A little late to the party, I have finally finished watching Thicker Than Water, a French show that was recently released on Netflix.

It has crime at its core and the platform calls it gritty and offbeat. While Thicker Than Water has eight episodes, the overall length is somewhere around four hours.

I have no idea about its hype on social media or at any other place for that matter. But one interesting aspect of Thicker Than Water is that its creator also happens to play the lead role in the series.

Here’s my review of the French show.

Thicker Than Water (2023) Synopsis

Caught in a messy drug tussle, a News Reporter meanders her way to save her family. While doing so, she must make tough decisions concerning her life.

Image Credits: Netflix

Created by Nawell Madani and Simon Jablonka, Thicker Than Water stars Nawell Madani (Fara), Kahina Carina (Souhila), Carima Amarouche (Yasmina), Paola Locatelli Aida Guechoud (Lina), Mayane Sarah El Baze (Imene), and others.

What Works for Thicker Than Water (2023)?

The French show has a desirous storyline that keeps getting better with time. Don’t confuse this with the plot. It is a different thing altogether.

Thicker Than Water uses weak protagonists and pits them against hard-end criminals. You have heard that, haven’t you?

But it’s the family dynamics that turn things around for the series. Emotions come into play, suspense makes an even-odd entry, while thrill arrives toward the end.

Image Credits: Netflix

Moreover, I also liked the depth that the makers have tried to infuse into the tale. It helps the viewer get familiarized with the characters.

On the pace front, Thicker Than Water is mostly brisk. The absence of a slow narration forces you to keep your attention locked on the screen.

For a crime drama, a snail’s pace might just mean the end of the world. Take for example the recently released series, Close to Home: Murder in the Coalfield.

It had a decent storyline but couldn’t work due to its sluggish narration. Thicker Than Water does well to remain charged.

Another plus point for the show is its engaging screenplay. The makers have blended a measured display of events with an appealing background score.

How are the Performances?

Nawell Madani, who also happens to be the pioneer of Thicker Than Water, plays Fara in the series. She effervescently leads from the front and dictates the surroundings as an underdog.

Her expressions are charming while she presents the best of her agility in the series. Not always do you get to see a bold female protagonist carrying the entire show on her shoulders.

Image Credits: Netflix

She must also be praised for making Thicker Than Water possible in the first place.

The rest of the cast is equally good. Still, one individual who won me over was Paola Locatelli. She plays Lina in the scheme of things.

Her sweet yet rebellious nature brings a few more shades to the show. Anger, frustration, and joyousness come riding behind her back.

What Doesn’t Work for Thicker Than Water (2023)?

The series has a used concept. Almost every other crime show uses drugs to further the tale. A new idea would have been much appreciated in Thicker Than Water.

The addition of media and family is good but not enough to salvage the lost ground. After a while, the predictability factor gets the better of everything else.

Furthermore, the plotting of the storyline is a little off track. The makers could have mixed the screenplay in a better manner.

Precisely, I mean that the sequence of events had a lot of scope to entice the audience.

Interestingly, contrary to what Netflix suggests, Thicker Than Water doesn’t have anything offbeat about it. It is a normal crime drama and that’s about it.

The absence of quality music also recedes the series’ progression. Pacey songs would have furthered the binge-watching experience.

Should you Stream or Skip Thicker Than Water?

It can be streamed, thanks to the short length. You will find it satiable. On the other hand, not watching it won’t mean missing out on something.

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