Belgian movies, anyone? Well, I sure do like creations from the European country, apart from its chocolates. They have a distinct appeal and tend to pull you hypnotically.

Noise is the latest movie to come out of Belgium. It is now streaming on Netflix having a precise duration of ninety minutes.

Further, the film is a dark, emotional thriller. Noise has been dubbed into ten other languages from the original Flemish version.

Before indulging in my Noise review, here’s a quickfire look at some details about the Netflix movie.

What is the Synopsis of Noise?

Matthias moves into his childhood home alongside his girlfriend and child. Expecting a sense of calmness and positivity, his endeavor turns dark as he gradually unravels the truth about a factory accident that happened decades ago.

Image Credits: Netflix

Helmed by Steffen Geypens, the cast includes Ward Kerremans (Matthias), Sallie Harmsen (Liv), Johan Leysen (Pol), and Jesse Mensah (Timme) in pivotal roles.

Let’s now move on to a somewhat detailed analysis of Noise.

What Works for Noise?

One specific thing I liked about Noise was its dark narration. The imminent danger or mental catastrophe is knitted into the plot using the desired cinematography and sound effects.

An apprehensive background score adds vulnerability to the film’s overall ambiance. The camera movements, diverging shots, and directorial potency work together in the same pursuit.

With a short duration, the Belgian film is easy to adjust to your schedule. I am not sure if it would have been watchable with more runtime.

Image Credits: Netflix

Moreover, Noise tries to depict deep mental imbalances that get provoked by familiar interactions. I am not against the idea; it is intriguing.

However, the execution was not up to the mark, due to which the film suffered. I will raise such points in the latter part of my Noise review.

Are the Performances Any Good?

Certainly! All the actors are wonderful in the movie, starting with Ward Kerremans. He plays Matthias, the central character.

There is more to what Kerremans does in Noise. He is served a challenging role that could go either way and the audience’s appreciation is not guaranteed for such depictions.

But the way he gets into the blood of Matthias is superbly scintillating. His fraught comportment blends well with the plot’s structure.

Sallie Harmsen as Liv is artful in Noise. Her cool external appearance brings tranquility. She hones her appeal while ensuring the situational climate is maintained.

Johan Leysen and Jesse Mensah do their parts with utmost honesty and shine in limited capacities.

What Doesn’t Work for Noise?

It has a vague storyline that lacks material strength. While trying to be a cerebral thriller, the film eventually lands nowhere.

A mysterious premise is created using a disturbing event from the past, which works but only up to an extent. After a while, Noise becomes monotonous.

The changes in Matthias’ behavior are not authentically penned. Even how he vigorously starts working on an investigation that hardly has any basis is hard to believe.

Image Credits: Netflix

In the name of logic, we are given a medical issue that is hereditary in nature. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to cover the lost ground.

Furthermore, Noise has a feeble idea at its core. The makers fail to connect the dots efficiently. It is quite baffling to see such a topic go to waste due to poor writing.

Also, the film could have been plotted better. It simply lacks the punch a thriller must have. Beating around the bush doesn’t work in the favor of Noise.

Should you stream Noise on Netflix?

Sadly, the film disappoints when it comes to utilizing the time it has. Streaming it should be your personal choice but my recommendation is not in the affirmative.

The following section contains spoilers.


Noise 2023 film ending explained.

Matthias jumps into the water in his quest to prove there were more victims of the factory tragedy. Liv gives him a hand to get out. However, not having his vision, she also jumps into the shallow space.

Both of them are on the verge of disappearing when Pol comes and reaches out to Liv. Once she is out of danger, both of them work together to help Matthias.

After that, the scene skips to the next morning. And, in the end, we are shown the couple standing together with their son.

So, my take is that Matthias finally gets closure for the mishappening he unwillingly became part of as a toddler. His getting into the water was inherently about saving his mother or, at least, attempting to do so.

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