Only last week, a new Saudi Arabian film called Naga premiered on Netflix. It was an offbeat drama that showcased a woman getting stranded in a desert.

Her sole goal is to return back to base before 10 PM, the deadline set by her father.

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Since you are here, it means you have finished watching the film. I will begin from the point when Sarah manages to get away from the Camel in the desert and reaches a quad rental shop.

This is after all the things that happened at the party. So, in other words, I would be explaining the last forty minutes of Naga.

Just a gentle reminder that spoilers are a prerequisite.

Naga Movie Detailed Ending Explained

Tired and out of breath, Sarah reaches a small quad rental shop.

Seeing her condition, the store owner offers her water in a glass. However, Sarah gulps down the entire bottle instead since she is tired as hell from all the running and struggle. 

Image Credits: Netflix

She then asks for a Samsung charger and the man offers her the same as he has a Samsung phone. 

Before that, he shows her the washroom to clean herself. The man gets back to drinking with a Football match playing on the television. 

When Sarah plugs in the supposed charger, she realizes that it doesn’t fit in and so she informs the man about the same. 

It is only when he shows her his phone that she understands the real problem. 

He has a keypad phone and hers is a smartphone. Naturally, their chargers would be different despite being of the same brand. 

Nevertheless, the old man suggests she make the call from his phone, but she doesn’t remember the phone numbers. 

He then proposes calling on the landline. However, Sarah dodges the bullet saying there’s no one at her house.

The question thus arises…

Why Did Sarah Lie to the Old Man?

She couldn’t have called anyone from her family because that would have eventually led her father to find out about her big lie i.e., traveling with her boyfriend.

Her main goal was to charge her mobile and call her friend.

He gets back to his glass of alcohol and the TV. With the national team leading the game, he warns Sarah of huge traffic if they win.

She asks him about the charges for renting a quad. The man tells her that the shop is past closing time and he is waiting for a bunch of men who are yet to return the quads they had taken. 

Image Credits: Netflix

Nevertheless, he is ready to drop her at the main road if she can wait for the guys to return.

When the punks are back, they circle around Sarah in their motors, teasing her with irritating questions. She is still not over the sensations of the drink she had earlier.

The old man intervenes and asks the youngsters to stop and submit the quads. One of the punks sits on the bed and starts making inappropriate gestures at the lady.

The guys start playing verbal games with the old man to avoid paying him for the bikes. They refuse to pay late charges.

Sarah notices one of them carrying a petrol bomb and a fire gun in his hands tucked behind. 

She immediately rushes towards him and before he can flash the light to scare the old man, she throws alcohol on his hand, which makes it catch fire (they could have shot this scene well).

Then Sarah latches the door and slyly leaves on a quad.

Though she doesn’t know the way precisely, the directions provided by a passerby when they were traveling to the camp in the evening prove handy.

Sarah carefully follows the landmarks – from the Minaret to the crossroad and then the sheepfold – to ride in the right direction. 

But her joy is short-lived as the quad collapses midway, probably because of the lack of fuel.

In the sand nearby, scattered across the sides of the road, she sees several dead camels. 

Her attention shifts to a vehicle nearby. She runs in its direction and finds two men taking away an injured person from another car.

Sarah tries to ask for a lift but they don’t pay any heed to her and before she can make another move, they leave.

Looking for a way out, she walks up to the other vehicle and feels repulsive upon seeing a dead camel’s face on its windshield. A mobile phone, lying on the floor of the car, is playing the same football match.

Image Credits: Netflix

The sight of blood spilled around makes her puke in disgust even though she notices a charging cable inside.

My theory is that the driver of the car was busy watching the match, which distracted him from focusing on the road.

As a result, he smashed the vehicle into a herd of camels, killing many of them. The animals Sarah saw earlier, where her quad broke down, probably died due to this collision.

She somehow manages to pull herself together and brush the stark visuals aside before putting her phone to charge using the car’s socket.

As soon as the phone turns on, Sarah calls Hadeel and asks for help. However, since the streets are jammed, she suggests her to take an Uber instead.

The response from her friend angers Sarah and she disconnects the call. This also has to do with the ice cream truck that she notices at the end of their conversation.

The driver agrees to take her in and she settles in the back of the vehicle. Apparently, the driver had helped her because he thought she was injured in the car crash.

Sarah asks him to take her to Riyadh but the man suggests going to a nearby hospital.

The argument settles only after Sarah screams in anger and directs him to take her to Riyadh.

A text message from her dad says he will reach by 11:30. She sees firecrackers in the sky indicating the victory of the National team in the football match, which is why her father is running late.

At 11:15 PM, they reach a Hospital and Sarah realizes she has been played by the driver. 

When he goes inside to get help, Sarah leaves on foot for her destination.

She runs past the jampacked roads, with people celebrating wildly, and stops only at the market where she was supposed to be picked up by her father.

However, the scene there is the exact opposite of what she had expected. The sweet shop she was supposed to buy the cake from is up in flames.

A huge crowd has gathered in front of the shop and she can recognize the owner getting treatment on the sidelines.

Other parts of the market are also affected by the fire.

Amid the rush, Sarah notices her father making his way through the congestion. Before she can plan her next move, the woman discovers her purse is missing, which contained her hijab.

She left it inside the ice cream truck and now she is scared.

Image Credits: Netflix

To save herself from the wrath of her father for not wearing her hijab, Sarah disfigures her hair and applies the ashes from the fire on her face and neck.

It is a ploy to gain sympathy and avoid any chances of anger from her parents. If she had not done this, her parents would have asked questions regarding her phone’s battery, her purse, hijab, etc.

Finally, when the facial effects are done, she makes herself seen by her father.

He is devastated to find her injured.

Sarah’s face is cleaned by the nurses inside the ambulance stationed nearby. 

At home, her mother serves cake to the family in response to Sarah’s safety, the national team’s victory, and her son, Fahad.

The television is on and Abu Fahad, the famous poet, is giving the interview, where he had promised to recite a poem if their team wins.

He narrates the same poems that Sarah had seen him practice at the camp. She knows it was given to him by someone else, just like his other creations.

Interestingly, she had shot a video of him while learning the poem from the man who wrote it originally.

If she uploads it on social media, it would expose the fraud.

However, she decides to go against the idea.

The next day, at a party, to which Sarah and her family are also invited, Camel is served for dinner.

The sight of Camel meat stings Sarah initially. However, the already bulging frustration out of a forgettable trip is eating her from within.

She walks to the dinner area and fiercely begins feasting on the camel flesh. Later, Sarah decides to upload Abu Fahad’s video to Twitter.

And the movie ends.

Here are some questions that you may have after watching NAGA.

What Happened to Sarah’s Boyfriend in Naga?

He was captured by the police for taking part in the camp party where drugs and booze were being served.

What Did Sarah Post in the Video on Twitter?

When she was at the camp, Sarah had recorded Abu Fahad learning a poem from someone else. In fact, all of his previous poems were also penned by the same man.

He would pay to use his words and hence, became a nationally renowned poet.

Was Abu Fahad a Legitimate Poet in Naga?

No, he was a fraud who would use someone else’s work to gain accolades.

How Did the Sweet Shop Catch Fire in Naga?

The sweet shop caught fire probably due to a chemical reaction. The shop owner had called workers to rectify a gas leak and also attend to electrical wiring. 

However, the lazy contractor didn’t finish the task. It eventually led to a fire on the day.

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