As we enter into December, a large chunk of films and shows are slated to release on Netflix. Out of all that’s coming up, I am most excited about The Recruit and CAT. While the former is a US Action Thriller, the latter is of Indian origin.

What about you? Which creation are you looking forward to? Drop your recommendations in the comments section, and I will add them to my watchlist as well.

For the time being, my focus is on My Name is Vendetta, the latest Italian movie on Netflix. It is an action-crime thriller, touted to be violent and suspenseful.

Image Credits: Netflix

Does the film deliver on its promises? My My Name is Vendetta review will enlighten you about the same.

But before that, here’s some information about the movie’s cast and storyline.

When her mother and uncle are killed, Sofia discovers some unpleasant secrets about her father, Santo. My Name is Vendetta is the story of the father-daughter duo that escapes to Milan to forge a revenge plan.

Directed by Cosimo Gomez, My Name is Vendetta stars Alessandro Gassmann (Santo), Ginevra Francesconi (Sofia), Remo Girone (Don Angelo), and Alessio Pratico, among others.

Thankfully, the movie has many aspects to like, which is not usually true for action films.

The storyline of My Name is Vendetta is exciting and, when seen alongside the pace, it kind of races through time. I have always craved to watch sensible action thrillers, and, though not perfect, My Name is Vendetta doesn’t defy logic at any point.

Image Credits: Netflix

You will be indulged in the story and wait for it to unfold. The protagonist is not otherworldly, the villains have the upper hand, and all the characters stay grounded.

Going by the movie posters, my first impression was less optimistic than the movie itself. What does that prove? The age-old saying: don’t judge a book by its cover.

My Name is Vendetta runs for a rough ninety minutes. Hence, it is easy to adjust in your schedule. I will give you my example. 

Today, three films have been released on Netflix and since I have a dinner planned, my first priority in choosing one to review was the runtime. 

If you are headed somewhere and still want to enjoy an action flick, My Name is Vendetta is your product to stream.

The protagonist in the Italian film is not a fierce young man. He is a father, above fifty, which makes the character more relatable to the audience. You won’t see him landing head kicks, jumping around, and flaunting a six-pack.

Instead, the man of the moment presents grit and courage to finish what he started, making the film watchable.

Image Credits: Netflix

Furthermore, the action scenes are shot well. You won’t find many fist-fights in My Name is Vendetta. However, a couple of one-to-one clashes are worth watching.

Thrill in the movie is taken forward by gunfights, emotional disturbances, and chases. Additionally, the background score ensures a wholesome experience.

My Name is Vendetta has an intriguing ambiance thanks to perfect lighting and a fast-paced narration.

On the performance front, all the actors have done a top job. Most of the work is done by Alessandro Gassmann and Ginevra Francesconi, while others only have a meager screen presence.

Playing the protagonist, Alessandro offers a rough and honest portrayal of a gangster turned human. His naturally fierce expressions, dark mien, and leading ability add weight to the plot. Moreover, the actor uses his experience to restrict the claws of the character.

Ginevra Francesconi, on the other hand, plays an intense yet calm Sofia. She doesn’t overtly give away her shades but ably carries a gray personality forward.

All other cast members have done a great job.

What goes wrong for My Name is Vendetta?

Strangely, it is a rare occasion when I don’t have much to criticize an action thriller. One thing I wish was different was the history of Santo. Some visual shots of his past life would have added depth to the tale.

I also think the makers didn’t want to go the traditional way of garnering emotions through flashbacks.

Should you watch My Name is Vendetta?

Yes, you can stream the Italian film. Why? Because it keeps you hooked and takes only ninety minutes to finish.

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