Touted as India’s most-liked series, Rocket Boys, which streamed last year, is now back with its second season.

It is a biographical show based on the lives of Indian scientists, Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai. However, Rocket Boys is unconventional from other shows in the sense that it is highly dramatized and presented as a thriller.

You can find it on SonyLiv while viewers from America can watch the series on Sling Tv. As for the duration, Rocket Boys is five and a half hours long, spread across eight episodes.

I didn’t review the first season for some reason but that seems to have changed with the second outing of the series.

Before I get to my Rocket Boys season 2 review, here are a few details worth mentioning.

What is the story of Rocket Boys season 2?

The focus of the second season is on India’s Pokhran Nuclear test. While Vikram Sarabhai invests himself in satellite launches, Homi Bhabha tries to work his way around red tape to launch India’s nuclear program.

However, risks and conspiracies remain lurking around their necks.

Directed by Abhay Pannu, Rocket Boys season 2 stars Jim Sarbh (Dr. Homi Bhabha), Ishwak Singh (Dr. Vikram Sarabhai), Regina Cassandra (Mrinalini), Saba Azad (Pipsy), Dibyendu Bhattacharya (Mehdi Raza), Namit Das (Dey), KC Shankar (Mathur), Arjun Radhakrishnan (Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam), and Charu Shankar (Indira Gandhi), among others.

What is good about Rocket Boys season 2?

To begin with, the series has an arousing storyline for a biographical drama. I don’t remember watching a show from the genre that evoked me to such an extent. Perhaps, Scam 1992 is its only competitor.

Rocket Boys season 2 demands your attention from the very first frame, much like the initial season. Often it happens that sequels don’t get it right, but Rocket Boys is different.

The show continues the glory it achieved in the first season. Online debates and opinions swarmed social media last year and I don’t think it would be any different this time around.

Scientists will have their qualms regarding technicalities, political ideologues might bash the show, and many might call it factually incorrect.

Maybe, that’s why the makers have supplied an extended disclaimer in the second season when compared to the first.

They have clearly stated that several characters like Mehdi Raza and Vishvesh Mathur are of fictional nature.

Unlike most of the shows, Rocket Boys doesn’t hold back from touching political elements. A reason for this could be that the current party in power in India would not have objections to the same.

Moreover, thrill and suspense once again hook you diligently to the screen. I honestly thought some characters had reached their saturation point in the first season.

But their involvement makes the second season of Rocket Boys much more intriguing.

The show’s execution is fascinating. How the makers have added fictional surprises into the plot ensures a captivating display throughout. Usually, biographical dramas tend to become bland after a point, which doesn’t happen in Rocket Boys.

Furthermore, the enthralling screenplay is laced with emotions that never go overboard, except for rare occasions. Huge credit should go to the writing and conceptualization. They have carefully looked after the onscreen intricacies.

How are the Performances?

Someone must have already said this. Still, I am going to repeat: Jim Sarbh was born to play Homi Jehangir Bhabha. His rich countenance as the scientist is authentic beyond words.

The actor aces the nitty gritty of the scientist and brings to the fore a wholesome depiction. One that doesn’t need any validation. His screen presence, impactful dialogue delivery, and naturally moving expressions stand out.

Sarbh has lived as an underrated performer for most of his career. As a movie buff, it gives me immense pleasure to see him finally getting his due.

Ishwak Singh as Vikram Sarabhai fills you with humility. His composed attitude while uttering dialogues gives an idea of how excellently he got into the skin of the character.

The charming corner smile he throws at times is mesmerizing. From his body language to his physical voyages on the screen, Ishwak propels Rocket Boys season 2.

Together, Jim Sarbh and Ishwak Singh elevate the binge-watching experience. You will have a blast watching their chemistry unfold or, rather, continue.

Regina Cassandra adds more layers to her portrayal of Mrinalini. The brewing angst, the sweet charm, and the hypnotic comportment are sure to win over the audience.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Mehdi Raza infuses life into a fictional character yet again. He is an actor who plays with rawness every time he takes the stage and Rocket Boys season 2 is no different.

It is his gritty helplessness that hits you hard. To bring forth a guy who is pushed to the wall and make the viewer feel for him is a magical trick that Dibyendu aces perfectly.

Namit Das grows in grayness and, along with KC Shankar, he supplies the required evil eye to Rocket Boys season 2. Their connivance adds another dimension.

Arjun Radhakrishnan excels as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. There’s a magnetic attraction in the youngster’s mien that forces you to watch him more. I even fantasized about Rocket Boys season 3 based entirely on Kalam’s life.

Charu Shankar was a surprise package. She is the former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, in Rocket Boys season 2. The rage, intensity, and sleek dialogue delivery by Charu are mind-blowing.

Every character has been given space in the series. And that’s probably the reason the audience would want to explore more of them.

However, it is to be remembered that Rocket Boys was about Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai, two of India’s best scientists.

What Doesn’t Work for Rocket Boys season 2?

There is nothing that doesn’t do well for the series. As I always say, history has many perspectives, and filmmakers pick the most interesting one. Your version might not match the creators’ but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a go.

Maybe, the conspiracy theories using Raza and Mathur should not have been extended beyond a certain point. From a creative point of view, though, it was needed to produce a stealthy conclusion.

Should you watch Rocket Boys season 2?

Definitely. And if you haven’t seen the first part, you better make time for both seasons.


Will there be Rocket Boys Season 3?

There has not been any official announcement yet. Even if there is a third season, it would need new central characters to join Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Is Rocket Boys a real story?

No, Rocket Boys is not entirely real. Several aspects of the series have been fictionalized to produce a satiable binge-watching experience.

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