Queens on the Run Netflix Movie Review: Misses the Quintessential Trick of Heartfelt Emotions in a Plot Where Friends Go on a Road Trip

Mexican films and you already have me rescheduling everything else. Queens on the Run is a new movie from the region.

It is available to stream on Netflix. Don’t confuse it with a similarly named new series on Prime Video (both have been released on the same day as well).

With action, adventure, and heartfelt comedy at its core, Queens on the Run desires to be your goofy watch for the weekend.

The duration of the film is approximately a hundred minutes. But is it good enough? I’ll tell you in my Queens on the Run movie review.

Queens on the Run Synopsis

Four female friends go on a road trip, where they find themselves accidentally ticking off their school-time bucket list.

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Jorge Macaya, Queens on the Run stars Martha Higareda (Paty), Paola Nunez (Famela), Alejandra Ambrosi (Marilu), and Valeria Vera (Estrella) in lead roles.

Queens on the Run Positive Aspects

A glimmer of goofy fun keeps the clock ticking for the Mexican film. Embellished by friendly conversations and quirky situations, Queens on the Run partly stimulates the audience.

It is also laden with appealing cinematography, capturing even the simplest of shots with extreme dexterity. Not just the wide angle, but the normal filmography is fantabulous, too.

Furthermore, Queens on the Run has a well-intentioned storyline. There are many hiccups in terms of substance, which I will talk about later; still, taking away the intent would be an injustice.

Image Credits: Netflix

From prejudices against women to a bunch of them exploring what they couldn’t due to several issues, Queens on the Run explores a relevant cause.

Additionally, the makers offer a consistently relishable pace that doesn’t allow laziness to set in. The last thing you want in a road trip movie is a laggard narration.

That’s all I had as positives for the flick. Now, let’s get to the performances before moving further to the drawbacks.

How are the Performances?

Usually, I am into individual analyses. The case with Queens on the Run is a little different.

The four lead actresses perform hand in hand with each other, making it tough for me to pull them out separately.

Martha Higareda, Paola Nunez, Alejandra Ambrosi, and Valeria Vera create an astonishing chemistry, only differentiated by their character outline.

The quadruple never falls short of your expectations. Nothing is wrong with them, regardless of how the story pans out.

Image Credits: Netflix

Be it Valeria’s unorthodox mien or Martha’s nuanced expressions, Queens on the Run is glorified thanks to its leading ladies.

Their relaying dialogues are a treat to witness, though better writing would have been more appreciated.

The rest of the cast does an honest job, too, having a limited presence in the film.

Queens on the Run Downsides

Well, there are more misses than hits for the Mexican movie. The makers fail to utilize the tried and tested concept. Four friends going on a road trip is an idea that should evoke plenty of emotions.

Sadly, that doesn’t happen in Queens on the Run. It begins with a background of characters, nicely setting things up for a getaway, thereby, giving a push to the viewer’s expectations.

Imagine you are prepared for a crazily exciting ride but all you get is sporadic entertainment. And after a point, it just begins to feel like baggage.

Image Credits: Netflix

I think the writing of convenience is to be blamed for it, for the twists it introduces in the screenplay. Vague villains make to the storyline, turning a heartfelt idea into a predictable snooze fest.

Everything becomes botchy once Queens on the Run starts exploring the action genre. A slice-of-life film is made to behave like a ‘spice’ of life film.

As a consequence, you have a flashy climax not in line with the initial premise.

Furthermore, the plot should have been wittier. Attractive punchlines and one-liners might have saved the day for Queens on the Run.

The movie just doesn’t do justice to the theme of friends going out for an adventurous detox.

Should you stream or skip Queens on the Run?

It is short in length, which is an attractive factor. However, those expecting bustling laughter from a road trip might want to stay away.

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