While France is known for romance and love, that doesn’t mean the absence of other realms. An out-an-out crime film from France has made its way to Netflix.

In His Shadow is a gritty and dark movie, according to the streaming platform. It is available to watch in 16 languages at the moment, including Hindi.

Moreover, the film is inspired by a longstanding Malian legend. Is it worth your time? I will tell you in my In His Shadow movie review.

But before that, let me feed you some general information about the film, as usual.

What is the story of In His Shadow?

Two brothers are pitted against each other in an unequal battle after their father’s demise. While one of them is blind, the other is a neighborhood don.

Written and directed by Marc Foucharo, In His Shadow stars Kaaris (Ibrahim), Alassane Diong (Adama), Assa Sylla (Aissata), and Carl Malapa (Malik) in lead roles.

Positive Aspects of In His Shadow

The idea is rooted. To a great extent, you would readily accept it. Family issues are quite common around the globe. In His Shadow holds onto them and tries to produce a slightly intriguing concept.

Moreover, the movie has a good first half. It did glue me to the screen initially with an interesting storyline. In other words, the hook was there.

The makers also succeed in producing a desirable setting for the kind of story they wanted to tell. From lighting to the background score, most of the things fall in place.

How are the Performances?

Alassane Diong stands out as Adama. He is succinct and focused during the portrayal. Undoubtedly, the actor had a tough job to perform.

It is never a cakewalk to bring about honest disability. The audience can quickly point out any artificial goof-ups. However, Diong doesn’t take it for granted.

He is quiet and volatile, yet determined in his onscreen pursuit. In His Shadow rides on his shoulders.

The famed rapper, Kaaris, plays Ibrahim in the French movie. If half of the film is Diong’s, the rest half belongs to Kaaris.

As a notorious individual, he brings the required intensity to the fore. His physical countenance matches his character’s mien, making up for an enjoyable presentation.

What Doesn’t Work for In His Shadow?

The movie introduces far-fetched elements and then goes on to cover them with scientific verbal explanations. It would have been better had they stuck to one line of narration.

Also, I felt there were several perfunctory twists. In His Shadow lacks soul, allowing you the chance to have qualms from the second half.

While the first half, as I mentioned earlier, was enjoyable, the rest of the film is half-hearted.

A reason the movie owes the downfall to is its duration. Maybe, the emotions could have settled in better with another ten to fifteen minutes of added runtime.

Furthermore, In His Shadow gets slightly bland towards the end. The pace falls back, predictability sets in, and you fail to keep yourself invested.

Should you watch In His Shadow?

For a movie lover, a ninety-minute duration could be an attraction. However, the film as a whole is on a downward trajectory after a great start.

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