Is your birthday around the corner? Or are you getting hitched soon? How about a wild holiday in Goa with your OG gang? Traveling to Goa is always a good idea, whether it is a special occasion or a break from your 9-5 routine. 

Known as the traveler’s paradise, Goa is everyone’s dream destination. India’s party capital is all about beers and beaches, seafood and club hopping, water sports, and scenic drives. It is the favorite Indian holiday destination for almost all age groups but is quite popular among youth. 

However, even a paradise has rules and regulations everyone should follow for a stress-free vacation.

Being an avid Goa traveler, I will tell you the dos and don’ts of traveling to the state.

Make sure you keep all these points in mind before you head to Goa for your dream vacation!

Don’ts of Traveling to Goa

Do Not Travel to Goa During the Monsoons

Some people might tell you that Goa is beautiful during the monsoons, and I am not denying that. But hey, do you want to explore this fantastic place or just want to sit in your room and watch it rain like crazy?

If you’re going to enjoy the real side of Goa, visit the beaches, eat at the shanties and explore the beauty of this happening place on a scooter or jeep, it’s best to avoid seeing this place during the monsoons.

The shacks are shut, the roads are slippery, and clubs are closed. If you want to enjoy the Goan party vibe, it’s best to visit this place during the peak season—November to February.

Do Not Drink and Drive

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This one is self-explanatory, but many people still don’t understand its impact. You may feel like drinking and driving in Goa is ‘cool,’ but in reality, it is the most dangerous thing ever. The Goa vibe is such that it makes you get into the ‘wild’ zone.

You might think that you will have all the fun of your life in just this one trip. However, that is not true. When in Goa, do not drink and drive at any cost.

Always hire a cab or any other mode of transport if you are under the influence of alcohol because you don’t want to get injured or even hurt someone else because you were driving while intoxicated.

Do Not Ignore the Warnings by Locals

The local Goan people know the place far better than we tourists/travelers ever will. Listen to them if they tell you not to take a specific route or not enter the sea shore in the rain. If they tell you not to park at a certain spot, don’t, there must be a reason they are telling you not to.

Also, don’t ignore the traffic rules because you think breaking them is okay since it’s Goa. Violating traffic rules in Goa can lead to fatal accidents and heavy fines by the Goan police.

Goans are generally very welcoming and humble people, so make sure you return the same love for their amazing hospitality.

Do Not Carry a Lot of Cash With You

Goa is a very safe place to visit, but at the same time, it’s full of pickpockets. When traveling in Goa, try not to carry a lot of cash in your wallet and only carry the amount required for daily needs.

Also, there are many ATMs at every corner, so it will be easy for you to withdraw cash every day if needed. If you are partying at the beach overnight, don’t forget to keep a close eye on all your personal belongings and valuables and avoid wearing authentic jewelry.

Don’t go Topless; it’s Goa, not Miami

Beaches and bikinis go hand-in-hand, but you have to remember that it’s India after all. You don’t want people staring at you, making you feel uncomfortable for wearing extremely revealing clothes, or going topless at the beaches.

You can, of course, wear shorts and bikinis but make sure you are not promoting nudity of any sort as it can also get you in serious legal trouble. Goa may be the most happening place in India, but it also has some rules and regulations everyone must follow.

Don’t Visit the Overcrowded Beaches

The first thought that will come to your mind when visiting Goa for the first time is that you want to party at the famous beaches like Baga and Calangute. However, it’s a bad idea. These beaches are overcrowded, and you will hardly find a place to relax and enjoy with your friends.

Also, the seasides will be extremely dirty (thanks to the tourists littering the area), which is not something you want to experience. Try going to beaches that are not very popular (like Morjim and Butterfly beach) for a genuine Goan vibe.

Dos of Traveling to Goa

Do Visit South Goa

If North Goa is the ‘party paradise,’ South Goa is the ‘hidden paradise.’ Those who travel to Goa usually visit North Goa and its beaches, but I strongly recommend seeing South Goa for its unique appeal, pristine white sand beaches, and tranquil vibe.

You will also get a glimpse of the ancient Portuguese culture and get a chance to see some picturesque waterfalls. In South Goa, you can visit beaches like Palolem, Agonda, Benaulim, Colva, and Butterfly beach, which is famous for its turquoise water and breathtaking sunsets.

Do Try the Seafood and Other Local Goan Dishes

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When in Goa, you should dwell on the Goan vibe and try some delicious Goan dishes. You can savor the world-famous Goan fish and prawn curry, Chicken Cafreal, Chicken Xacuti, Goan Pork Vindaloo, Sorpotel, and Sorak, among other delicacies.

Furthermore, several popular restaurants in Goa offer exquisite seafood and exotic Goan dishes. You can visit Fishermen’s Cove in Candolim Goa for some mouth-watering treats.

Do Explore the Goan Culture

Goa may be famous for its ‘beer and beaches’ vibe, but that’s only the half-truth. Beyond its clubs and beach parties, there is a side of Goa, a side that every travel lover would wish to explore.

When in Goa, visit ancient churches, century-old temples, forts like Chapora and Aguada, museums, and even Portuguese-style homes that give you a sneak peek into its history, traditions, and culture.

Do Explore Goa in a Two-wheeler

Now, here’s the best part. If you want to experience the beauty of Goa at its best, rent a scooter or bike to explore this heaven. You will go through scenic roads, get a glimpse of vintage homes and old churches, and will be able to enjoy the real vibe of the state.

The bike rent in Goa is very cheap, making it a budget-friendly choice. You can rent a two-wheeler for as low as Rs 200/day.

Do Try the Watersports

Once you are done with all the parties and shopping, it’s time to seek some adventure. Goa is also famous for its thrilling watersports and other activities that give you an exhilarating experience.

Go scuba diving, jet skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing, banana riding, power-scooter riding, knee-wakeboarding, etc., at beaches like Baga and Candolim to make your trip more memorable.

Final Takeaway

If you have a long-awaited Goa trip planned with your friends or family, which is just not happening, make it happen. Start by getting your tickets and accommodations, and then head to this paradise that is one hell of an experience for anyone who loves to travel and explore.

Just make sure you do not do anything to spoil your ’dream trip’ by following the tips mentioned in this article.

If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to mention them! Bon Voyage.

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