, accomplishing my goal.

Hanging on the Ground narrates the horrifying experiences of Joshit and Kurush, who are taken to the corners by people who think of themselves as privileged and superior. It outlines the presence of racial abuse even in the urban centers of India. Though you might sense their stories are similar, it isn’t the case.

Hanging on the Ground Price on the Word Street Journal

The list price of Hanging on the Ground will be $0.65, and you can use discount codes mentioned in the latter part of this blog to make it more affordable.

Hanging on the Ground Availability on Other Platforms

For the first seven days, Hanging on the Ground can be bought squarely on this website. However, if you are more comfortable reading on other spaces like Kindle or Kobo, you can access the eBook from 18th November.

Google Play Books

Though most readers find Kindle viable, Google Play Books offers more dynamic pricing options. It allows the publisher to run promotional campaigns as and when desired. Here are the details of Hanging on the Ground’s availability on Google Play Books:

Release Date: 18th November 2022

Format: eBook

List Price: Rs. 49/USD 0.59 (Exclusive of Taxes)

Pre-order: Available at a 69% Discount

Link to order: Hanging on the Ground on Google Play Books

Amazon Kindle

There is not much I can do to contain the final cost to you on Amazon Kindle. The platform leaves much to be desired, to be honest. Here are the pricing details of Hanging on the Ground on Kindle:

Release Date: 18th November 2022

Format: eBook

List Price: Rs. 99/ USD 2.99

Pre-order: Available

Link to order: Hanging on the Ground on Kindle


Release Date: 18th November

Format: eBook

List Price: Rs. 49/USD 0.59 

Pre-order: Not Available


Release Date: 18th November

Format: eBook

List Price: Rs. 49/USD 0.59 

Pre-order: Not Available

Are There Any Discount Coupons for Purchasing Hanging on the Ground?

Of course, there are. On the Word Street Journal, you can use the following coupon codes to get discounts:

WELCOME75: Flat 75% off on your first purchase.

WORD50: Flat 50% off.

Before the release on Google Play Books, I will come up with another blog to reveal some discount codes.

How to Download Hanging on the Ground on the Word Street Journal?

You can click here to learn how eBooks are downloaded on the Word Street Journal.

Is Hanging on the Ground protected by Digital Rights Management?

Yes, the eBook is protected by DRM, meaning anyone involved in its unauthorized distribution might be in legal trouble.

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