Kind of surprising for me to watch two horror films (at least on paper) in two days. While the first one was Athidhi, the second was No One Will Save You.

Sadly, my experience with the former was forgettable.

For starters, No One Will Save You is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar in India. The movie is quite crisp in length and, interestingly, it doesn’t have any ghosts.

There are creatures that promise sparkles of horror. And if you think conversations are necessary in a movie, you might want to retry after watching No One Will Save You.

Here is my review.

No One Will Save You Synopsis

It is a survival drama surrounding Brynn Adams who lives alone in her house. When an alien creature enters her den late at night, the young girl must wage a battle against all odds to protect herself because, as the title says, No One Will Save You.

Image Credits: Disney+ Hotstar

Written and directed by Brian Duffield, it stars Kaitlyn Dever (Brynn) as the main protagonist.

What Works for No One Will Save You?

It has a ridiculously enticing concept that feels intriguing from the very beginning. The way the makers pitch the idea makes you eager to learn more about the plot.

Interestingly, the filmmakers adopt a somewhat unconventional approach. 

Instead of placing the protagonist’s desires at the forefront, No One Will Save You chooses to accentuate her tribulations. This narrative reversal adds an intriguing layer to the storytelling.

The absence of flashbacks and the refusal to backtrack in the storytelling demand the audience’s full engagement. 

Each frame deserves meticulous attention, and viewers are invited to employ their analytical skills.

Moreover, dialogue and conversations take a backseat in No One Will Save You. 

Image Credits: Disney+ Hotstar

Human voices are sparingly heard throughout the movie, a choice that intensifies the sense of isolation and eeriness. 

Many a time I wanted the character to speak for the sake of her reactional instinct.

She never even yells, “help me!” or “somebody help.” It is all absent.

Probably, that’s one of the reasons to give this film a chance.

Furthermore, No One Will Save You boasts an enthralling background score. 

The carefully crafted soundscape, replete with beats, whooshes, and clicks, complements the narrative’s tone and enhances the overall sense of dread.

Now, the biggest question: Is No One Will Save You a bone-chilling horror film?

While the creature itself may not be wholly terrifying, its presentation is undeniably unsettling.

Certain scenes deliver the requisite chills expected from a classic horror experience.

Overall, the film excels in crafting a haunting ambiance. 

Image Credits: Disney+ Hotstar

The darkness and uncertainty surrounding the creature’s intentions contribute to the tension, even if the creature itself doesn’t inspire fear.

Furthermore, the film’s VFX work is impeccable. The UFO effects are seamlessly integrated, and the alien creature exhibits flawless design. 

Lighting and other technical aspects shine when viewed through the lens of visual effects.

Lastly, No One Will Save You’s convoluted screenplay works the trick in keeping you afloat at all times.

Not for a second would you want to drop off and indulge in another task. The film makes you think and predict the forthcoming events of the movie.

How are the Performances?

Kaitlyn Dever is scintillating in No One Will Save You. Her presence dominates nearly every frame of the movie, as it revolves entirely around her character, Brynn.

Her countenance doesn’t give away the kind of shape her character is about to take, which is a hallmark of a truly seasoned performer. 

The physical actions, detailed facial tips, and the honesty with which she orchestrates the character are all phenomenal.

Image Credits: Disney+ Hotstar

As someone who is feared and helpless, and the bare minimum she can do is manage to escape from the unknown force lingering around, Dever surmounts the expected acuteness.

There is depth in her expressions, the kind you want to see when such an idea is at play. She is among the topmost reasons why you should watch No One Will Save You.

What Doesn’t Work for No One Will Save You?

The story is a bit too subtle. Hence, the general audience might even doubt whether there was a story at all. 

However, it’s crucial to recognize that this film is probably not tailored for a mass audience. It embraces a niche subject matter, catering to a specific subset of viewers.

Yet, even within its niche, the film’s complex screenplay may pose a potential challenge. Watching a movie and comprehending it are two intricately linked processes. 

As such, one’s overall experience with No One Will Save You hinges significantly on individual perception and expectations.

Stream or Skip?

No One Will Save You is the kind of cinematic experience we need in today’s times, where the setup gives very little away and forces the viewer to be on top of their imaginative acumen.

It is definitely a film to watch but please don’t expect a simple and sophisticated presentation, like the usual ones.

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