Sky High: The Series Netflix Review: Propelled by a Luscious Narrative, the Spanish Show Flies ‘Sky High’

Heist shows have something to do with Spain. Or maybe, it was the unprecedented success of Money Heist that has brought more and more such creations from the region.

Sky High: The Series is one such show that recently premiered on Netflix. It is a gritty crime thriller. And if you are wondering why “the series” is mentioned in the name, I have got you covered.

The show is in continuance of the 2021 film of the same name. However, it can be streamed independently. It doesn’t matter if you have watched the movie or not.

Honestly, I had no knowledge of the film. I only rushed through it after finishing the series to get a hold of links, if there were any.

The show has seven episodes with an approximate total duration of five hours. Allow me to take you through some basic details before indulging in a full-fletched review.

Sky High: The Series Synopsis

After the death of her young husband, Sole dives into his business of criminal heists. She not only has to look after the operations, but also make sure to keep her finances under control.

Created by Daniel Calparsoro and Jorge Guerricaechevarria, Sky High: The Series stars Asia Ortega Leiva (Sole), Luis Tosar (Rogelio), Alvaro Rico (Fernan), Richard Holmes, Patricia Vico (Mercedes), Fernando Cayo, Alana La Hija del Jeque (Rosa), Ayax Pedrosa, Dollar Selmouni, and Carmen Sanchez (Marta) in the lead.

Positive Aspects of Sky High: The Series

Its storyline is delectable, powered by enjoyable heists and rivalries. Sky High: The Series has suspense and twists that don’t feel exaggerated.

The usual ganglord or kingpin premise is kept away from the tale. You would like how things move forward in the show.

I am not saying it is extraordinary or highly finger-licking. Yet, the show is engaging to a large extent. When you have the right content, all you need is the glue to stick things together, which is present in Sky High: The Series.

Furthermore, the series rides on a well-paced narration. Dreariness finds no place on the back of an appetizing screenplay.

Thrill, suspense, and mystery can be subjective. Still, in their general forms, they mark a heavy presence in Sky High: The Series.

The creators have executed the idea without any roadblocks. Their visionary idea of continuing a film in the form of a series and still keeping it alive for further seasons is commendable.

Additionally, I loved the non-emphasis on unnecessary drama. It ensured the show remained focused and crisp.

Sky High: The Series has an aesthetic camerawork at play, which ameliorates the binge-watching experience. By aesthetic, I don’t exclusively mean scenic landscape shots. Rather, the slow-motion captures and chase sequences are also well-caught.

A satisfactory outcome for any creative work cannot be achieved without a sturdy base. Here, that foundation is writing.

The writers of Sky High: The Series have managed to pull off a largely subtle plot. Romance, action, drama, etc., are supplied in sufficient quantity.

The Performances

Asia Ortega Leiva plays Sole in Sky High: The Series and, as expected, her character has grown from strength to strength from the 2021 film.

She is bolder and stronger this time around. Ortega rests on an indestructible will to bring extreme nuances. Her outing is always powered by a promising screen presence in Sky High: The Series.

Alvaro Rico is a new addition to the overall scheme of things. The actor has a pivotal part to play as Fernan. He masters his usual charm and infuses sly expressions in a quest to be mysterious.

Rico’s attempt at a rough mien is successful. He hardly smiles throughout the voyage, which attaches a dark perception to his personality.

Patricia Vico as Mercedes restricts herself effectively. She presents a sharp and smart character that can go to lengths to protect her ‘own’ when the time comes.

Alana La Hija del Jeque is my pick among the stellar cast. She portrays Rosa in Sky High: The Series. The restrained charm in her acting will touch your critical mind.

Further, how Alana owns herself in a small outing shapes the course of her performance.

Carmen Sanchez as Marta holds on to her forte with a crisp depiction. Mostly, it is her emotional ecstasy that deserves attention.

All the other cast members are fantastic. I have chosen to mention the new additions, alongside the ones that have grown in size in Sky High: The Series when compared to the film.

Where does Sky High: The Series falter?

I couldn’t find problems in the show worth mentioning. However, those who have watched its predecessor might feel some mysteries are feeble.

They are given more importance than they should have been.

Should you watch Sky High: The Series?

I recommend watching the show for its storyline, which is packed with decent twists and turns.


Will there be another season of Sky High: The Series?

Yes, the ending is open. So, in all probability, there will be a second season of the show.

Sky High: The Series is connected with the Sky High film?

Yes, the series is connected with the movie in many ways. Almost all the characters are the same. However, since Angel is no more, his wife rises as the new protagonist.

Many new faces also make their way to the screenplay. But don’t worry, even if you haven’t watched the film, you can go for the show.

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