If you have hip pain, you understand how difficult it can be to do the simplest things, such as walking across the room or getting up from a chair. This pain or any damage to your hips can impede your life, causing a loss of enjoyment because you cannot do the activities you enjoy and may have chronic pain. You have likely tried different strategies to improve your hip health, but have you tried physical therapy? This is what you should know

Causes of Hip Damage

Hip damage has several causes. First, trips and falls, car accidents and direct hits to your hip can damage it. These incidents can lead to fractures, strains and dislocations. However, you can also strain your muscles and other soft tissues due to repetitive motion, overuse and lack of proper stretching and warmups.

You may also experience hip pain and damage as a result of chronic illnesses, such as arthritis. The physical condition of your body, including your weight and physical or developmental abnormalities, can impact your hip. You could be born with hip conditions such as femoroacetabular impingement, or experience infections that cause damage.

Insights for Hip Health

As you prepare to search for physical therapy near me, consider the other things you can do to improve your hip health. First, you should get to and maintain a weight that is appropriate for your body. You should also make sure you have proper posture at all times. Improving your posture can take practice, but you should become more aware of your posture and correct it when you recognize it is improper.

In addition, you should not smoke. Smoking reduces your bone density, making you more vulnerable to hip fractures. Exercise, but choose low-impact options and do not overdo it. Make sure your shoes are supportive. Also, focus your strength training on your glutes and core muscles.

How Physical Therapy Can Improve Hip Health

When you go through a physical therapy program, you can experience increased strength, range of motion and flexibility. These strengths can reduce your joint pressure, reduce your pain and give you a better quality of life. A reputable physical therapist will customize a program that benefits your hips.

First, you will learn stretching exercises you can do in therapy and at home to increase your flexibility and release muscle, ligament, joint and nerve pressure. Then, your therapist will teach you strengthening exercises that improve your endurance and stability as well. You will also improve your hip function. You will also feel encouraged to complete aerobic exercises, such as swimming or walking, that do not put a lot of pressure on your hips.

Additional therapies such as massage and ultrasonography may also help your hip health. Imaging technologies will reveal the problems with your hip and their causes.

Overcoming Hip Pain

Customized exercise programs can relieve your hip pain if you follow them exactly, even at home. These exercises focus on loosening your muscles. They improve your joint movement and flexibility as well. As your pain subsides, your range of motion will increase.

As you consider the benefits of physical therapy Stone Oak on your hip pain, reach out to a reputable clinic or therapist who can answer your questions and share their programs with you.

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