Thrill, mystery, action, and superhero movies are loved across borders. People keep craving them for enjoyment. Also, there’s no dearth of such creations.

However, somewhere in the vortex of these genres, what gets muffled are stories about the importance of life. Off late, heartwarming tales are not getting their due attention.

I agree that it is a challenging domain to ace, but the audience needs to be more appreciative whenever a good story comes to the fore.

A new Turkish film, Doom of Love, has made its way to Netflix and promises to be a heartfelt experience.

Doom of Love Review Summary

The movie starts on an ordinary note but grows on to become an extraordinary tale. It aces moments of love and self-realization while ably transporting serenity to the viewers.

Doom of Love Synopsis

Firat, an entrepreneur, goes bankrupt and has nothing to do with life. His friend forces him to travel for a group Yoga session by the beach, where he falls for a singer. Together, they go on a life-changing journey.

Directed by Hiral Saral, Doom of Love stars Boran Kuzum (Firat), Pinar Deniz (Lydia), and Yigit Kirazci (Yusuf) in lead roles.

What Works for Doom of Love?


At the core of Doom of Love lie some mellifluous Turkish songs. I didn’t understand any of them, but they did manage to stun me with the tunes. I can only imagine how the people who understand Turkish would be mesmerized by the film’s music.

The instrumental infusions, sweet-sounding vocals, and nostalgic vibes are pure gold when watching Doom of Love on Netflix.


Doom of Love comes with a unique concept. In a long time, I haven’t watched a film using such elements to reflect on the subject matter.

There have recently been several feel-good, heartfelt movies, like Along for the Ride, Toscana, A Perfect Pairing, 40 Years Young, etc., but Doom of Love executes the concept in the best possible manner.

It subtly brings together three people having issues of their own and then utilizes therapeutical means to give direction to the story. And with an entrancing climax, Doom of Love packs a solid punch.

The best part about the film is its versatile nature, which allows the story to be flexible and not adamant.


You can never enjoy a heartwarming movie if it cannot transfer vibes properly. Emotions, moments of joy, solace, introspection, etc., are some components that help in gaining the viewer’s attention.

Doom of Love perfectly blends feelings with the plot and transports an eclectic mix to the audience. You will love the atmosphere, enjoy the scenes, and, most importantly, feel for the characters.

As a matter of fact, you will literally feel like being part of the therapies the characters are undergoing.


The cast of Doom of Love is not big on numbers, and the task of taking the story forward rests upon three people, Boran Kuzum, Pinar Deniz, and Yigit Kirazci.

Boran does a spectacular job playing Firat on screen. From the outset, he seems like a high-handed, intense, and rude actor but plays an almost opposite character. The best part about his performance is the way he carries himself.

There’s not a single moment when Boran traverses acting. Moreover, his expressions are consistently in consonance with the situation’s needs.

As Lydia, Pinar Deniz brings a charming ambiance to the screen. Her proficient endeavors make the movie more drool-worthy. My Doom of Love review would not have been as praiseworthy had she not been this astute.

Her presence ensures a certain level of tranquility which is then ameliorated by a generous plot and crisp writing. Romance, emotions, and aggressiveness are some of the aspects she perfectly encapsulates in her character.

Yigit Kirazci, as Yusuf, is the silent crusader for Doom of Love. He acts like an ingredient that’s not needed in a vast quantity, but without it, the dish cannot be served.

What Doesn’t Work for Doom of Love?

Almost everything is plotted beautifully in Doom of Love. Maybe, the end could have been better served for general viewers. However, those who are accustomed to chasmic endings will find it perfect.

Final Word

Romance, friendship, and humor are laced with equally vocal emotions in Doom of Love. The film brings tranquility and takes you on a discovering expedition of serenity.

*The following part contains spoilers.*

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

Doom of Love Ending Explained

Firat wakes up after the accident and goes to meet Lydia. Then he somehow manages to breach her security, and both runaway, seeking a bright future together. They reach the place where the silent therapy was conducted.

The site owner takes them to the Doom of Love, as she calls it. And to everyone’s surprise, Lydia and Firat find Yusuf there. They hug him and question his existence since he had died in the fatal car crash.

Yusuf quashes their doubts and reveals he has indeed left for the heavens. At that very moment, Yusuf and Lydia realize that it wasn’t only Yusuf, but all three of them had died in the accident.

Remember the first scene when only Firat’s face was visible, and we could hear his mother calling his name while crying? Actually, she was crying because Firat had died after being in a prolonged coma. This is further justified by the sound of monitoring devices in his hospital room (audible in the last scenes).

Just when he closes his eyes for the last time, you can hear a consistent beep that is evident of his death.

The makers created a heavenly universe to convey that ‘the end is a pessimistic name for new beginnings.’ 

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