For the past few months, I have realized that Turkish is one country that makes more shows than films. Obviously, I can be wrong.

Just because I have been watching more series doesn’t mean movies are fewer in number. Nevertheless, the region is a haven for unique filmmaking ideas.

Take the example of the recently released Sky High: The Series or Who Were We Running From, both have a touch of peculiarity to them.

Oh Belinda is the latest Turkish flick to premiere on Netflix. An offbeat drama, the movie is a remake of the 1986 film, Aaahh Belinda.

I haven’t watched the original movie. So, I am going to review Oh Belinda as a standalone creation. With a length of ninety-seven minutes, it is also tagged on Netflix as a social issue drama, which I don’t understand why.

What is the Story of Oh Belinda?

An actress finds herself in a parallel world when she shoots for an ad and starts living the life of the character she plays in it. And how does it all begin? With the Belinda shampoo.

Image Credits: Netflix

The movie is directed by Deniz Yorulmazer. It stars Neslihan Atagul Dogulu (Dilara), Serkan Cayoglu (Serkan), Necip Memili (Tuncay), and others.

Positive Aspects of Oh Belinda

The concept is startling. Once I knew Oh Belinda was a remake, I pushed it down on my priority list. However, the moment I read its synopsis on Netflix, all I wanted was to witness it unfold.

There is a very subtle theme it relies upon. How does an actor start living another life out of nowhere? She is pissed as no one recognizes her in the parallel world, but all she could do is helplessly roam around.

We have seen similar ideas but not in this manner. Time travel, fantasy fiction, and parallel universe are popular genres.

It is the depth that makes Oh Belinda different. The film’s storyline is offbeat, containing elements of surprise, vulnerability, suspense, and drama.

The mystery of how Dilara travels to a different world is enticing. In fact, it works as the USP of Oh Belinda.

As an offbeat film, the movie sends you into a different mood altogether, right from the start. The positive weirdness works in favor of Oh Belinda.

When was the last time you were hooked to a tragic plot? Mostly, we feel sympathetic in such cases. However, in this film, the appalling turn of events in Dilara’s life elicits a freakish response.

In part, the screenplay is to be appreciated for the same. A simple drama turns intimidating due to the gloomy presentation.

Oh Belinda never feels dull. It is enjoyable, enticing, and well-paced. The film doesn’t have duality when it comes to the speed of narration.

Moreover, the entertainment quotient is always high, specifically in the alter life of Dilara.

How are the Performances?

Neslihan Atagul Dogulu as Dilara orchestrates a susceptible depiction in Oh Belinda. She is amazing in every shot. Her expressions, aggression, and loud screen presence are of significance.

The actress uses her facial movements to set parameters for the plot’s outline. Playing an actor as an actor is totally different than portraying a fictional character. Dogulu does it beautifully.

Necip Memili’s witty charm is wonderful in Oh Belinda. He plays Tuncay and adds the missing dose of humor. His onscreen antics make you believe in the commoner of Turkey.

The Downsides of Oh Belinda 

It is a well-made film that doesn’t attract any mentionable demerits from my end, at least.



Did Dilara Teleport to Handan’s life?

No, Dilara did not transport to Handan’s life. She just got into the skin of the character she was portraying in the ad film.

Oh Belinda ending explained. Who was real, Dilara or Handan?

As you must have seen, Dilara mysteriously lands in an unknown house and soon recognizes herself as Handan. She gets tired of trying to convince people about her real identity.

After a strenuous and unsuccessful struggle, she finally decides to die by suicide.

However, as she stands in front of the car, with her eyes closed, things change again.

She opens her eyes to find herself in the bathroom where it all began. The ad director says cut and goes on to praise Dilara for her outstanding performance.

How did Dilara become Handan?

Have you heard of the phrase, “getting into the skin of the character?” It happens when a performer lives a particular fictional character to bring a dexterous depiction to the fore.

Dilara does the same. She had given hundreds of retakes while shooting for the ad and still couldn’t ace it.

The director kept yelling at her, telling her to live Handan’s life.

And finally, she did it. Having read the script, Dilara actually became Handan inside her head. She gave the shot her all but also lived Handan’s life in that short period.

Doesn’t it happen in our dreams, where we choose the villains, supporters, and protagonists? Dilara went too deep while doing her job.

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