Netflix is no stranger to uncanny, peculiar, and lovely shows. The streaming giant has been a platform for filmmakers across the globe. A testament to this fact is the recently released Turkish movie, Doom of Love.

Queen is a new show, originating from Poland, streaming on Netflix that focuses on complicated family relationships. It promises to deliver on emotions and feelings while trying to encapsulate several other aspects.

Queen Review Summary

Queen is a heart-warming and enjoyable tale about the sorrows and joys of life. With a short duration, the series offers enough worthy moments to deserve your time.

Queen Synopsis

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Sylwester is ready to retire after selling his business, but a call from her granddaughter applies brakes to his plans. In a spot of bother, she asks for Sylwester’s help in a medical emergency. An emotional journey of redemption, acceptance, and truthfulness unfolds when he decides to travel to Poland.

Queen is created by Arni Olafur Asgeirsson and directed by Lukasz Kosmicki. It stars Andrzej Seweryn (Sylwester and Loretta), Maria Peszek (Wiola), Julia Chetnicka (Iza), and Kova Rea (Corentin) in lead roles.

What Works for Queen?


Queen has an emotional, joyful, and sweet concept. It is about a man, Sylwester, who left his family due to his sexual orientation and professional endeavors. For passion, he works as a drag queen. However, for the outer world, he is a renowned tailor with no dearth of money.

In this backdrop, Sylwester has to dive back into his previous life that he had long forgotten. Striking emotions, harsh memories, and several dark moments from the past engulf him from within.

The idea is well executed and ably presented on the screen. You may not feel for the characters, but you would surely feel for the tale that Queen tells.


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When a film doesn’t revolve around the highly accepted genres like thrill, mystery, and suspense, it is tough to keep viewers glued. However, well-created stories concerning relationships, family issues, and gender sensitivity only need to have their heart in the right place.

Queen is well-paced, crisply written, and articulately presented, which helps it avoid dreariness and lazy inclinations.


You must have watched movies that don’t scream jokes but still feel funny. Queen falls in the same category. The makers succeed in creating a pleasantly amusing vibe that goes on till the very end. Sarcastic dialogues combined with intelligent jokes never fail to evoke fun and laughter.


Andrzej Seweryn in Queen is a double treat for art lovers. He plays multiple roles, portraying Sylwester and Loretta. As the former, he brings elegance to the screen, while the latter allows him to showcase his versatility as an actor.

While expressing the part of a drag queen in Loretta, Andrzej does exceptionally well. He needed to ace many things, but the actor didn’t budge an inch from being a profound performer. Moreover, with costume, prosthetics, and heavy makeup, Seweryn had a tough job at hand that he handled diligently.

Though Loretta’s character definitely stands out, Sylwester is equally good. Playing multiple individuals with contrasting physiques is challenging, but Andrzej showed that it can be done flawlessly.

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The Polish musician, Maria Peszek, plays Wiola in Queen. Though she primarily belongs to the music industry, Maria prospers as a conscientious actress. She is calm, serene, and intense at the same time.

Julia Chetnicka depicts Iza in this Polish series on Netflix and never fails to impress with her perseverant attitude. Her random dialogue delivery feels smooth and flawless. Furthermore, her mature act of portraying an immature character is commendable.

Another alluring performance comes from Kova Rea, who plays Corentin in Queen. Despite having a small presence, he spins a masterly web of attraction. From Rea’s complex expressions to his indomitable spirit of putting his best act on display, everything is excellent.

Did you know that, like Maria Peszek, Kova Rea is also mainly a musician?

Every other actor does a fantastic job delivering what is asked of them. Through their collective efforts, the series grows to roaring heights toward the climax.


Queen has four episodes, each lasting for 45 minutes on average. Therefore, it can be your perfect weekend binge-watch.

What Doesn’t Work for Queen?

I didn’t find anything in particular that doesn’t work for Queen streaming on Netflix.

Final Word

Arni Olafur’s Queen is an ideal watch if you are a lover of non-ostentatious cinema. Moreover, a short length ensures you don’t have to invest much time while watching the show.

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