Action films are ruling the streaming and theatrical businesses right now. A new Brazilian movie has been released on Netflix.

Called Overhaul, the film aims to be a stimulating crime beast that pumps the rush straight into your face (is that too much?).

It runs for around 100 minutes and has an original script, notwithstanding any novel or previous creations.

Here is my Overhaul movie review.

What is the Story of Overhaul?

Roger, a truck racer, is caught in the web of crime after the departure of his father. Will he be able to navigate the waters between his profession and side job?

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Tomas Portella, Overhaul stars Thiago Martins (Roger), Sheron Menezzes (Rainha), Raphael Logam (Danilo), Vitoria Valentin (Barbara), Evandro Mesquita (Odilon), Paulo Vilhena (Afonso), and others.

What Works for Overhaul?

I think we agree on one fact: most action films have similar storylines. They rarely rely on the script. The main focus is always on action and visual extravaganza.

On the contrary, Overhaul does have a palatable tale. It welcomes us with a fiery race and then takes us to the bond between two friends.

The struggles start soon after with the narrative taking slightly predictable shapes.

But it is the adrenaline rush that keeps you afloat at most times. Overhaul peaks on many occasions.

An interesting aspect of the movie is the absence of one-on-one action scenes and the lack of combats.

Image Credits: Netflix

Characters never take on each other, as far as I remember. Still, it is able to transport the vibes you’d expect from an action movie.

Moreover, the screenplay is quite dazzling if not bone-smashing. You remain hooked to the compact style of storytelling.

Less emphasis on melodramatic emotions works well for Overhaul since it doesn’t cater to extraneous indulgence in sentimental prosperity.

More on this in the latter part of the review. 

Evaluating the Performances

Thiago Martins takes on the role of Roger in Overhaul, and as the film’s leading man, he exudes a reassuring presence even in an action-oriented movie devoid of combat scenes. 

His delivery of dialogue is understated, his expressions feel natural, and his on-screen movements seamlessly align with Roger’s character.

Sheron Menezzes, in her limited role as Rainha, a fellow truck racer directly pitted against Roger, leaves an indelible mark regardless of her screen time. 

She delivers a performance that leaves the audience thoroughly satisfied.

Image Credits: Netflix

Raphael Logam is honest while playing Danilo in Overhaul. He complements the protagonist and remains loyal to his acting space.

As Barbara, a teenager, Vitoria Valentin delivers a standout performance, showcasing her immense talent. 

Although she is in the early stages of her career, her performance is noteworthy.

What Doesn’t Work for Overhaul?

The film’s primary drawback is its limited scope for expansion. As soon as it introduces its premise, you can’t help but form a clear idea of how it will conclude. 

Overhaul remains firmly rooted in its narrow world of crime, which results in a lack of depth. The narrative revolves around a set of familiar crime elements, criminals, and, curiously, cops.

Image Credits: Netflix

Moreover, the movie fails to capitalize on a potentially intriguing plot twist. While avoiding melodrama is commendable, the film misses the mark by eschewing any dramatic tension altogether.

Had it executed at least one emotionally resonant subplot, it could have elevated the viewing experience significantly.

Additionally, you’d be able to predict the upcoming twists of the movie, a natural for the action and adventure genre.

Stream or Skip?

Overhaul is not perfect. I cannot entirely lean in its favor and neither can I write it off from the shelves.

However, I feel most of the viewers will find it engaging. So, why not give it a chance, after all?

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