Horror and Supernatural films are hard to ace. They need almost all sorts of cinematic elements, from a delicate script to premium VFX. And that is why such movies are not made on a large scale.

The last supernatural show I watched was Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya, an Indian web series. Before that, I had seen The Girl in the Mirror. What was the last horror presentation that you watched? Mind telling me in the comments section?

Old People is a German flick that promises enchantment and panic through its hundred-minute runtime. It was released on Netflix on October 7, 2022. Here is my review that will answer all your queries about the deliverables from the movie.

Old People Review Summary

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The German horror film is fast-paced and full of gory scenes. It has many positives, but they come with the other side of the coin as well. Keep reading my Old People review to find out more.

Old People Synopsis

Ella travels to her hometown after ages with her two kids. However, things have changed. The place now has a significant population comprising of elderlies, most of them residing in a tattered Retirement Home.

Within a day of their arrival, the old people start brutally attacking the locals. Can Ella save her family? Or is she going to succumb to the aged yet bloodthirsty mob?

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Andy Fetscher, Old People stars Melika Foroutan (Ella), Stephan Luca (Lukas), Gerhard Bos (The Old Man), Paul Fassnacht (Opa Aike), Bianca Nawrath (Laura), and Otto Emil Koch (Noah), among others.

What Works for Old People?


Innumerable abstractions have already been converted into films, making it challenging to bring forward a novel pitch. Nevertheless, Old People manages to do it. The movie is about elderlies who attack the younger ones for a sensitive reason. It all seems superficial and far-fetched but comes out well for the most part.


If you have been reading my reviews, you already know I give importance to the intentions or specific objectives behind a film or show. Old People is also made with a positive goal that of attempting to bridge the gap between generations. The message is subtle or somewhat muffled, but it is there, and that’s what matters.

Background Score and Pace

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All horror films rely on background music to infuse fear in the audience’s minds, and Old People is no different. It has a sinister score that regularly keeps the original idea of trepidation at the core. Added to the music is the film’s brisk pace, which doesn’t allow dullness to set in, which is usually the case with horror movies.

Gory Visuals

It is quintessential to have Blood-and-guts in a horror film, and to that effect, Old People doesn’t disappoint. The movie has several well picturized heart-wrenching scenes. They don’t feel dragged or tacky. Additionally, and more importantly, such moments are highly captivating.


Old People is one of those films where the screen time is divided among many people. As a result, no individual gets to be at the forefront of things consistently.

Melika Foroutan is the closest to being the main protagonist in Old People. If her appearance tings a déjà vu, then you are right. She played Sophie in The Empress, another neoteric Netflix series. As Ella, Melika behaves like someone who can carry the plot. Her bold and fierce presence is well suited for the events of Old People.

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The likes of Stephan Luca, Paul Fassnacht, Bianca Nawrath, and Otto Emil Koch do a great job in their respective portrayals. They all have at least one moment of affability (several of fright) to mesmerize you.

Furthermore, Gerhard Bos does a brilliant job playing a barbarous person in Old People. You would have mixed feelings about him, primarily due to his assigned role. Like most of the actors in Old People, Gerhard conveys meaning through expressions rather than dialogues.

What Doesn’t Work for Old People?


In hindsight, Old People didn’t have the depth in its storyline. It simply creates an idea, explores it, and rests the case. No zooming into the past, no flashbacks, and nothing about the reasons. I wish they had given it a final touch and answered some burning questions. Maybe, they chose the atypical and non-customary way of making a horror movie.


In my opinion, stories are never good; it is the storytelling that makes them good. You can have a bestselling novel and then a flop movie based on the same book. Till the time you are captivated by Old People, everything’s fine.

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However, when the flurry ends and the credits roll down, you think, ‘okay, the message was good, but what was the storyline?’ You don’t remember it because the narration is mostly open-ended in Old People, allowing you to have your own inferences.

Why is this not entirely the right way? Simply put, it doesn’t allow you to connect the dots with authority. I am all in for open-ended endings, but the crux of the matter should be laid down by the creators. You don’t want the viewers to muse over the intersection points.

Final Word

Is Old People scintillating? Yes, it is. If that’s what you are looking for, you should watch this German film. However, I precisely disliked how Old People could not connect the dots.


Is Netflix’s Old People scary?

That is a subjective question. Still, I would try to answer in the most logical manner. If you watch Old People during nighttime, it will affect you for a short period. The same will not happen during day time. Moreover, the veterans of horror cinema will not feel scared unless they want to.

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