After a prolonged absence, comedy entertainers are finally regaining their footing in the Hindi film industry. 

Bhool Bhulaiya 2 set the stage with a triumphant run, followed by the success of Dream Girl 2, and now it’s the turn of Fukrey 3 to take the spotlight.

Interestingly, all these recent hits are part of film franchises. Does this signal a decline in original ideas? 

Are we destined to witness only well-established movie series in the future? These questions linger as we await answers in the course of time. 

For now, let’s shift our attention back to Fukrey 3.

It is two and a half hours long, starring more or less the same set of actors from the previous two installments.

The burning question is whether the movie manages to sustain the excitement generated by its predecessors. 

So, without further ado, here is my Fukrey 3 review.

Fukrey 3 Synopsis

The flatbroken Fukra gang is again at a standstill. Money is scarce and the business they started has produced zero returns due to their complacency.

On the other hand, Bholi Punjaban is readying herself to contest the Assembly elections. All hell breaks loose when her lover, Choocha, decides to fight against Punjaban in the polls.

Directed by Mrigdeep Singh Lamba, Fukrey 3 stars Richa Chadha (Bholi Punjaban), Pulkit Samrat (Honey), Varun Sharma (Choocha), Manjot Singh (Lali), and Pankaj Tripathi (Panditji) in lead roles.

What Works for Fukrey 3?

Unlike other comedy franchises like Houseful, Welcome, Golmaal, etc., where the storyline began faltering after the first part, Fukrey has been able to sustain the substance in its tale for two installments.

And the third one is no different. They have managed to sneak in a balanced script that doesn’t exchange the story for cheap comedy.

While Fukrey 3 revisits familiar territory with its core characters, it also addresses a relevant issue with sensitivity. 

The film delves into the global water crisis, highlighting the looming “Day Zero” scenario faced by many countries. 

This inclusion at least spreads awareness if not prompts them to take action.

Moreover, I think Fukrey relies more on the characteristic features of the individuals in the movie than the screenplay or storyline.

You don’t laugh because of the story; you laugh because of the well-established characters. A new film doing the same thing might not have evoked fun.

Regarding the humor factor, Fukrey 3 does deliver laughs, but Dream Girl 2 outshines it in this department. 

The one-liners and punchlines, while amusing, lack the same level of quirkiness and ingenuity.

Furthermore, credit must be given to the film’s whimsical plot. 

Shifting the narrative to Africa and then seamlessly returning it to the core storyline adds an intriguing dimension to the movie, contributing to its overall appeal.

The Performances in Fukrey 3

Varun Sharma gets the responsibility to summon comedy in the movie. He is assigned the most punchlines and jokes to generate fun.

Still, unfortunately, it’s his over-the-top acting skills that will tickle you more. 

Choocha’s endearing simplicity leads to comically foolish actions, providing Sharma with ample opportunities to showcase his comedic prowess.

In my personal assessment, Varun Sharma possesses the potential to be a more versatile actor, but given the commercial demands of the film, it’s this version of Varun that will likely resonate more with the audience, preferring his comedic side over the untapped depths of his acting abilities.

Pankaj Tripathi, once again, envelops the audience with his commanding presence on the screen. He consistently delivers a sense of unwavering determination whenever he takes the spotlight. 

While some actors rely on dialogue to leave an impression, Tripathi belongs to the category of performers who captivate with their subtle yet expressive nuances.

Richa Chadha is outstanding as Bholi Punjaban. Finally, her real name is revealed (check FAQs) and you get to see her non-dominating side.

Pulkit Samrat, on the other hand, remains firmly rooted in his element, graciously allowing Varun Sharma to take on a more prominent role within the narrative. 

His primary responsibility is to provide strong support to the ensemble cast, embodying the essence of a team player in this installment.

What Doesn’t Work for Fukrey 3?

Well, they have got the logic absolutely wrong in the second half. When Choocha didn’t win the elections – in fact, the votes were yet to be polled – how could he be blamed for the water crisis?

He is yet to become the MLA. Only campaigning doesn’t make you responsible for what happens. Unless there is power with the guy, how could he make things better?

Showing people burning his effigy for him being irresponsible doesn’t make sense.

Furthermore, the second half of the film takes an unfortunate downturn when it should have capitalized on the buildup from the first half. 

Although the movie introduces a compelling issue, it fails to fully explore it in the latter part. 

The concept of Day Zero, while intriguing, is underutilized and relegated to a mere showpiece, missing an opportunity to leverage its significant potential within the plot.

Is Fukrey 3 Watchable?

Certainly, Fukrey 3 is worth a watch. However, it’s important to temper your expectations in terms of comedy. 

The film heavily relies on Varun Sharma’s comedic antics and Pankaj Tripathi’s commanding screen presence to carry the weight of the narrative.


What is the real name of Bholi Punjaban?

Her real name is Phoolkumari Sehgal

What is the real name of Choocha?

His real name is Dilip Singh.

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