Netflix might be a behemoth to reckon with in western parts of the world, but it is still struggling to gain subscribers in India. 

It started off on a positive note years ago with Sacred Games; however, the content has since struggled to keep the inflow of the masses.

A new Hindi series, Khakee: The Bihar Chapter, has made its way to the streaming giant. It consists of seven episodes with a combined duration of almost six hours.

Furthermore, the show is based on the book Bihar Diaries: The True Story of How Bihar’s Most Dangerous Criminal Was Caught by Amit Lodha.

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The show doesn’t explicitly mention being a true story since several modifications have been made to match the screen’s suitability. 

However, the book it is based on presents the true account of how Samant Pratap, one of Bihar’s most feared ganglords, was arrested.

Here’s my Khakee: The Bihar Chapter review, where I discuss the show’s performances as a whole. But before that, here’s the synopsis and information about the cast and crew.

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter tells the story of how Bihar’s most dangerous criminal was caught by mindful planning amid a chaotic setup. It covers influential politics, cast hegemonies, and the swiftness of Amit Lodha.

The show is directed by Neeraj Pandey and stars Karan Tacker (Amit Lodha), Nikita Dutta (Tanu), Abhimanyu Singh (Ranjan Kumar), Avinash Tiwary (Chandan Mahto), Jatin Sarna (Chyawanprash Sahu), Ravi Kishan (Abhyuday Singh), Ashutosh Rana (Mukteshwar Chaubey), Aishwarya Sushmita (Meeta Devi), and Annup Sonii (Sudhir Paswan), among others.

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Khakee: The Bihar Chapter has a strong storyline that allows the plot to meander into exciting lanes. Though you know what will happen eventually, the excitement of learning about how it will transpire feels breathtaking.

If you have read the book by Amit Lodha, you’d still enjoy watching the series because the visual pleasure is entirely different. Most crime shows try to do a lot, losing traction on the way. However, Khakee: The Bihar Chapter seems effortless from the word go.

The story has been plotted carefully to match the rural Indian landscape of the 2000s. It is then facilitated by a rowdy presentation, much needed to accommodate the local touch of Bihar. Further, the garnishing done through palatable dialogues adds fervor.

Usually, I don’t stream all the episodes in one go, but the rush of blood Khakee: The Bihar Chapter created forced me to go all out. There’s great impulse, inquisitiveness, and fascination in each episode.

You would specifically like how the idea is executed through a scintillating screenplay. The characters, the interlinks, the violence, and everything else fit ideally in the frame, keeping you hooked to the series.

Usually, crime thrillers rely on background scores, and so does Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. However, the slight hint of retro Indian music elevates the experience several notches higher.

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The cast of Khakee: The Bihar Chapter is led by Karan Tacker, who you might have seen in Special Ops. He essays the role of a cop, Amit Lodha, in the Netflix show and impresses with a meticulous mien.

As an upright officer, Karan ensures you are always served something enjoyable. His intonation and physical strength work in tandem to do justice to Amit Lodha. The actor makes you believe in him that things will be alright eventually.

Abhimanyu Singh plays Ranjan Kumar in Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. The veteran actor is perfection personified. His heavy voice, daring personality, and gritty acting skills take you on a thrilling ride. 

Singh has an aura we have mostly seen explored in negative roles. But in Khakee, he gets to be on the right side of things, and that’s when you know how good Abhimanyu can be as an actor.

Avinash Tiwary as Chandan Mahto, the antagonist, gives a brutally designed performance. The authentic criminal outwardness he shows uplifts Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. 

His rough ire takes you by storm, at times, when you couldn’t imagine him doing justice to the character initially.

Tiwary’s growth in Khakee: The Bihar Chapter is where I would put all my money. He has done a remarkable job.

Jatin Sarna portrays Chyawanprash Sahu in the Netflix series, and the Sacred Games actor never disappoints you. His distinct appearance gives shape to a startling dialogue delivery that is both enjoyable and appetizing.

Nikita Dutta, as usual, is a shred of calmness in the chaos of crime. I wanted to see more of her, but the plot’s restrictions came in the way.

Ravi Kishan effervescently takes up Abhyuday Singh in Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. His gruesome personality infuses a sense of accomplishment when the takeover of crime happens.

Ashutosh Rana, as Mukteshwar Chaubey, will be remembered for his dialogue delivery forever. There’s such finesse in his vocal expulsions that you are stunned and smiling whenever he speaks. Rana is simply superb in the show.

Annup Sonii does a humble job as he plays an honest cop in Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. He is again someone who should get more screen time, but the plot keeps him on the brink, mostly.

Is there anything that doesn’t work for Khakee: The Bihar Chapter?

No, I couldn’t find an element that fails for the series.

Should Khakee: The Bihar Chapter be watched?

Definitely, it is a must-watch series, especially for Indian audiences.


Is Khakee: The Bihar Chapter based on a real story?

Yes, Khakee: The Bihar Chapter is based on the true story of how a dreaded criminal, Samant Pratap, was arrested by SP Amit Lodha in Bihar.

Who was Santosh Mahto?

Santosh Mahto’s character is based on criminal Samant Pratap, who instilled fear in the people of Bihar for years. 

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