You might have a different opinion but I do not consider Zee5 a popular Indian streaming platform. This is despite it having several watchable original shows.

It is probably because Zee5 is yet to deliver a gigantic original hit series. Take any streaming platform, all of them have delivered at least one massively popular creation.

I am not putting it against the likes of Netflix, Prime Video, and Hotstar. Doing so would mean giving rise to false equivalence.

Take for example platforms in its vicinity, like SonyLiv has Scam 1992, and Voot Select has Asur, what does Zee5 have? Where’s that one series even the commonest person in India raves about?

Mrs Undercover is the latest movie to premiere on Zee5 after Kanjoos Makhichoos. As the name suggests, the flick is about an undercover spy.

The duration of Mrs Undercover is a little above a hundred minutes. Interestingly, it promises to be a comedy thriller.

What is the Story of Mrs Undercover?

A brutal serial killer is on the loose targeting strong and empowered women. After every murder, he releases a video. Moreover, he has killed all the detectives of the Special Force.

Image Credits: Zee5

Durga, an undercover agent turned housewife, who has not worked on any case for the past decade, is assigned the task to eliminate the threat.

How will a simple housewife accomplish the goal with her forgotten skills?

Directed by Anushree Mehta, Mrs Undercover stars Radhika Apte (Durga), Sumeet Vyas (Common Man), and Rajesh Sharma (Chief Rangeela) in lead roles.

What Works for Mrs Undercover?

From the outset, I had a hunch that the movie’s idea would eventually turn out banal. But I was wrong. Not only does Mrs Undercover have a startling synopsis, it actually carries it vigorously.

A housewife is not outrightly put at the forefront. You are first given a vicious introduction of the antagonist, which is not overdone.

Gradually, you are served the life of a female agent who has among the most outrageous covers you would ever see.

Image Credits: Zee5

By the time Mrs Undercover ends, you develop a feeling of affability toward its conceptualization.

Moreover, the storyline is packed with palatable ingredients. It is not perfect, of course, still, most of the time, the tale holds the viewer’s attention.

The engaging screenplay combines beautifully with the story to hook you to the film’s premise. Had the narration been off or slow for that matter, the film would have plundered midway.

Thrill, action, and emotions blend together to give Mrs Undercover the much-needed edge. Regardless of the fallacies, the movie comes back stronger each time there’s a dip.

Furthermore, the humor in its plot is astounding from a common Indian’s perspective. And remember, Mrs Undercover is aimed at being a family film.

It doesn’t try to make smart or too intelligent jokes. The focus is on relatability; what most housewives go through in their lives.

If you see it from that perspective, I am sure you’d come out smiling at the end of Mrs Undercover.

Also, there is a decent amount of thrill in the presentation. Helped by the background score and music, the film manages to freeze you in your seat.

How are the Performances?

Radhika Apte is in her element as Durga in Mrs Undercover. Her last stint was as a quirky police officer in Monica O My Darling.

The actress molds the inner coverings to present a certain amount of duality in Mrs Undercover. She is a housewife in one moment, where Apte nails it with her charmingly extemporized demeanor.

On the other hand, as a rookie undercover, she enacts the intricacies to perfection. Her being out of practice as an agent is probably the best part of Mrs Undercover.

Image Credits: Zee5

We have seen so much perfection in Hindi cinema’s protagonists that imperfection has become the go-to thing of late. Radhika Apte furthers the phenomena as she successfully attains an action heroine image.

Sumeet Vyas drops himself as an innocent actor. He takes the plunge to play a negative role and shines every step of the way.

His dialogues reek of chauvinism, which was much needed to run the scenes in Mrs Undercover. Overall, Sumeet has done an amazing job.

Rajesh Sharma is as adorable as he has always been in whatever he has done thus far in the Indian film industry. His witty and impromptu style continues to impress you.

He has played a leader onscreen in the past as well, so you might not find him in a unique avatar.

What Doesn’t Work for Mrs Undercover?

I was disappointed by the subtitling of the film. Only English subtitles are available and they are incorrectly laid out most of the time. The Bengali dialogues are skipped altogether.

Moreover, the movie is cliched at times. It is temporary but it is there. You are sure to smirk at some of the jokes.

The biggest downside of Mrs Undercover, in my opinion, is that the film doesn’t disclose the motive of the criminal.

Image Credits: Zee5

You don’t get to witness reasoning, the whys, and the hows. All you are served is the climax and an ending.

I am not saying the film doesn’t work without them, but it sure would have been a lot better with them.

Also, the scenes inside the special force office looked negatively raw. As if they weren’t professionally handled.

Should you watch Mrs Undercover?

Yes, you should watch Mrs Undercover with your family.


Mrs Undercover ending explained.

Durga is assigned a new cover for her next mission by the chief. He asks her to give up on her present life that of a housewife. Now, the agent has to choose between her son and her work.

Leaving her husband would not be a difficult task considering his actions in the past. The makers have kept the emotional dilemma for the second part of Mrs Undercover.

Will there be Mrs Undercover 2?

According to the ending of the film, yes, there will be a second part. However, no official announcements have been made yet.

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