Oktoberfest is famous for its gender-neutral environment. However, women get extra attention with some special Oktoberfest treats. Along with traditional drindl, they wear Lederhosen too. Isn’t it more fun to twin around with your partner in a matching outfit? The special safe space, the exceptional “Safe Oktoberfest for girls and women” campaign, and exclusive services like “Women’s Night Cab” are some highlights that make Oktoberfest a women-friendly festival.

Is Oktoberfest For Women?

Oktoberfest is a traditional funfair for men, women, and kids famous for its long history and cultural outlook. The classic ambiance, traditional costumes, Bavarian food delights, cultural events, and German enthusiasm are some aspects that signify Wiesn, the world’s largest festival. Every year, girls from across Germany and the world visit Oktoberfest to celebrate Bavarian traditions and participate equally in every cultural event alongside men. Women dressed up in traditional dirndl look like classic muses of German folklore. From mugs to dancing at benches, they enjoy every oktoberfest scent!

Oktoberfest Costume: How Do Girls Dress for Oktoberfest?

The Oktoberfest Costume for Women is ‘Dirndl’ or ‘Dirndlkleid’ (a young woman’s dress). The traditional dress originated in Alpine Bavaria in the 16th century when the Bavarian working class wore it first. Later, in the 19th century, it became a fashion statement for noble Germans when the female tracht made its debut in the royal marriage in 1810 (That’s when Oktoberfest was born). Since then, it has become a tradition for women to wear dirndles at Oktoberfest. Look at the authentic Dirndl and the right way to wear it.

Authentic Dirndl Outfit

The traditional dirndl is usually a three-piece suit with a blouse, bodice with skirt, and apron. The blouse comes in cotton batiste material, lace elements, and embroidery patterns. White color blouses (undyed) are more common among Bavarian women. The blouse sleeve length varies from shorter and elbow length to fuller ones. The bodice is usually a tight piece connected to the skirt. The Bodice usually has buttons or thread knots stitched vertically in the middle (tightening element).

The third piece is the apron, usually worn in contrast with the bodice and skirt. It usually has the same length as the skirt. In terms of fabric, silk, linen, and velvet fabric are used. The dress is worn with traditional accessories such as shoes, leather handbags, and a special drindl necklace. The traditional attire is often complemented with a special hairstyle.

What are the Dirndl Accessories for Women?

The dirndl is traditionally adorned with festive accessories. These decorative options add a furnished outlook to the traditional garb. Here is the list of accessories women can wear with their authentic dirndl:

  • Dirndle Handbag (Leather made)
  • Silver Necklace (with Pearls and Gemstones)
  • Traditional janker (made of loden broadcloth or wool)
  • Dirndl Bracelets and Leather Bands
  • Hair Accessories (Hairpins, hair slides, hair clips, etc)
  • Stockings (Short or long woolen socks)

How to wear Dirndl

  • A blouse is worn under the bodice, covering the shoulders and arms. A décolleté neckline is commonly preferred in a blouse.
  • Next is Bodice. Wear the bodice over the blouse and tighten the laces or buttons.
  • Tie the Apron around the waist, but be aware that apron knots show your relationship status. The apron knot to the right means you are married, the knot to the left means you are single and open to a relationship, and the knot in the middle means you are either a child or you aren’t looking for anyone!

Is it OK to wear Women’s Lederhosen at Oktoberfest?

Traditionally, Lederhosen is a men’s costume for Oktoberfest. However, Girls can wear Lederhosen with a stunning blouse or super stylish bodice. Bavarian Lederhosen gained popularity with its unique, comfy design and vintage look. Recent times have seen a growing interest of girls in Lederhosen. Women’s Lederhosen comes in various colors and special floral patterns signifying the feminine leather shorts from that of men.

The authentic Lederhosen for women is crafted from original soft leather with emphasized feminine curves. The multiple accessory options and customized designs make a perfect choice for women Lederhosen enthusiasts. There are multiple styling options for females in Lederhosen.

