The iconic Resident Evil videogame has inspired numerous movies and series across continents. The game’s legacy is such that despite being similar to the previous counterparts in terms of story, creators are getting together to build new shows.

Recently, Netflix came up with another science-fiction show from the franchise, Resident Evil. It promises action, violence, and, of course, the fight to save the world.

Resident Evil 2022 Review Summary

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Full of action and gory adventure, Resident Evil 2022 offers a lot to the audience. The show has thrill and excitement in ample quantity to keep you hooked.

However, it also falters in some aspects. Keep reading my Resident Evil 2022 review to learn more.

Resident Evil 2022 Synopsis

After destroying the Raccoon City, Umbrella, a Corporate Giant, is on its course to end the New Raccoon City through its deadly process of testing for an anti-anxiety pill, JOY. A consequent viral outbreak leads to the loss of a billion lives and the entry of zombies.

Can a survivor of the epidemic find a solution to restore civilization?

Developed by Andrew Dabb, Resident Evil (2022) is directed by various individuals. It stars Lance Reddick (Albert), Ella Balinska (Older Jade), Tamara Smart (Younger Jade), Siena Agudong (Younger Billie), Adeline Rudolph (Older Billie), Paola Nunez (Evelyn), Ahad Raza Mir (Arjun), and Connor Gosatti (Simon) in lead roles. Moreover, the series is based on Capcom’s Video Game “Resident Evil.”

What Works for Resident Evil 2022?

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Concept and Plot

There couldn’t have been a better time to use a viral strain causing havoc in the world. We have been through the Covid-19 pandemic, which makes the concept of Resident Evil 2022 more relatable.

Furthermore, the plot is prudent in depicting the aftermath of human greed. With a proper marking of stimulating points, the series enables a wholesome experience for the viewers.


Resident Evil 2022 has excitement spread throughout the runtime. You may not feel chilled but will be aroused by the happenings in the plot. Having Science-fiction at its core, the show had to infuse exhilaration to extract eagerness among the audiences.

It succeeds in implanting bombs of anticipation, alluring viewers to stay focused on the screen.


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The series switches between several timelines to generate an intriguing screenplay. From the future to the past and then to the present, Resident Evil 2022 never seems annoying or dreary, thanks to the execution of the idea.

Additionally, there are mysteries and questions you would want to have a solution for. Though the show couldn’t accommodate all of them, some puzzles are interesting to uncover. All this is made worthy by the scintillating screenplay of Resident Evil 2022.


Another commendable aspect of Resident Evil 2022 is its cinematography. The series has several scenes shot using a blend of horizontal and vertical camera curves, which amaze the eyes to the core.

Also, the invigoration wide-angle shots ensure a brilliant binge-watching experience.

Thrill and Pace

The thrill in Resident Evil 2022 is more or less intertwined with gore and violence. Action sequences, fighting evil, and surviving deadly attacks are some of the bewitching features of this Netflix series.

Moreover, a good enough pace accentuates the captivating screenplay to serve a winning science-fiction show. Resident Evil 2022 never lags when it comes to the speed of narration.


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The major chunk of screen time in Resident Evil is reserved for Ella Balinska, who portrays the older Jade in this Netflix series. She is ferocious, intense, and shrewd from the beginning. Moreover, the actor elegantly aces emotionally tormenting scenes.

Furthermore, Ella aces action sequences without a fuss while ably carrying burdensome emotional baggage. Her act holds the series together as it switches from one timeline to another.

Lance Reddick hardly requires any introduction. In Resident Evil, he plays Albert, a character that seems simple and straightforward from the outset. However, the easiest tasks are sometimes the most dreadful.

As the show moves forward, Albert grows and meanders into different lanes. That’s when Reddick’s proficiency comes into the limelight. He seizes the opportunity to improvise and add a personal touch to Resident Evil. When you have someone like Lance Reddick, you can be assured of a fulfilling performance.

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The young Tamara Smart is just like the literary version of her second name. She had to restrain and unleash herself, both at the same time, while playing the younger Jade. Her dialogue delivery is raw and authentic, leaving no traces of immaturity in her performance.

Sienna Agudong might be overshadowed by Tamara Smart, but the essence of her outing is exceptional. The way she presents an impeded version of the younger Billie was not easy. However, she made it look like a cakewalk.

Adeline Rudolph gets only a minor screen presence in the series as the older Billie. However, her role will grow further in the second season of Resident Evil. Again, a lot of credit for Adeline’s existence goes to Sienna Agudong’s remarkable performance. She kind of passes the baton to her for the next lap.

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Paola Nunez plays a shady Evelyn in Resident Evil 2022. She champions the gray characterization and intermittently leaves you stunned. I particularly loved her accent, which aided in making her individually surreptitious.

Connor Gosatti as Simon is the only sweet and innocent spot in Resident Evil. His stay in the scheme of things might not be massive, but whenever he occupies the screen, the actor charms you effervescently.

Ahad Raza Mir as Arjun comes across as a quiet, humble, and controlled individual. He plays a supportive hand to Ella Balinska and never seems out of shape.

Every other performer in Resident Evil is a work of art. If there’s anything that doesn’t go wrong for the series streaming on Netflix, it is the stupendous execution by the cast.

What Doesn’t Work for Resident Evil 2022?

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Untidy VFX Initially

In the beginning, when the lead characters move to South Africa for the first time, you can feel that the background is somewhat buggy. The purpose of using video effects via a green screen is to make superficial scenes look authentic. However, that doesn’t happen early on.

A lot more should have been done to instill originality in the scenes.


The story of Resident Evil 2022 is predictable and weak, to some extent. Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean the show is dull. It works even with the fallacies of the tale. However, since we have seen similar things recently, more attention was needed to pull the strings.

Had the story been more consummate, Resident Evil 2022 could have become the best of the franchise, which is a far-fetched dream in its present form.

Slippery, at Times

As I mentioned earlier, the series sometimes falters due to the unrealistic benchmarks set at a past stage in the plot. Yes, it recovers later, and with so many things happening on the screen, you tend to let go of the issues. Nevertheless, the lack of taut writing hurts Resident Evil 2022.

Final Word

Resident Evil 2022 has the screenplay, concept, and performances to woo you. If you have watched the other versions of the franchise, you’ll end up harshly positioning them against one another. However, this show is close to being a must-watch for fresh viewers.

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