Someone Borrowed Review Netflix: This Wine is Too Old for a New Bottle

Romantic comedies have ruled the audience for a long time. I once became a huge fan of such creations as they blended the emotions of love with the subtle touch of fun. However, I feel there’s been an overdose of the genre in the past few years.

Such movies are riddled with imbalances these days. While earlier it used to be about having fun in love, now it is about making fun of love. But not all creations are the same, and there’s always a glimmer of hope.

A new Brazilian film, Someone Borrowed, has premiered on Netflix. Almost two hours long in length, it aims to be swoon-worthy, quirky, and heartfelt, apart from being, of course, a rom-com.

Here’s my Someone Borrowed movie review, where I talk about its highs and lows.

Someone Borrowed Review Summary

Despite earnest attempts, Someone Borrowed fails to be a soulful love story, but the movie does have a pleasant storyline that saves it from drowning.

Someone Borrowed Synopsis

When his mother learns about her illness, Luiz must fulfill her last wish of him getting married. However, marriage is against the living rules of Luiz. Therefore, to satisfy his mother while keeping himself happy, he hires an actress to act as his fiancée.

Image Credits: Netflix

Someone Borrowed is directed by Cris D’Amato and stars Caio Castro (Luiz), Thati Lopes (Lina), Mariana Xavier (Maria Inez), Danielle Winits (Soraya), Danilo De Moura (Nestor), and Polliana Aleixo (Suellen Gloria), among others.

What Works for Someone Borrowed?


Though the movie starts on a shaky premise, the story gathers momentum with the union of the lead characters. It gets better with the events and altercations afterward. Many funny moments are well-pitched, while romance is never overused to keep things grounded.

Moreover, the makers have avoided cliches and kept predictability to the minimum. All these aspects help to keep the pace of the narration brisk.


Someone Borrowed is a heartwarming watch. It brings many affable moments to the fore, helped explicitly by the lead pair. However, I still won’t call the film swoon-worthy due to its heavy reliance on unprovoked twists.

Short Duration

The description of Someone Borrowed on Netflix states the film to be of 107 minutes long, but in spirit, it is somewhere around 95 minutes long. The last 10-12 minutes are devoted to credits. So, yes, it is a quick watch for the weekend not plagued by dullness.


Caio Castro, as Luiz, appears like a stud in Someone Borrowed. But the character’s shortcomings are elegantly uncovered by the actor. He shines with style in a casual yet restrained performance. Castro is not entirely natural, yet he enshrines a great deal of spontaneity while playing Luiz. With him, it is not about the expressions or the body language but the presence of mind.

Image Credits: Netflix

I last saw Thati Lopes in Unsuspicious, where she was quite eccentric. Here, she plays Lina and portrays a struggling stage actress. Thati’s performance comes as a much-needed stimulus for Someone Borrowed. Her impromptu actions, lively screen presence, and gregarious expressions lift the spirits of this romantic comedy streaming on Netflix.

Mariana Xavier as Maria Inez is funny and charming in Someone Borrowed. Her name is mostly used like a phrase in the film, which somehow tickles you unwarrantedly. Coming to Mariana’s performance, she is outstandingly devoted to the task of being an insecure or somewhat jealous sister.

What Doesn’t Work for Someone Borrowed?


Image Credits: Netflix

I don’t know about other countries, but I have grown up watching ideas like that of Someone Borrowed in Indian Cinema. We have innumerable tales where the lead actor tries to hire a wife to fulfill the final wishes of his parents. And I am not talking about the recent past but probably two or three decades ago. That’s precisely why Someone Borrowed doesn’t feel fresh as a whole.

Emotionally Weak

Love stories lacking emotions can be a contrasting analogy when expanded. Though the pairing of Lopes and Castro feels adorable, it cannot overrun the soulless script. The makers only manage to propel Someone Borrowed with a couple of intimate conversations when there was a chance to have more of them.

Final Word

Someone Borrowed is just a bit above average in presentation. If you are looking for a novel love story, this is not for you.

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