Lederhosen for Women: Styling Tips and Trendy Looks

Unlike men, Lederhosen offers styling variants for modern girls. Instead of a limited checkered shirt option, women can wear a tight bodice or a blouse with lace trimmings. To cope with modern fashion trends,  here are some styling tips for women’s Lederhosen:

  • Lederhosen Shorts for Women: Leather breeches for girls are specially crafted from soft skin with a soothing texture. They are generally knee-length or slightly above the knee. Traditional colors such as vintage brown or natural black tones are trendy. These shorts can be worn with the perfect bodice or blouse in the desired color palettes, ornating the traditional look with a modern twist.
  • Blouses and Bodice: Women have the leverage to style their customized blouses. Silk-made or cotton batiste blouses with thicker weaves and ruffled sleeves are highly preferred. Lederhosen looks extra hot when paired with a tight bodice in striking colors.
  • Special Feminine Accessories: The available Lederhosen accessories add an extra layer of decor to your Oktoberfest costume. The special Oktoberfest accessories for women include the leather-made handbag, snug-fitting satin neckband with a pendant at the front (called a Kropfband), and slender bracelets or leather bands. A wide-brimmed hat or a rustic fedora can add a playful element to your overall look.
  • Hairstyling with Lederhosen: There are a number of hairstyle options that are traditionally adopted at oktoberfest. These include:
    • Braids bunched into buns
    • Plaits woven with velvet or satin ribbons
    • up-dos using hairpins
  • Footwear Options: The authentic Lederhosen comes with special Bavarian shoes called ‘haferl.’ However, women can wear soft flats of their choice.

Protective Measures: How Safe is Oktoberfest for Women?

With beverage consumption of around 6.5 million liters, Wiesn’s environment can be potentially heated up in the evenings. The safety of women is very crucial in such a rowdy crowd. Oktoberfest Munich offers a safer experience for lassies and matrons with the extra deployment of women guards. The helpline 112 ensures a rapid police service that deters potential crimes at the fest. Officials have implemented special measures to ensure the safety of women that include:

1. Safe Spaces or Safe Oktoberfest for girls and women

Munich’s health department initiated the Safe Oktoberfest campaign in 2003. The campaign informs female visitors in advance and assists them in unpleasant situations. Any girl or woman in an emergency, feeling insecure, disoriented, or threatened, can find support in a “safe space” that is present behind the Schottenhamel tent. The active telephone number only during the fest is +49 (0) 89 / 890 57 45 188.

2. WiesnGentlemen Initiative

The non-profit organization Condrobs started a “wiesnGentlemen” campaign in 2013, aiming to combat sexual assault against women and the general public. The prize winner (between ages 14 and 27) is expected to show respect, solidarity, and civil courage in dicey situations, staying calm and standing up for other visitors in Oktoberfest. The campaign “Respect is my strength!” promoted gentle behavior towards everyone in Wiesn.

3. Women’s Night Cab

The Munich district administration introduced a special cab service exclusively for women. The women’s night cab provides a secure commute for girls during the late hours. The vouchers are generally available at Safe Space for just 5 Euros. She should be 16 at least to avail of this service. The only condition is that the destination must lead to a residential address.

4. Safety Apps

Newly introduced safety apps like “SafeNow” introduced by the Schottenhamel festival tent ensure a quick response from the security team at the tent in emergency situations. Women, in particular, are encouraged to use the app to protect themselves from potential harassment.

Which Oktoberfest Food is Famous among Women?

Oktoberfest Munch offers a wide range of Bavarian cuisine that every attendee craves. From “liquid bread” to soft yet salty pretzels, every Oktoberfest specialty narrates the history of Bavarian traditional recipes. While there isn’t gender-specific food, some Oktoberfest grub is famous among all, including women. The list includes:

  • Bavarian beverage
  • Hendl (Roasted Chicken)
  • Apfelstrudel (Sweet flaky Apple dessert)
  • Weißwurst (White sausage)
  • Käsespätzle (Cheesy Pasta)
  • Obatzda (Sweet Creamy cheese spread)

Wrapping Up

Oktoberfest Munich is gender-inclusive and ensures equal treatment for each gender. Women, in particular, are offered extra care to celebrate the Bavarian traditions in a safer environment. From special treatment at tents to exclusive safety measures, oktoberfest specialties for women attract millions of female visitors annually.

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